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If you are watching a lot of golf videos on YouTube then you may have seen the ad claiming to fix your slice in just one shot. It is called Hank Haney one shot slice fix. Yes, I am going to cover that in detail today is will do the Hank Haney slice fix review.

Why You Are Struggling With The Slice

According to Hank, 90% of the golfers have one problem in common their club faces are open at the time of contact with the golf ball.

As a result, as soon as the release happens the ball shapes towards the right and you lose distance.


How Hank Claims to Fix The Slice

The idea in his series is to use your wrist’s twist during your downward swing and slightly close your club face. As a result, the ball will go towards the target more than you have played previously.

I would obviously not disclose all the points in his series but to put it up in simple words that there are more factors than a simple twist of the wrist at the end.

He teaches his technique via his Hank Haney counter slice sequence method. He has the tag of Tiger Woods attached with him so he has can come up with fancy names to explain relatively simpler methods. So you would practice a complete clockwise sequence of moving the driver in a complete circle. Develop the muscle memory of experiencing the complete circular golf swing. Later employ the small changes at the point of contact.

So when you are playing the shot, you have build up the muscle memore by the slice sequence method, at the end of the swing you would close the face of the club via twist of the wrist. This would ensure that the ball would go towards the left and the effect of the slice gets cancelled.

If golf had been this easy, Hanks must have found a shortcut for all the shots and would have won a lot of titles. But we don’t see that mainly because the intent is to make profits via extraordinary claims. Fix your slice not in 15 but in one shot. It is an extraordinary claims by all means.

If you take his video series then

So is this really something that can fix your slice in just one shot? Well, it can happen for some players but not for everybody.

Also for those who are able to fix their slice in the first shot how consistent they are in their next shot? Was it just a fluke in their initial shot.

I would rather say that the claim from Hank should rather have been that after taking his video series you would be able to hit 14 out of 15 shots correctly. That would be a more solid claim.

BTW here are his steps:

  1. Check your grip: Make sure your grip is neutral, not too strong or too weak, this will help keep the clubface square at impact.
  2. Align your body: Make sure your body is aligned properly, with your feet, hips, and shoulders all parallel to the target line.
  3. Change your swing path: Focus on swinging the club on a more inside-out path, rather than an out-to-in path which causes the slice.
  4. Use proper equipment: Make sure you are using the correct equipment that matches your swing and skill level.
  5. Practice: Spend time practicing different shots and techniques, paying close attention to your swing path and clubface position at impact.

It’s important to note that fixing a slice is not a one-time fix, but a process and it requires time, patience, and practice. It’s also worth seeking professional instruction to identify and correct any specific issues with your swing.


Is It Practical

Yes it is practical if you plan to stick to it everyday but it is very unlikely. The problem with most of us is that we need  a fix right away without any wait. That is where good marketers are making good money. They make outrageous claims and attract maximum number of eye balls towards themselves. As a result, if they are able to convert even 5% of them they are able to make significant profit out of the marketing campaign.

What Makes Video Courses Risky

Another thing you need to consider is that every golfer is different. Even for a same golfer every driver is not the same as the last one. Their are slight differences in each shot you play hence that is why we see a little changes in where the ball lands. However, you can achieve consistency if you stick to certain protocols on every shot.

What makes these courses tricky is that the solution they propose is for general public. They leave the though process on the player themselves. Being a beginner or someone years into the game there maybe very hard coded muscle memory into every shot. So if you try to change that based on the video training course you may actually mess up what you were initially doing correctly.

What NoBody Talks About

After seeing loads of generalised shot correction videos, I have come to the conclusion that these expert explain things in such jargons and fancy manner that they depict the game as rocket science. The more you watch these videos the more difficult it seems to improve your game.

And then as soon as we hear someone say that they can fix our shot in one go we get hooked.

What nobody talks about is one of the core fundamental of the game. If you hit the ball towards the center exactly it will go straight. It you hit off from the center it will spin. If you hit it under the center it will draw back after landing.

