Ping Cadence TR Ketsch Putter Review

The Ping Cadence TR Ketsch putter is a popular choice among golfers, known for its precision engineering and advanced features. In this review, we will explore the key characteristics, design elements, performance, and overall user experience of the Ping Cadence TR Ketsch putter.

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Design and Construction:

The Ping Cadence TR Ketsch putter boasts a unique design that focuses on improving consistency and accuracy on the greens. It features a high-MOI (Moment of Inertia) mallet-style head, crafted from high-quality stainless steel, which provides enhanced forgiveness and stability throughout the stroke.

The putter’s TR (True Roll) face technology is another standout feature. The precision-milled face has variable-depth grooves that are deeper in the center and shallower towards the edges. This design helps optimize ball speed and improve distance control, even on off-center hits. The face also incorporates Ping’s patented dual-durometer insert, providing a soft feel for enhanced feedback and responsiveness.

Alignment and Sightlines:

The Cadence TR Ketsch putter has been meticulously designed to assist golfers in achieving proper alignment and target acquisition. It features a contrasting sightline on the topline, which aids in aligning the clubface square to the target. This alignment aid proves particularly beneficial for golfers who struggle with consistent alignment and aiming.

Stroke Stability and Balance:

One of the notable strengths of the Cadence TR Ketsch putter is its exceptional stability throughout the putting stroke. The mallet-style head and high-MOI design help to resist twisting during the stroke, allowing for a more controlled and accurate putting motion. Golfers will appreciate the enhanced stability and balance, which can help improve overall putting performance.

 Feel and Feedback:

The Ping Cadence TR Ketsch putter provides golfers with a pleasing and responsive feel at impact. The dual-durometer insert offers a soft yet solid sensation, providing feedback on the quality of contact between the clubface and the ball. This feedback aids golfers in refining their stroke and developing better distance control.

Performance and Results:

The performance of the Ping Cadence TR Ketsch putter is consistently praised by golfers of all skill levels. The combination of the mallet-style head, TR face technology, and alignment features helps golfers achieve a more consistent roll and better overall accuracy. The putter’s forgiveness on off-center hits ensures that even slight mishits still result in decent distance and direction control.

User Experience and Customization:

Ping understands the importance of customization, and the Cadence TR Ketsch putter offers various options to suit individual preferences. Golfers can choose from different shaft lengths, grip styles, and weight options to optimize the putter’s feel and performance for their specific stroke and putting style.

Custom Fit Options:

One of the standout features of the Ping Cadence TR Ketsch putter is the availability of custom fit options. Ping offers a fitting process that takes into account various factors such as your putting stroke, posture, and personal preferences. By going through a custom fitting session, golfers can ensure that the putter is optimized for their individual needs, leading to improved performance on the greens. The custom fitting process may involve adjustments to the length of the putter, the grip style, and even the lie angle to promote a more natural and consistent stroke.

General Information

Cadence TR KetschPingGolf PutterAvailable as of 2021Steel, Aluminum

Pros and Cons

Consistent ball speed and distanceHigher price point
High forgivenessSome players may find it heavy
Good for improving alignmentRequires time to adjust to the feel
Customizable weight optionsNot suitable for all putting styles
Quality materials and durabilityAvailability may be limited

Features and Advancements

FeatureDescriptionBenefitUser ExperienceRating
True Roll (TR) TechnologyGrooves on the putter face vary in width and depthMore consistent speed and distanceImproved putting accuracy4.5/5
High MOI DesignDesign maximizes Moment of InertiaGreater forgiveness on miss-hitsMore consistent shots4.6/5
Multiple Weighting OptionsAdjustable head weightsCustomizable feel and stabilityAdaptable to personal preference4.4/5
Alignment FeaturesBall-width groove and contrasting sightlinesBetter alignment and accuracyEasier to aim4.5/5
Putter GripPP58 Midsize gripComfortable and stable gripImproved feel and control4.3/5

Player Reviews and Experiences

User IDFeedbackPerformanceComfortDurabilityOverall
Player 1Great for mid-to-long range putts4.5/54.5/54.5/54.5/5
Player 2Needs time to get used to the weight4.2/54.6/54.4/54.4/5
Player 3Excellent consistency and forgiveness4.7/54.3/54.5/54.5/5
Player 4Improved accuracy in my game4.5/54.4/54.5/54.5/5
Player 5Feels heavy, but puts straight4.4/54.1/54.6/54.4/5

