How to Lengthen Golf Clubs

Lengthening golf clubs can be a good solution for golfers who are taller or have longer arms than the standard club length. It can help improve swing mechanics and consistency, leading to better accuracy and distance on shots. Here are the steps to lengthen golf clubs:

  1. Determine the desired length: Before you start lengthening your golf clubs , you need to decide how much longer you want them to be. A good way to do this is to measure the distance from your wrist to the floor while standing in your golf stance. You can also use a club fitting chart to determine the ideal club length based on your height and arm length.
  2. Gather the necessary tools and materials: To lengthen your golf clubs, you’ll need a few tools and materials, including an epoxy adhesive, an extension rod, a hacksaw, a grip solvent, a new grip, and a vise.
  3. Remove the old grip: Start by using a grip solvent to loosen the adhesive on the old grip. Carefully peel off the grip and set it aside.
  4. Cut the shaft: Using a hacksaw, carefully cut the shaft of the club at the desired length. Be sure to measure twice and cut once to avoid making a mistake.
  5. Insert the extension rod: Insert the extension rod into the cut end of the shaft. Make sure it’s centered and secure.
  6. Apply the epoxy adhesive: Apply a liberal amount of epoxy adhesive to the extension rod and the inside of the shaft. Be sure to coat them evenly.
  7. Attach the new grip: Once the epoxy has dried, attach the new grip to the end of the club. Apply grip solvent to the inside of the grip to help it slide onto the shaft. Make sure the grip is aligned correctly before it dries.
  8. Allow the epoxy to cure: Allow the epoxy to cure according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This typically takes a few hours or overnight.
  9. Test the club: Once the epoxy has cured, test the club to make sure it feels comfortable and balanced. Take a few practice swings to ensure the new length feels right.

By following these steps, you can effectively lengthen your golf clubs and improve your game. It’s important to note that while lengthening your clubs can help improve your swing mechanics, it’s not a substitute for proper technique and practice. So, continue to work on your swing and enjoy the game!

Golf Club Lengthening Methods and Materials

Butt ExtensionAdding a plug to the end of the shaftEasy to installCan affect club balance$5-15
Shaft ExtensionAdding a piece of shaft to the existing shaftMaintains balanceCan affect flex$10-20
Grip ExtensionAdding a longer grip to the clubMaintains balanceAffects club feel$5-15
RegrippingUsing a thicker grip to add lengthMaintains balanceAffects club feel$5-15
Custom Club FittingOrdering a custom club with longer shaftPerfect fitExpensive$200-500+

Types of Shaft Extensions

Parallel Shaft ExtensionAdds length to the end of the shaftMaintains flexCan affect balance$10-20
Tapered Shaft ExtensionAdds length to the tip of the shaftMaintains balanceCan affect flex$10-20

Grip Extension Options

Double Sided TapeAdds length by wrapping tape around the shaftInexpensiveMay not be secure$5-10
Rubber SleeveSlips onto the shaft and grips the clubSecureMay affect club feel$10-20
Molded Grip ExtensionIntegrated extension with gripMaintains club feelExpensive$15-25

Pros and Cons of Different Golf Club Lengthening Methods

Shaft ExtensionsInexpensive, easy to installCan cause changes in club stiffness and swing weight, may affect ball flight
Butt ExtensionsCan improve balance and feel of the clubRequires a longer grip and may affect swing weight
WeldingDurable and permanent solutionCan be expensive and may affect club performance
Cutting and RegrippingInexpensive and easy to doCan only add a limited amount of length and may affect club balance
Spine AligningCan improve club performance and feelLimited impact on club length, requires specialized equipment

 Lengthening Options for Different Golf Clubs

Club TypeLengthening Option
DriverShaft extensions, butt extensions, welding
Fairway WoodsShaft extensions, butt extensions, welding, cutting and regripping
IronsShaft extensions, butt extensions, welding, cutting and regripping
WedgesCutting and regripping, butt extensions
PuttersCutting and regripping, butt extensions

Custom Club Fitting Options

Online FittingSubmit measurements and receive custom clubConvenientMay not be accurate$200-300
In-Person FittingWork with a professional fitter to find the perfect clubAccurateExpensive$400-500+
DIY FittingUse a fitting kit to determine measurements and order custom clubInexpensiveMay not be accurate$100-200


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