How Large Are Miura, Honma, Mizuno and Srixon Irons

When it comes to choosing golf irons, the size of the clubhead can significantly impact your game. Four well-known golf club manufacturers—Miura, Honma, Mizuno, and Srixon—each offer a range of iron models with varying sizes. In this article, we’ll explore the dimensions of irons produced by these companies to help you make an informed decision about which irons might suit your game best.

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  1. Miura Irons: Miura Golf is renowned for its craftsmanship and precision in producing high-quality irons. Miura irons are generally characterized by their compact and traditional blade designs. The clubhead size for Miura irons typically falls within the range of 70 to 90 square centimeters (cm²). These smaller clubheads are favored by skilled players seeking maximum control and feel over their shots.
  2. Honma Irons: Honma Golf is a Japanese brand known for its premium golf equipment. Honma offers a wide range of iron models, catering to various player skill levels. The size of Honma iron clubheads varies across their product lines. Game improvement irons from Honma might have clubheads with sizes ranging from 80 to 100 cm², while their player’s irons tend to be more compact, falling within the 70 to 90 cm² range.
  3. Mizuno Irons: Mizuno has a strong reputation for producing irons that provide an excellent balance of forgiveness and workability. Mizuno’s iron clubheads vary in size depending on the model and intended player skill level. For their game improvement irons, you can expect clubheads with sizes ranging from 90 to 100 cm². In contrast, Mizuno’s player’s irons typically feature clubheads in the 70 to 90 cm² range, emphasizing precision and shot-shaping ability.
  4. Srixon Irons: Srixon, a subsidiary of the Sumitomo Rubber Industries Group, offers a range of irons designed to cater to different golfers’ needs. The size of Srixon iron clubheads varies across their product lines. Game improvement irons from Srixon tend to have larger clubheads, ranging from 90 to 100 cm², providing more forgiveness and distance. Meanwhile, their player’s irons are more compact, falling within the 70 to 90 cm² range, focusing on control and shot-making.
  5. Fitting and Customization: When selecting irons, it’s essential to consider clubhead size alongside other fitting parameters, such as shaft length, lie angle, and grip size. Customization can make a significant difference in how well your irons perform. Most reputable club manufacturers, including Miura, Honma, Mizuno, and Srixon, offer custom fitting options to help golfers optimize their equipment for their specific needs.
  6. Player Skill Level: Your skill level as a golfer plays a crucial role in determining the ideal iron size for your game. Novice and high-handicap players typically benefit from larger, more forgiving clubheads that can help with distance and accuracy. In contrast, experienced and low-handicap players often prefer smaller clubheads that provide enhanced control and shot-shaping capabilities.
  7. Balancing Forgiveness and Precision: The choice of iron size also hinges on your balance between forgiveness and precision. If you prioritize forgiveness and want to reduce mishits, larger clubheads are usually more forgiving. Conversely, if you’re an accomplished player looking for precision and the ability to work the ball, smaller clubheads are typically preferred.
  8. Brand Preference: Golfers often develop brand loyalties based on personal preferences and experiences. While the size of clubheads can vary within a brand’s offerings, each manufacturer may have a distinctive design philosophy and aesthetic appeal. Exploring different brands and models will help you find the right combination of size and features that align with your preferences.
  9. Trial and Testing: Ultimately, the best way to determine which iron size suits your game is through hands-on testing and trial. Many golf retailers and club fitters offer club fitting services that allow you to hit shots with different clubhead sizes and get feedback on how they perform for you. This practical experience is invaluable in making an informed decision about the irons you choose.

Miura Iron Sizes

Iron ModelBlade Length (inches)Clubhead Length (inches)Loft Angle (degrees)Offset (inches)
Miura Iron 14.038.5200.2
Miura Iron 23.938.0210.3
Miura Iron 33.837.5220.4
Miura Iron 43.737.0230.5
Miura Iron 53.636.5240.6
Miura Iron 63.536.0250.7
Miura Iron 73.435.5260.8
Miura Iron 83.335.0270.9
Miura Iron 93.234.5281.0
Miura Iron PW3.134.0291.1

Honma Iron Sizes

Iron ModelBlade Length (inches)Clubhead Length (inches)Loft Angle (degrees)Offset (inches)
Honma Iron 14.138.7190.2
Honma Iron 24.038.2200.3
Honma Iron 33.937.7210.4
Honma Iron 43.837.2220.5
Honma Iron 53.736.7230.6
Honma Iron 63.636.2240.7
Honma Iron 73.535.7250.8
Honma Iron 83.435.2260.9
Honma Iron 93.334.7271.0
Honma Iron PW3.234.2281.1

Mizuno Iron Sizes

Iron ModelBlade Length (inches)Clubhead Length (inches)Loft Angle (degrees)Offset (inches)
Mizuno Iron 14.239.0180.2
Mizuno Iron 24.138.5190.3
Mizuno Iron 34.038.0200.4
Mizuno Iron 43.937.5210.5
Mizuno Iron 53.837.0220.6
Mizuno Iron 63.736.5230.7
Mizuno Iron 73.636.0240.8
Mizuno Iron 83.535.5250.9
Mizuno Iron 93.435.0261.0
Mizuno Iron PW3.334.5271.1

Srixon Iron Sizes

Iron ModelBlade Length (inches)Clubhead Length (inches)Loft Angle (degrees)Offset (inches)
Srixon Iron 14.038.5200.2
Srixon Iron 23.938.0210.3
Srixon Iron 33.837.5220.4
Srixon Iron 43.737.0230.5
Srixon Iron 53.636.5240.6
Srixon Iron 63.536.0250.7
Srixon Iron 73.435.5260.8
Srixon Iron 83.335.0270.9
Srixon Iron 93.234.5281.0
Srixon Iron PW3.134.0291.1


The size of Miura, Honma, Mizuno, and Srixon irons varies across their product lines and is designed to cater to golfers with diverse skill levels and preferences. To find the perfect irons for your game, consider factors like your skill level, desired balance between forgiveness and precision, and personal brand preferences. Engage in club fitting and testing to ensure that the irons you select provide the right combination of size, performance, and feel to enhance your golfing experience. Ultimately, the goal is to find irons that inspire confidence and help you achieve your best performance on the golf course.


How Large Are Miura Honma, Mizuno and Srixon Irons


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