All the fancy terminologies of clock wise rotation practice and a slight instantaneous twist of the wrist at the time of impact is difficult to produce at every shot. What also makes it difficult is how you can verify your results. Are you going to place a high speed camera that will make sure through recording that you were able to twist your wrist at the last moment?

Another thing nobody would do who is trying to sell you a course wont tell that you need to bring your swing near perfection. There are many more factors then last minute actions that make up a golf shot. There are basic elements in swing that are common in all type of shots. If you have build a strong base then you need to take these courses which ask to build upon a strong base.

What they dont mention is that you may actually dont have a strong base and building upon further on it may actually break it further.

Fine Tune Your Game Yourself

If you have the slice problem then you can fix it yourself. Instead of standing straight towards the target you can also stand a bit towards the left. This way your shot would still slice but the trajectory would be more towards the fairway.

So without taking any course just by doing a small adjustment you are able to get the result on the first shot as well.

It sounds easy but it is a whole lot complicated then what is suggested. The consistency would be hard to achieve and as a result you wont be able to achieve the results with high accuracy.

Hire an Instructor

Because your case is unique and if you are serious then you should go for one on one session with an instructor. He will observe your game and give you the plan to fix your game.

It is absolutely critical as whatever you practice will become part of your technical gameplay. If you take a video course and alter what you were already doing correct then it will begin translating into your other game shots as well.

As a result you may see improvement in your slice via Hank Haney series but you may end up ruining the other parts of your game.

So summing up the Hank Haney slice fix review we can safely say that it may help you in understanding a quick fix but their are no short cuts in the game.

You will need to address your technical faults through a verified instructor via one on one training session. Only then you can expect to see more consistent results with better results.

Pros of Hank Haney’s Slice Fix:

  1. Structured Approach to Improvement: One of the standout features of Hank Haney’s Slice Fix program is its structured approach to tackling the slice. It provides a step-by-step guide that helps golfers understand the root causes of their slicing issues. This methodical approach can be particularly beneficial for beginners looking to grasp the fundamentals of a proper golf swing.
  2. Effective Drills and Exercises: The program offers a variety of drills and exercises designed to correct the slice. These exercises are easy to follow and can be practiced on the driving range or even at home. I found these drills to be valuable in helping me gain a better understanding of my swing mechanics.
  3. Personalized Tips and Insights: Hank Haney’s program provides personalized feedback through video analysis, which I found to be quite insightful. By submitting videos of my swings, I received feedback on what specifically needed improvement. This personalized touch can be very helpful in addressing individual swing flaws.
  4. Accessibility and Convenience: The program is available online, making it accessible to golfers worldwide. This convenience is especially beneficial for those who may not have access to local golf instructors or facilities. Additionally, the program is available on various devices, allowing golfers to practice at their own pace.

Cons of Hank Haney’s Slice Fix:

  1. Limited Interaction: While the program offers personalized feedback, it lacks the real-time interaction you would get with an in-person golf instructor. This can be a drawback for golfers who benefit from immediate feedback and hands-on instruction.
  2. Not a One-Size-Fits-All Solution: Golf swings can vary greatly from person to person, and what works for one golfer may not work for another. Hank Haney’s Slice Fix, while effective for many, may not address the unique swing issues of every golfer.
  3. Cost: The program comes at a cost, and for some, the price may be prohibitive. When compared to the cost of in-person golf lessons, it may not be as accessible to everyone.
  4. Requires Self-Motivation: To see significant improvement, users need to be self-motivated and committed to practicing the drills and exercises regularly. Without dedication and consistent effort, the program’s effectiveness diminishes.

Additional Thoughts on Hank Haney’s Slice Fix:

To further delve into the effectiveness of Hank Haney’s Slice Fix, it’s crucial to explore some specific scenarios where it may or may not be the ideal solution:

Scenario 1: Novice Golfers

For beginners with limited golfing experience, Hank Haney’s Slice Fix can be a valuable resource. The program’s structured approach and clear instructional materials can help new golfers develop a solid foundation and address slicing issues early in their golfing journey. However, it’s essential for beginners to be patient and committed to the learning process, as the improvement curve can vary from person to person.

