Accra Driver Rpg Shaft Review

The Accra Driver RPG (Revolutionary Performance Golf) shaft has been gaining attention in the golfing world for its promise of enhanced performance and improved distance off the tee. In this comprehensive review, we will take a closer look at the key features and benefits of the Accra Driver RPG shaft to help you decide if it’s the right choice for your game.

Key Features

  1. RPG Technology:

    • The Accra Driver RPG shaft features innovative technology designed to maximize performance. It incorporates a unique blend of materials and construction techniques to enhance clubhead speed and energy transfer, ultimately leading to increased distance.
  2. Variable Flex Profile:

    • One of the standout features of the RPG shaft is its variable flex profile. This means the shaft is engineered to provide different levels of flex in various sections, optimizing launch conditions and improving shot consistency.
  3. Low Torque Design:

    • The low torque design of the RPG shaft reduces twisting during the swing, leading to greater accuracy and control. This is particularly beneficial for golfers looking to maintain a consistent swing path.
  4. Customization:

    • Accra offers a wide range of customization options for the RPG shaft, including various flex options, lengths, and grip choices. This allows golfers to fine-tune their equipment to match their individual swing characteristics and preferences.

Performance Benefits

  1. Increased Distance:

    • One of the primary benefits of the Accra RPG shaft is the potential for greater distance off the tee. The combination of technology, materials, and design leads to improved ball speed and launch conditions, resulting in longer drives.
  2. Improved Accuracy:

    • The low torque design and variable flex profile contribute to enhanced accuracy and control. Golfers can expect tighter dispersion patterns and more consistent ball flights, especially on off-center hits.
  3. Enhanced Feel:

    • Many golfers report an improved feel with the RPG shaft, allowing for better feedback and shot shaping. This can be particularly important for those seeking a heightened level of control and touch with their driver.

User Feedback

Feedback on the Accra Driver RPG shaft has been generally positive, with golfers noting improvements in both distance and accuracy. The ability to customize the shaft to individual preferences has been well-received, as it allows players to fine-tune their equipment for optimal performance.

Fitting Considerations

Before making a decision to invest in the Accra Driver RPG shaft, it’s crucial to undergo a professional fitting session. A proper fitting will help you determine the optimal shaft flex, length, and other customization options to match your unique swing characteristics. Here are a few fitting considerations specific to the Accra RPG shaft:

  1. Shaft Flex:

    • The Accra RPG shaft comes in various flex options, including regular, stiff, and extra stiff. The right flex should be chosen based on your swing speed and tempo. A fitting professional can help you determine the most suitable flex for your game.
  2. Length:

    • Shaft length plays a significant role in driver performance. The correct length can improve your swing mechanics and consistency. A fitting session will help identify the ideal length for your Accra RPG shaft.
  3. Grip Selection:

    • The grip you choose can also impact your overall feel and control. You can choose from a variety of grip options during the customization process. Be sure to select a grip that feels comfortable and suits your playing style.
  4. Launch and Spin Characteristics:

    • The Accra RPG shaft’s variable flex profile can be fine-tuned to achieve specific launch and spin characteristics. Discuss your goals and preferences with a fitter to ensure your shaft setup aligns with your desired ball flight.
  5. Swing Analysis:

    • Fitting sessions often include swing analysis using launch monitors. This data helps the fitter make informed recommendations and adjustments to optimize your driver setup with the Accra RPG shaft.

Cost Considerations

It’s important to note that premium golf shafts like the Accra Driver RPG shaft can come at a higher price point compared to stock shaft options. However, the potential performance gains may justify the investment for serious golfers looking to improve their game. Be sure to compare the cost of the shaft and fitting session to your budget and performance expectations.


MaterialFlexibilityWeight (grams)Torque (degrees)Launch Angle (degrees)
SteelExtra Stiff751.59
GraphiteExtra Stiff642.110.5

Driver Rpg Shaft

Driver ModelMaterialFlexibilityWeight (grams)Torque (degrees)
Accra TZ5GraphiteStiff653.5
Accra TZ6GraphiteRegular683.2
Accra TZ7GraphiteStiff703.0
Accra TZPGraphiteExtra Stiff722.8
Accra TZGGraphiteRegular693.3
Accra FX1GraphiteSenior633.8
Accra FX2GraphiteStiff663.6
Accra FX3GraphiteRegular673.4
Accra FX4GraphiteSenior643.7
Accra FX5GraphiteStiff683.1

Golf Club Models

Club TypeMaterialLoft (degrees)Lie Angle (degrees)Club Length (inches)
Fairway WoodStainless Steel155743
IronCarbon Steel286137.5
WedgeForged Steel566435.5
PutterStainless Steel47035
IronStainless Steel226238
WedgeCarbon Steel526435.75
Fairway WoodTitanium185842.5

Shaft Characteristics

MaterialFlexibilityWeight (grams)Torque (degrees)Tip Diameter (inches)
SteelExtra Stiff1302.50.370

RPG Shaft Options

Shaft ModelFlexibilityWeight (grams)Torque (degrees)Tip Diameter (inches)
RPG ProStiff703.10.335
RPG TourRegular753.20.335
RPG EliteSenior653.30.335
RPG PowerStiff803.00.335
RPG PrecisionRegular852.80.335
RPG UltraExtra Stiff902.70.335
RPG MaxRegular952.50.335
RPG SupremeStiff1002.30.335
RPG Pro PlusStiff1052.10.335
RPG UltimateExtra Stiff1101.90.335

Accra Shaft Technologies

TechnologyDescriptionBenefitsUsed in ModelsYear Introduced
Accra FlexLockIncorporates a unique design to enhance stability during the swing.Provides improved control and accuracy, especially for players with aggressive swings.Accra FX1, FX2, FX3, FX4, FX52017
Accra DTB (Differential Torque Bias)Varies the torque along the length of the shaft, optimizing performance.Offers consistent feel and response throughout the swing, catering to different player preferences.Accra TZ5, TZ6, TZ7, TZP, TZG, RPG Shaft Options2019
Accra CounterBalanceAdds weight to the grip end, promoting a smoother and more controlled swing.Enhances stability and control, allowing for better shot-making and improved consistency.Accra TZ5, TZ6, TZ7, TZP, TZG2015
Accra TorqueGuardUtilizes advanced materials to minimize torsional twisting during the swing.Provides a more stable feel and better energy transfer, resulting in increased distance and accuracy.Accra TZ5, TZ6, TZ7, TZP, TZG, RPG Shaft Options2021


The Accra Driver RPG shaft offers a compelling blend of technology and customization, making it a viable option for golfers looking to maximize their driver performance. With the potential for increased distance, improved accuracy, and enhanced feel, this shaft has earned its place in the conversation for golfers seeking an edge off the tee. However, as with any golf equipment, it’s essential to undergo a fitting process to ensure that the Accra RPG shaft is the right fit for your swing and playing style.

Accra Driver Rpg Shaft Review


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