Callaway Japanese Version Differences

Callaway Golf, one of the leading golf equipment manufacturers in the world, is known for producing high-quality clubs that cater to golfers of all skill levels. The company has gained a global reputation for its innovative technology and exceptional craftsmanship. While Callaway is an American brand, it also offers Japanese versions of its products, which have some unique features tailored to the preferences of the Japanese golf market. In this article, we will explore the differences between Callaway’s Japanese version golf clubs and their international counterparts.

  1. Material and Craftsmanship:

One of the primary differences between Callaway’s Japanese and international golf clubs is the material used and the overall craftsmanship. Japanese versions often utilize premium materials, such as forged titanium and carbon fiber, in their club heads to ensure a softer, more responsive feel. Additionally, these clubs may undergo more precise manufacturing processes, leading to better overall quality and performance.

  1. Clubhead Design:

Japanese golfers often have a preference for a more compact clubhead design, especially in irons. The Japanese versions of Callaway’s clubs cater to this preference by offering a sleeker, more traditional appearance. This compact design is thought to promote greater workability and control, which is highly valued in the Japanese golf market.

  1. Shaft Options:

The Japanese golf market is known for its wide range of high-quality shaft options. As a result, Callaway’s Japanese version clubs typically offer more diverse and premium shaft options than their international counterparts. These shafts are often lighter, with unique flex profiles, designed to cater to the swing characteristics of Japanese golfers.

  1. Club Set Composition:

In Japan, golfers often prefer a more comprehensive set of clubs, including a higher number of long irons and utility clubs. Therefore, Callaway’s Japanese versions may offer a different set composition compared to the international models. This extended range of clubs provides golfers with more options for various course conditions and shot selections.

  1. Customization and Personalization:

Japanese golfers have a strong affinity for customization and personalization. To cater to this preference, Callaway’s Japanese versions often come with more elaborate and unique customization options. Golfers can choose from a wider range of color schemes, finishes, and even engraving options to create a truly personalized golf club.

  1. Swing Weight and Balance:

Japanese golfers often prefer clubs with a different swing weight and balance compared to their Western counterparts. Callaway accommodates these preferences by adjusting the weight distribution in the Japanese versions of their clubs. This results in a more precise and controlled swing, which is highly valued among Japanese golfers.

  1. Loft and Lie Angle Adjustments:

Callaway’s Japanese version golf clubs may feature slightly different loft and lie angles to cater to the distinct swing styles and course conditions typically found in Japan. Adjustments to these angles can impact the ball’s launch, trajectory, and overall playability, making them an important consideration for Japanese golfers.

  1. Limited Edition and Exclusive Models:

To further appeal to the Japanese golf market, Callaway sometimes releases limited edition or exclusive models that are only available in Japan. These clubs often feature unique designs, cutting-edge technology, or collaborations with other popular Japanese brands. These limited edition clubs not only cater to the performance needs of Japanese golfers but also serve as collectibles for golf enthusiasts.

  1. Market-specific Technology:

Callaway continuously innovates and incorporates new technology into its golf clubs. In some cases, the company develops market-specific technology tailored to the preferences and requirements of Japanese golfers. These specialized technologies aim to enhance performance, control, and feel for golfers in the Japanese market.

  1. Pricing and Availability:

Due to the premium materials, craftsmanship, and exclusive features found in Callaway’s Japanese version golf clubs, they often come with a higher price tag compared to their international counterparts. However, the higher price reflects the enhanced quality, performance, and customization options that cater to the discerning tastes of Japanese golfers. It is also worth noting that the availability of these clubs may be limited outside Japan, making them sought-after items for golf enthusiasts worldwide.

Club Models

Club ModelShaft MaterialLoft AngleClub Head SizeAvailability
Epic FlashGraphite10.5°460ccJapan Only
RogueGraphite440ccJapan Only
MAVRIKGraphite10.5°460ccJapan Only
XR SpeedGraphite10.5°460ccJapan Only
Big Bertha B21Graphite10.5°460ccJapan Only
ApexSteel440ccJapan Only
FT-iQGraphite10°460ccJapan Only
FT-5Graphite9.5°460ccJapan Only
X Hot ProGraphite10.5°440ccJapan Only
RAZR FitGraphite10.5°460ccJapan Only

Shaft Options

Shaft ModelWeight (grams)FlexAvailability
N.S. PRO MODUS3 TOUR105105RegularJapan Only
N.S. PRO MODUS3 TOUR120120StiffJapan Only
ATTAS Coool 554RegularJapan Only
ATTAS Coool 665StiffJapan Only
N.S. PRO ZELOS 775RegularJapan Only
N.S. PRO ZELOS 885StiffJapan Only
OVD KZ GOLF60RegularJapan Only
OVD KZ GOLF S70StiffJapan Only
BASSARA GG45SeniorJapan Only
BASSARA GGOO50RegularJapan Only

Grip Options

Grip ModelSizeMaterialAvailability
Golf Pride MCC Plus4StandardRubber/CordJapan Only
Golf Pride MCC AlignMidsizeRubber/CordJapan Only
Winn Dri-TacStandardPolymer MaterialJapan Only
Winn Dri-Tac XMidsizePolymer MaterialJapan Only
IOMIC STICKY 2.3StandardElastomerJapan Only
IOMIC STICKY 2.3MidsizeElastomerJapan Only
N.S. PRO ZELOS GRIPStandardRubberJapan Only
N.S. PRO ZELOS GRIPMidsizeRubberJapan Only
ATTAS G7StandardRubberJapan Only

Customization Options

Customization OptionDescription
Loft AdjustmentAvailable for most club models, typically adjustable by +/- 1°
Lie Angle AdjustmentAvailable for most club models, typically adjustable by +/- 1°
Grip SizeStandard or midsize available for most grip options
Shaft LengthCustomizable for most club models, typically +/- 0.5 inches
Shaft FlexCustomizable for most shaft options, regular, stiff or senior

Callaway vs. Titleist

Ball ModelCompressionSpinCover MaterialPrice (USD)
Callaway Chrome Soft75LowUrethane$47.99/dozen
Titleist Pro V190HighUrethane$52.99/dozen
Callaway Supersoft38LowTrionomer$24.99/dozen
Titleist AVX80LowUrethane$47.99/dozen
Callaway ERC Soft60LowHybrid$34.99/dozen
Titleist Tour Soft65LowUrethane$39.99/dozen
Callaway WarbirdN/AN/AIonomer$19.99/dozen
Titleist DT TruSoft60LowIonomer$29.99/dozen
Callaway Superhot Bold55MidIonomer$27.99/dozen
Titleist NXT Tour70MidUrethane$36.99/dozen



While Callaway’s international golf clubs are already designed with performance and quality in mind, the Japanese versions cater specifically to the preferences of the Japanese golf market. By offering clubs with premium materials, compact clubhead designs, a wider range of shaft options, and extensive customization features, Callaway ensures that Japanese golfers can find the perfect club to suit their needs.



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