Athletic Motion Golf Review

Athletic Motion Golf is a golf coaching and training program that focuses on using scientific methods to help golfers improve their game. The program was founded by Shaun Webb, a biomechanics expert who has worked with many professional golfers, including several PGA Tour players.

AMG’s Philosophy:

The philosophy behind Athletic Motion Golf is based on the idea that every golfer has a unique swing that is determined by their physical abilities and limitations. Therefore, the program focuses on helping golfers understand their body’s limitations and how to work with them to develop an efficient and effective swing.

The program also emphasizes the importance of understanding the biomechanics of the golf swing, including how the body’s movements affect the club’s movement and the ball’s trajectory.

AMG’s Approach:

Athletic Motion Golf uses a comprehensive approach to golf instruction that includes:

  1. Video Analysis – AMG’s instructors use advanced video analysis technology to evaluate a golfer’s swing and identify areas for improvement.
  2. Biomechanical Analysis – In addition to video analysis, AMG’s instructors also use biomechanical analysis tools to evaluate a golfer’s body movements and identify any limitations or areas of weakness that may be affecting their swing.
  3. Customized Training Programs – Based on the results of the video and biomechanical analysis, AMG’s instructors create customized training programs that are tailored to each golfer’s unique needs and goals.
  4. Online Instruction – AMG offers online instruction through its website, which includes a library of instructional videos and articles.
  5. In-Person Coaching – For golfers who prefer in-person coaching, AMG offers private coaching sessions with its team of experienced instructors.
  6. Mental Game Training – AMG also offers mental game training to help golfers develop the focus and mental toughness necessary to perform at their best on the course.

AMG’s Focus on Injury Prevention:

In addition to improving golf performance, Athletic Motion Golf also places a strong emphasis on injury prevention. Many golfers suffer from injuries related to their swing, such as back pain or elbow tendinitis. AMG’s instructors work with golfers to develop a swing that is efficient and minimizes the risk of injury. This includes identifying any physical limitations or weaknesses that may contribute to injury and developing exercises to address them.

AMG’s Technology:

One of the key features of Athletic Motion Golf is its use of advanced technology in golf instruction. This includes video analysis tools that provide high-resolution images of a golfer’s swing from multiple angles, as well as biomechanical analysis tools that measure various aspects of a golfer’s body movements. This technology allows AMG’s instructors to provide highly detailed and accurate feedback to golfers, helping them make rapid improvements in their swing.

AMG’s Mental Game Training:

Athletic Motion Golf recognizes that golf is not just a physical game, but a mental one as well. To help golfers perform at their best on the course, AMG offers mental game training that covers topics such as visualization, focus, and managing pressure. By developing mental skills in addition to physical ones, golfers are better equipped to handle the challenges of the game.

AMG’s Results:

Athletic Motion Golf has a track record of success, with many golfers achieving significant improvements in their game after working with the program. AMG has worked with golfers at all levels, from beginners to professional players, and has helped them achieve their goals. This success is due to the program’s focus on personalized instruction, scientific methods, and advanced technology.

AMG’s Coaching Staff:

Athletic Motion Golf boasts a highly experienced coaching staff, led by founder Shaun Webb. Webb has worked with some of the top golfers in the world, including PGA Tour players and major championship winners. In addition to Webb, AMG’s coaching staff includes other biomechanics experts, mental game coaches, and former professional golfers. This combination of expertise allows AMG to provide golfers with a well-rounded and comprehensive approach to instruction.

AMG’s Online Resources:

In addition to its in-person coaching and training programs, Athletic Motion Golf offers a wealth of online resources for golfers. This includes a library of instructional videos and articles covering all aspects of the game, as well as access to AMG’s proprietary Swing Catalyst software. This software allows golfers to analyze their swing using many of the same tools used by AMG’s instructors, providing valuable feedback and insights into their game.

AMG’s Proven Methodology:

The success of Athletic Motion Golf is due in large part to its proven methodology. AMG’s instructors use a systematic approach to instruction, breaking down the golf swing into its component parts and focusing on developing each part individually. This approach allows golfers to make rapid progress in their game and see tangible results on the course.

AMG’s Focus on Long-Term Development:

Athletic Motion Golf is not a quick fix solution for golfers looking to improve their game overnight. Instead, AMG takes a long-term approach to golf development, focusing on building a strong foundation of skills and knowledge that will serve golfers well throughout their careers. This focus on long-term development means that golfers who work with AMG can expect to see continued improvement in their game over time.

Golf Courses Reviewed by Athletic Motion Golf

Course NameLocationDifficulty RatingScenery RatingOverall Rating
Pebble BeachCalifornia, US4.5/55/54.8/5
St. Andrews LinksScotland, UK4/54.5/54.3/5
Augusta National GCGeorgia, US4.2/54/54.1/5
Royal Melbourne GCVictoria, AUS3.8/54.2/54/5
Bandon DunesOregon, US4.3/54/54.2/5
Torrey PinesCalifornia, US4.1/54.5/54.3/5
Carnoustie Golf LinksScotland, UK4.4/54.3/54.4/5
Pinehurst ResortNorth Carolina, US3.9/54/53.9/5
Whistling StraitsWisconsin, US4.2/54/54.1/5
Muirfield Village GCOhio, US4/54.1/54/5

Top 5 Golf Clubs for Beginners Reviewed by Athletic Motion Golf

Club NameTypeLoftShaft FlexPrice
TaylorMade SIM Max IronsIrons27°Regular$799
Callaway Strata SetFull SetN/AN/A$249
Ping G425 HybridHybrid22°Stiff$269
Cleveland RTX 4 WedgesWedgesN/AN/A$139
Odyssey White Hot PutterPutterN/AN/A$219

Golf Equipment Reviewed by Athletic Motion Golf (continued)

Equipment NameTypeRatingPriceReview Summary
Titleist Pro V1 Golf BallsGolf Balls4.8/5$49.99“Best golf balls on the market – great distance and control”
Callaway Epic DriverDriver4.6/5$499“Amazing driver – forgiving on off-center hits and delivers great distance”
FootJoy Flex Golf ShoesGolf Shoes4.4/5$89.99“Comfortable and stylish shoes that provide great traction on the course”
Bushnell Tour V5 RangefinderRangefinder4.5/5$299“Accurate and easy to use – a must-have for serious golfers”
Scotty Cameron PuttersPutters4.7/5$399“Top-of-the-line putters that offer excellent feel and control on the greens”
Cobra King Utility IronsIrons4.2/5$219“Versatile and easy-to-hit irons that provide great distance and accuracy”
Mizuno JPX921 Forged IronsIrons4.5/5$1,299“Premium forged irons that offer exceptional feel and control – worth the investment”
Garmin Approach S62 WatchGPS Watch4.6/5$499“Loaded with features and provides accurate yardage – a great tool for course management”
Sun Mountain Golf BagsGolf Bags4.4/5$249“Durable and lightweight bags with plenty of storage – perfect for carrying on the course”
Golf Pride GripsGrips4.3/5$7.99“High-quality grips that offer excellent grip and feel – a must-have for any serious golfer”


Athletic Motion Golf is a comprehensive golf coaching and training program that offers personalized instruction, advanced technology, and a proven methodology to help golfers improve their game and prevent injuries. With a highly experienced coaching staff, a wealth of online resources, and a focus on long-term development, AMG is well-positioned to help golfers of all skill levels achieve their goals on the course.

athletic motion golf review


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