Fake Titleist Bag

Spotting a fake Titleist bag may actually be a problem especially if you have not seen the real one closely. However, there are still some important things that you can look at closely and spot a fake.

Quality Difference

This one is quite easy and straightforward. Golf bags are strong if you feel the bag is not holding up itself and the fabric is not strong then it certainly is a fake one. Some fake Titleist bags are actually made up of strong material and therefore it would not be easy for you to figure out it is a real bag or not.

So this one metric alone is not enough to ensure that you are buying the original Titleist bag.

Price Difference

See what price you are getting the bag for. Generally speaking, an old bag should be priced lower but if you feel that the low price is not justified then it should raise eyebrows.

Ask the seller exactly why he is selling the bag at a much lower price. If you are buying an old bag that is no longer produced by Titleist and are not sure about it price then you can always ask about the model of the bag. Google the golf bag model and then get the idea of its price.

Faded Colors

You must compare the color with the one advertised on the website. Titleist bags are durable when it comes to color retention. They don’t lose color quickly. If you feel the bag has lost the spark in terms of the color then you should feel doubtful.

A dirty bag is not a problem but a faded one is. When you are thinking about these metrics to measure the originality of a golf bag, especially Titleist then think for yourself. That is to produce a counterfeit bag the fake golf bag maker must keep the cost down to ensure that the bag makes them a profit.

You may hear from the seller that the bag is the first copy of the original but these are all gimmicks to produce low-quality products and sell them at a decent price in the market.

Missing Details

Ask the seller to provide you with pictures of the bags from different angles. Every bag is different and has a distinguishing factor that makes it different from the rest. However, fake Titleist bag makers are aware of these problems and ensure that they make the distinguishing features complete.

So you should focus on other detail of the bags. Most likely you are buying the golf bag from eBay and the bag may not be available on the Titleist website as well.

So try to get the google image search for the bag or by searching the model name.

If you are able to find the bag then compare small details with what the guy is selling on the eBay. You will be able to find small details and hence be able to figure out if the bag you bought is real or not.

Scan The Barcode

All products have a barcode. Scanning the barcode can actually give you confidence that the bag is real. But do not consider this as the most important metric for the genuineness of the bag. Some counterfeit producers are actually able to make fake barcodes as well. But this requires additional expertise and hence less profit for the fake bag makers. Therefore, a lazy seller will actually just let this part go.

Ask Expert

Believe it or not, there are experts around that will tell you if the bag is real or not. The golfers’ communities on Facebook and forums are quite active. Some experts can spot a fake bag with a glance with high accuracy.

Simply make posts on several Facebook groups and get their opinion. Beware, some fake sellers are available there as well who will always say the bag is fake and try to sell their own ‘original’  golf bags there.

However, the majority will not be trying to deceive. At the end of the day, you will get a fair opinion if the  Titlesit golf bag is real or not.

Seller’s Reluctance

Always question the seller like why are they selling the bag. From where did they buy it. What knowledge do they have about the bag? How it has performed. Where did they buy the bag from? What colors were available and why did they choose this color? What alternative was under consideration by Titleist and why this bag?

A fake golf bag seller is very likely to be annoyed with many questions and also give contradicting answers. For example, they may not actually know what year the golf bag was produced and lie to you that they bought it from the Titleist website.

Ask to Fit Golf Clubs

A good bag will be able to hold the golf clubs firmly. Ask to put in the golf clubs set and get a video. If they clubs are holding themselves nicley together it is an indication of a good quality and a probable original bag.

Ask for Inside Pictures

There are zippers inside the golf bags as well. Ask the seller about them and get pictures of them.

Also if possible get very close pictures pictures of the zippers from the seller. The counterfeit golf bag makers use low quality zippers inside and as a result it is somewhat easy to spot them.

You can request the seller to provide you with a picture of the opening and closing of the inside pockets. Titleist bag zippers will hardly be jammed if they are original even after years of use.


It is not hard to spot a fake bag in real. If you are trying to buy the bag online then try to get information as much as possible from the seller. If possible go in person and check the bag based on the above metrics I have shared. If you are doubtful on any one of them then simple make a post on Facebook groups or reach out to us through our contact page.

Either way you should get a clear answer and save yourself from a fake Titleist golf bag.


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