Scenario 2: Intermediate Golfers

Intermediate golfers who have already developed a consistent swing but struggle with a slice may also benefit from the program. The personalized feedback and targeted drills can help fine-tune their swings and eliminate slicing tendencies. However, these golfers may need to be patient and willing to invest time in practicing the prescribed exercises to see noticeable improvements.

Scenario 3: Advanced Golfers

For advanced golfers, the efficacy of Hank Haney’s Slice Fix may be less clear-cut. These golfers likely have more complex swing issues that may not be adequately addressed by the program’s standardized approach. In such cases, personalized, in-person instruction with a skilled golf coach might be a better solution to pinpoint and rectify specific swing flaws.

Table to Fix Your Slice:

MistakeWhy it’s a problemPotential consequencesTips for avoiding itConsequences of not avoiding itTips for dealing with the consequencesPotential solutions
Focusing only on the clubfaceNeglects other contributing factorsIneffective fix, may exacerbate the problemFocus on grip, stance, and swing path as wellContinued slice, lack of progressSeek professional help or more comprehensive instructionPractice drills that focus on grip, stance, and swing path
Not practicing enoughRequires practice and repetitionSlow progress or lack of improvementCommit to consistent practice routineLack of improvement or regressionCreate a schedule and stick to itIncorporate practice into daily routine
OvercompensatingCan lead to a different problem (hook)Lack of progress or inconsistent swingMake gradual changes, seek professional helpInconsistent swing, lack of progressGet feedback from a professional or video analysisRecord your swing and analyze it to identify areas for improvement
Neglecting fitnessPhysical fitness affects swing mechanicsPoor posture, inconsistent swingIncorporate fitness into routineInjury, inconsistent swingConsult with a physical therapist or personal trainerIncorporate exercises that improve flexibility and core strength
Not seeking professional helpOnline resources may not address individual needsLack of progress, frustrationWork with a golf instructor for tailored feedbackContinued lack of progressFind an instructor with a teaching style that suits your needsGet a swing analysis from a professional
ImpatienceFixing a slice takes timeFrustration, lack of motivationStay patient and committed to improvementLack of progress, giving upSet achievable goals and focus on small improvementsCelebrate small victories along the way
Ignoring mental gameMental game is key to performancePoor focus, lack of confidenceWork on visualization and focusInconsistent performance, lack of confidenceIncorporate mental training into routinePractice relaxation techniques and visualization
Using the wrong clubNot suited to individual swingContributing to a slice or other problemGet fitted by a professionalContinued slice or other problemGet fit for clubs on a regular basisUse clubs that suit your swing and skill level
Neglecting to warm upProper warm-up prevents injury and improves performancePoor swing mechanics, injuryIncorporate warm-up into routineIncreased risk of injury or poor performanceIncorporate dynamic stretching and a pre-round routineIncorporate a stretching and warm-up routine
Not monitoring progressTracking progress provides motivation and helps identify areas for improvementLack of motivation or progressKeep track of progress and adjust accordinglyContinued lack of progressSet specific goals and track progress towards themRecord your scores and track your handicap


The Personal Journey to Fixing a Slice

As a golfer who has experienced the challenges of a slice firsthand, I can attest that addressing this issue can be a frustrating yet rewarding endeavor. Hank Haney’s Slice Fix is a valuable tool in the golfer’s arsenal, offering structure, guidance, and the potential for meaningful improvement. However, it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution, and its effectiveness can vary based on a golfer’s skill level, dedication, and individual swing mechanics.

In conclusion, while I’ve found Hank Haney’s Slice Fix to be a helpful resource in my golfing journey, it’s essential to approach it with realistic expectations and a willingness to put in the work. Balancing its pros and cons, understanding one’s skill level, and considering personal preferences are key factors in determining whether this program is the right path to fixing the dreaded slice on the golf course. Ultimately, golfers should explore different avenues and seek guidance from instructors if needed to achieve their desired level of improvement.

Hank Haney Slice Fix Reviews


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