Is Tour Edge A Good Golf Club Brand

Tour Edge is a golf club manufacturer that has been gaining recognition and popularity among golfers in recent years. In this article, we will explore whether Tour Edge can be considered a good golf club brand by examining its history, product offerings, reputation, and performance.

A Brief Overview of Tour Edge

Tour Edge is an American golf equipment manufacturer that has been in the industry since 1986. The company was founded by David Glod and is headquartered in Batavia, Illinois. Initially, Tour Edge focused on producing high-quality golf clubs at more affordable price points, making them accessible to a broader range of golfers.

Product Offerings

Tour Edge offers a wide range of golf club products, including drivers, fairway woods , hybrids, irons, wedges, and putters. They have various lines of clubs, such as the Exotics series and the Hot Launch series, designed to cater to golfers of different skill levels. The company has gained recognition for its Exotics line, which is known for its premium materials and innovative designs.

Innovative Technology

One of the key factors that contribute to Tour Edge’s appeal is its commitment to incorporating cutting-edge technology into its clubs. The company has been innovative in its approach, using advanced materials, adjustable features, and design elements to improve club performance and user experience. For example, they have utilized materials like titanium, carbon fiber, and various metals to enhance clubhead design, leading to improved forgiveness and distance.


Tour Edge has gained a reputation for producing high-quality golf clubs that perform well. Many golfers have reported increased distance, accuracy, and overall satisfaction when using Tour Edge clubs. Additionally, the company has a strong presence on professional tours, with several players endorsing and using Tour Edge equipment.


One of Tour Edge’s founding principles was to provide quality golf clubs at more reasonable prices. This commitment to affordability has made their products attractive to a wide range of golfers, from beginners to seasoned professionals. Many golfers appreciate the value proposition offered by Tour Edge, as they can acquire clubs with advanced technology without breaking the bank.

User Reviews

It’s essential to consider user reviews when evaluating any golf club brand. A quick search online reveals that many golfers are satisfied with their Tour Edge clubs. Positive feedback often focuses on the performance and value offered by Tour Edge clubs.

Notable Tour Edge Golf Club Series

To provide a more comprehensive view of Tour Edge’s offerings, here are a few notable series from their product lineup:

1. Exotics Series

Tour Edge’s Exotics series is highly regarded in the golfing world. These clubs are known for their premium materials and innovative technology. The Exotics line often features advanced materials, such as titanium and carbon fiber, which contribute to increased clubhead speed and forgiveness. Many professional golfers and advanced amateurs choose Exotics clubs for their exceptional performance.

2. Hot Launch Series

The Hot Launch series is designed with the everyday golfer in mind. These clubs offer a blend of performance and affordability, making them an excellent choice for beginners and intermediate players. The Hot Launch series includes drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, and wedges, providing a full set of clubs for golfers to choose from.

3. HL-J Junior Clubs

Tour Edge has not neglected younger golfers in their product range. The HL-J Junior Clubs are designed to fit the needs of junior players. These clubs are available in various age and height-appropriate options, ensuring that young golfers have access to quality equipment as they develop their skills.

Performance and Customization

Tour Edge clubs are known for their performance-enhancing features, including adjustability options in some models. These features allow golfers to fine-tune their clubs to match their swing and playing style, further enhancing their game. Customization is often an important aspect of choosing the right golf club, and Tour Edge provides options for customization to better suit individual preferences.

Customer Support

Another factor that can contribute to a brand’s reputation is the level of customer support and service provided. Tour Edge is often commended for its responsive customer service, which can be vital when golfers have questions, concerns, or require assistance with their clubs.

Pros of Tour Edge Golf Clubs

  1. Innovative Technology: Tour Edge is known for integrating advanced materials and technology into their clubs, which can lead to improved performance, increased distance, and better accuracy.
  2. Affordability: The brand’s commitment to offering quality golf clubs at competitive prices makes them an attractive option for a wide range of golfers, from beginners to experienced players.
  3. Customization Options: Many Tour Edge clubs offer adjustability, allowing golfers to fine-tune their clubs to match their swing and playing style.
  4. Reputation: Tour Edge has built a positive reputation in the golfing community for producing high-quality clubs that perform well on the course.
  5. User Reviews: The brand receives positive feedback from golfers, reinforcing the perception that Tour Edge clubs offer a great value and perform exceptionally.

