Sharpen Wedge Grooves

sharpen wedge grooves

Over time the grooves on the wedges seem to become flat. The chips you play with no longer seem to be effective. There is confusion if there is a problem with your technique or do you need a new wedge. You are not really looking to spend more money on getting a new wedge. So … Read more

160 Ball Speed

160 ball speed

When compared among good players 160 ball speed is actually a pretty decent one. But would you be able to convert it into something more fruitful that is the main concern? At the time of impact if you have a good swing technique then it is pretty straightforward for you to hit the ball with … Read more

Most Expensive Scotty Cameron Headcover

Most Expensive Scotty Cameron Headcover

The headcovers are going at ridiculous amounts these days. Especially the most expensive Scotty Cameron headcovers go for thousands of dollars in the market. The collections of headcovers have matured in the last two decades. This decade too would not go in waste for the collectors. Let’s have a look at the interest of people … Read more

4-Man Scramble With 3 Players

4 man scramble with 3 players

Sooner or later you will see this happen to yourself or at a tournament where one team has only 3 players available in a 4-M scramble. So what would you do with a 4-man scramble with 3 players available only. Most organisers really don’t have any rules in case one team misses out on a … Read more

Roll Release vs Square Release

square release vs roll release

The debate has been going on for years i.e. roll release vs square release which is better. Top golf players actually play with both. You would see someone with roll swing winning the tournament and in other square releases, pros are acing their game. So it seems more of a personal preference than a must … Read more

Black Golf Shoes with Shorts

black golf shoes with black shorts

Are you thinking about black golf shoes with shorts are a good idea or not then you are not alone as many golfers think about it. We will explore today whether is it normal to wear this combination, does it look good, do you even look like a serious player by wearing them. There are … Read more

Costochondritis From Golf

Costochondritis From Golf

Yes, it is possible to get costochondritis from golf and is more common for players of older age. The risk of getting inflammation is typically higher for golfers above the age of 50. However, as per statistics, young golfers are also not safe and an increase in cases for young players is also observed. It … Read more

Why Are Ping Clubs so Expensive

why are ping clubs so expensive

If you have observed and have become annoyed by the recent increase in the price of the golf clubs and especially Ping then you are not alone. So why are ping clubs so expensive and what is the cause. It is actually not just one reason but a series of factors that have contributed to … Read more

Are Melin Hats Worth The Money

are melin hats worth the money

So you saw one of those ads for Melin expensive hats on your Facebook or Instagram feed and has made you wonder are Melin hats worth the money or not and what makes them so expensive. If you are a seasoned golfer then you must have felt that on a bright sunny day the sweat … Read more

Charleston Tee Time Passbook

charleston tee time passbook

Getting your hands on the Charleston Tee Time Passbook can be actually quite economical. The questions however is where to get the passbook and are we going to see any sale of the passbook this year or not. As per the information you need to be in the subscriber list at the Charleston Tee Time … Read more