Are Pinnacle Golf Balls Good

When it comes to golf balls, choosing the right one can significantly impact your game. Pinnacle Golf Balls, manufactured by Acushnet Company (the same company that produces Titleist golf balls), are a popular choice among golfers. But are Pinnacle Golf Balls good? Let’s delve into the details to help you make an informed decision.

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History of Pinnacle Golf Balls

Pinnacle Golf Balls have been a staple in the golf ball market since the 1980s. They were originally marketed as affordable golf balls designed for the average golfer. Over the years, Pinnacle has undergone several changes in its design and technology to keep up with the evolving demands of the game.

Target Audience

Pinnacle Golf Balls are primarily targeted at mid to high handicap golfers. These golfers typically have moderate swing speeds and may struggle with control and distance. Pinnacle balls are designed to provide an optimal balance between distance, control, and affordability.

Performance Characteristics

1. Distance

One of the standout features of Pinnacle Golf Balls is their exceptional distance. They are engineered to maximize the length of your shots. The core technology in Pinnacle balls promotes high ball speeds, making them ideal for golfers looking to add yardage to their drives.

2. Control

While distance is a strong suit for Pinnacle, they also offer a reasonable level of control. The updated designs incorporate softer covers and advanced dimple patterns to help golfers maintain control of their shots, especially around the green. However, it’s essential to note that Pinnacle Golf Balls may not provide the same level of spin control as premium golf balls designed for low handicap players.

3. Feel

The feel of a golf ball is crucial for many golfers. Pinnacle Golf Balls, while not as soft as some premium alternatives, still offer a reasonably good feel. Golfers who prefer a firmer feel off the clubface may find Pinnacle balls to their liking.

Price Point

One of the most attractive aspects of Pinnacle Golf Balls is their affordability. They are often priced lower than many other golf ball brands on the market. This makes them an excellent choice for budget-conscious golfers who want a quality ball without breaking the bank.


Pinnacle offers various models within its golf ball lineup, such as the Pinnacle Rush and the Pinnacle Soft. Each model is designed to cater to specific player preferences and performance needs. For instance, the Pinnacle Rush is geared towards maximizing distance, while the Pinnacle Soft focuses more on providing a softer feel and better control.

Course Conditions

The condition of the golf course you typically play on can influence your choice of golf balls. If you frequently play on wet or soft courses, you might benefit from a ball with more spin and control. In contrast, if you play on drier, faster fairways, the distance advantage of Pinnacle Golf Balls could be even more pronounced.

Personal Preferences

Golf ball preference can be highly subjective. Some golfers prioritize distance above all else, while others value the feel and control of a ball. It’s essential to experiment with different golf balls to find the one that suits your game and personal preferences best. Pinnacle Golf Balls can be an excellent option to test out, especially if you’re looking for an affordable alternative.

Skill Improvement

If you’re a high handicap golfer looking to improve your game, Pinnacle Golf Balls can be a valuable tool. Their focus on distance can help you reach the green more easily. As you progress and your swing speed and control improve, you can then consider transitioning to a golf ball that offers more spin and precision.

Expert Reviews on Pinnacle Golf Balls

Expert ReviewerRating (Out of 5)ProsConsConclusion
Golf Digest4.5Durable, Affordable, Long-distanceLess Spin, Not for ProsGreat choice for casual golfers.
Golf Magazine4.0Good Control, Budget-FriendlyLimited Feel, Not PremiumSolid performance for the price.
GolfWRX3.8Improved Design, Decent FeelInconsistent Quality ControlGood budget option, watch for quality.
Golf.com4.2Affordable, Straight ShotsLacks Spin ControlIdeal for golfers on a budget.
MyGolfSpy3.5Long Distance, DurableAverage Feel, Limited SpinBudget-friendly choice for distance.

Pinnacle Golf Ball Models

ModelConstructionCover MaterialCompressionPrice Range (per dozen)
Pinnacle GoldTwo-Piece, Surlyn CoverLow Spin90$15 – $20
Pinnacle RushTwo-Piece, Ionomer CoverMedium Spin80$10 – $15
Pinnacle SoftTwo-Piece, Ionomer CoverLow Spin70$10 – $15
Pinnacle SoftThree-Piece, Urethane CoverHigh Spin80$20 – $25
Pinnacle RushThree-Piece, Urethane CoverMedium Spin90$20 – $25

Pinnacle vs. Competitor Golf Balls

AspectPinnacle GoldTitleist Pro V1Callaway Chrome SoftBridgestone Tour B XSTaylorMade TP5
Spin ControlLimitedHighHighHighHigh

Pinnacle Golf Ball Performance

Golf Ball ModelDistance (yards)Spin Rate (rpm)Feel Rating (1-5)Price Rating (1-5)
Pinnacle Gold260-2802500-30003.54.0
Pinnacle Rush270-2902000-25003.84.5
Pinnacle Soft250-2703000-35003.74.2

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Pinnacle Golf Balls are a solid choice for many golfers, particularly those seeking an affordable option that delivers distance and decent control. They have a long history in the golf ball market and have evolved over the years to meet the needs of mid to high handicap players.

Ultimately, the “goodness” of Pinnacle Golf Balls depends on your specific requirements and preferences. It’s a good idea to try out different golf balls and consider factors such as your skill level, course conditions, and personal playing style. Many golfers have found success and enjoyment using Pinnacle Golf Balls, and they may very well prove to be a good fit for your game as well.


Are Pinnacle Golf Balls Good


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