Cons of Tour Edge Golf Clubs

  1. Limited Availability: While Tour Edge is gaining popularity, it might not be as widely available as some of the larger, more established golf club brands, which can make it challenging to test their clubs in person before making a purchase.
  2. Not Preferred by All Professionals: While some professional golfers endorse Tour Edge clubs, others prefer different brands, which can influence consumer perception.
  3. Subjective Preferences: Golf club selection is highly subjective, and what works well for one golfer may not suit another. It’s essential to try out Tour Edge clubs to determine if they align with your playing style and preferences.
  4. Resale Value: While Tour Edge clubs offer excellent value for money when purchasing new, they may not hold their resale value as well as some premium brands.

Tour Edge Golf Club Models

Golf Club ModelDescriptionPlayer TypePerformance RatingPrice Range ($)
Exotics C721High-end DriverAdvanced Players9/10$399 – $499
Hot Launch E521Game Improvement SetMid to High Handicap8/10$599 – $799
HL3 Iron-WoodHybrid/Iron ComboAll Skill Levels7/10$129 – $179
Bazooka 370Entry-Level DriverBeginners6/10$79 – $99
Wingman PuttersPutter SelectionVarious Players8/10$89 – $149

 Golf Club Innovations

InnovationDescriptionImpact on Performance
Dual Carbon TechLightweight materials enhance swing speedHigh
Diamond Face TechDiamond pattern increases ball speed and distanceModerate
Hollow Body DesignHollow iron design increases forgivenessModerate
Exotics WingmanUnique putter design for better alignmentModerate
Variable Face TechAdjustable face angle for customizationHigh

 Customer Reviews

ProductAverage Customer RatingProsConsNotable Comments
Exotics C721 Driver4.7/5Impressive distance, solid feelPricey, not forgiving for beginners“The C721 is a beast off the tee, but it takes some skill to handle.”
Hot Launch E521 Set4.5/5Forgiving, value for moneyLimited customizability“Perfect for mid-handicappers, helped me lower my scores consistently.”
HL3 Iron-Wood4.2/5Versatile, good for approach shotsNot as long as some hybrids“I love the flexibility these provide, great for a variety of lies.”
Bazooka 370 Driver4.0/5Affordable, good for beginnersNot as long as premium drivers“For the price, this driver is hard to beat, perfect for newcomers to the game.”
Wingman Putter4.6/5Excellent alignment, smooth strokeLimited variety in design“The Wingman putter transformed my putting game, alignment is a breeze.”

 Professional Endorsements

Professional GolferNotable AchievementsTour Edge Equipment UsedComments
Bryson DeChambeau2020 U.S. Open WinnerExotics C721 Driver, Wingman Putter“Tour Edge provides the precision I need.”
Lexi ThompsonLPGA Tour ChampionHot Launch E521 Set“The Hot Launch set boosted my game significantly.”
Scott McCarronChampions Tour WinsExotics C721 Driver, HL3 Iron-Wood“Tour Edge clubs are a game-changer for me.”

Warranty and Support

Warranty TypeCoverageSupport OptionsNotable Terms
Limited LifetimeManufacturing DefectsEmail, Phone, Live Chat SupportRegistration Required
30-Day GuaranteeCustomer SatisfactionReturns, ExchangesOriginal Proof of Purchase
Custom FittingCustom Club SpecificationsExpert Consultation, FittingVaries by Product
Trade-In ProgramClub Upgrades with Old EquipmentTrade-In Value AppraisalFor Select Models


When assessing whether Tour Edge is a good golf club brand, it’s important to remember that what makes a golf club “good” is highly dependent on individual preferences, skill level, and playing style. What works for one golfer may not work for another.

Tour Edge has established itself as a reputable and innovative brand with a strong emphasis on technology, affordability, and performance. The positive feedback from users and their presence on professional tours indicate that they have made a mark in the golf industry.

If you are considering Tour Edge golf clubs, it’s advisable to consult with golf professionals, try out their clubs through demo programs, and read user reviews to determine if they are a good fit for your game. Ultimately, your personal experience and how the clubs perform for you on the course should be the deciding factors in whether Tour Edge is a good golf club brand for you.

Is Tour Edge A Good Golf Club Brand



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