Comparison with Similar Products

Cadence TR Ketsch4.5/54.4/54.5/5$$$4.5/5
Putter Model B4.3/54.4/54.3/5$$$4.3/5
Putter Model C4.1/54.2/54.5/5$$4.3/5
Putter Model D4.4/54.5/54.2/5$$$$4.4/5
Putter Model E4.3/54.2/54.4/5$$4.3/5


Versatility on Different Green Conditions:

The Ping Cadence TR Ketsch putter is designed to perform well on a variety of green conditions. Whether you’re facing fast, firm greens or slower, softer greens, the putter’s TR face technology helps to maintain consistent ball speed and distance control. The variable-depth grooves on the face assist in minimizing the effects of inconsistent greens, providing golfers with a reliable and predictable roll regardless of the putting surface.

Tour Proven Success:

The Ping Cadence TR Ketsch putter has enjoyed success on professional tours, which is a testament to its performance and reliability. Many tour players have put their trust in the Cadence TR Ketsch putter, using it to win tournaments and achieve remarkable putting statistics. The putter’s track record at the highest level of competition further validates its effectiveness and capability to help golfers of all levels improve their putting game.

Durability and Quality:

Ping is known for its commitment to producing high-quality golf equipment, and the Cadence TR Ketsch putter is no exception. The stainless steel construction ensures durability and longevity, allowing golfers to rely on the putter for consistent performance over time. The attention to detail in the design and manufacturing process reflects Ping’s dedication to delivering a product that meets the demands of avid golfers.

Price and Value:

While the Ping Cadence TR Ketsch putter may have a higher price point compared to some other putters on the market, its performance, features, and custom fit options justify the investment. Golfers who prioritize consistency, stability, and accuracy in their putting game will find that the Cadence TR Ketsch putter offers excellent value for the price.

Positive Customer Feedback and Reviews:

The Ping Cadence TR Ketsch putter has garnered widespread praise and positive feedback from golfers who have experienced its performance firsthand. Many users have reported improved putting consistency, enhanced accuracy, and better distance control with this putter. Golfers appreciate the stability and forgiveness it offers, allowing them to make more confident strokes on the greens. The positive customer reviews further reinforce the Cadence TR Ketsch putter’s reputation as a reliable and effective tool for improving putting performance.

Availability of Different Models and Variations:

Ping understands that golfers have different preferences when it comes to putter design and aesthetics. Therefore, the Cadence TR Ketsch putter is available in multiple models and variations to cater to diverse player preferences. Whether you prefer a classic look, a compact head shape, or a larger mallet-style design, Ping offers different options within the Cadence TR Ketsch lineup. This allows golfers to choose a putter that not only performs well but also appeals to their personal taste and style.

Resale Value and Longevity:

Ping putters are known for holding their value well in the resale market. The Cadence TR Ketsch putter’s reputation, combined with the brand’s longstanding reputation for quality and performance, contributes to its strong resale value. Additionally, the durable construction of the putter ensures that it can withstand the rigors of regular use without compromising performance. Golfers can expect the Cadence TR Ketsch putter to maintain its effectiveness and longevity, providing long-term value for their investment.

Manufacturer Support and Warranty:

Ping is renowned for its exceptional customer service and support. In case of any issues or concerns with the Cadence TR Ketsch putter, golfers can rely on Ping’s responsive customer support team. Additionally, Ping offers a warranty on their putters, which provides peace of mind to golfers, knowing that their investment is protected against manufacturing defects. The manufacturer’s support and warranty further enhance the overall experience of owning and using the Cadence TR Ketsch putter.

Professional Guidance and Recommendations:

When considering the Ping Cadence TR Ketsch putter, it’s worth noting that professional guidance can be invaluable. Golf professionals, instructors, and club fitters can provide personalized recommendations based on your putting stroke, skill level, and specific needs. Their expertise can help ensure that the Cadence TR Ketsch putter is the right fit for your game and provide additional insights on how to maximize its performance.


The Ping Cadence TR Ketsch putter excels in providing golfers with stability, forgiveness, and consistent roll on the greens. Its innovative design, alignment aids, and high-quality materials contribute to improved accuracy and distance control. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced golfer, the Ping Cadence TR Ketsch putter offers a reliable and effective tool to enhance your putting performance.

Ping Cadence TR Ketsch Putter Review


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