What are the Best Clubs in Golf Clash

In the world of mobile gaming, Golf Clash has become a sensation among golf enthusiasts and gamers alike. As an avid player myself, I’ve spent countless hours perfecting my swing and strategizing my way to the top of the leaderboards. One of the most crucial aspects of the game is choosing the right clubs. In this article, I’ll share my personal experiences and insights into finding the best clubs in Golf Clash.

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Starting Out: The Basic Clubs

When I first started playing Golf Clash, I was given a set of basic clubs. These clubs were perfect for beginners, but as I progressed through the ranks, I quickly realized that I needed to upgrade to more advanced equipment to stay competitive.

Unlocking New Clubs

As I leveled up, I had the opportunity to unlock new clubs through chests and purchases. Each club comes with its own unique attributes, such as power, accuracy, and ball guide. I found that experimenting with different clubs and understanding their strengths and weaknesses was crucial to my success.

My Personal Favorite Clubs

  1. The Extra Mile Driver: This was one of the first rare clubs I obtained, and it significantly boosted my driving distance. I found that having a powerful drive could make or break a hole, especially in tournaments.
  2. The Sniper Wood: The Sniper’s exceptional accuracy and ball guide made it an invaluable club for precision shots. It allowed me to line up my shots perfectly, increasing my chances of sinking that crucial putt.
  3. The Thorn Wedge: When it came to short shots and chip-ins, the Thorn wedge was my go-to club. Its superior accuracy and backspin helped me navigate those tricky greens with ease.
  4. The Nirvana Rough Iron: Dealing with sand and rough terrain can be a challenge, but the Nirvana rough iron’s top-notch accuracy and ball guide made it a lifesaver in those situations.

The Importance of Ball Guide

One lesson I learned the hard way was the significance of the ball guide. Clubs with a longer ball guide help you plan your shots better and adjust for wind and terrain. This can be a game-changer in tight matches.

Joining a Clan

Joining a clan in Golf Clash not only provides a sense of community but also offers opportunities to trade cards and unlock new clubs faster. Being part of a clan allowed me to access some rare clubs that were otherwise hard to come by.

In-Game Store and Shop Offers

I regularly checked the in-game store for special offers on club cards. Occasionally, there were great deals that allowed me to level up my favorite clubs faster. Patience and strategic spending were key in this aspect.

Tips for Club Upgrades

As you continue to play Golf Clash and collect club cards, it’s essential to make smart decisions when it comes to club upgrades. Here are a few tips based on my experience:

  1. Prioritize your favorite clubs: Focus on upgrading the clubs that you use the most and feel comfortable with. Maxing out these clubs will have the most significant impact on your game.
  2. Balance your bag: Ensure your bag has a good balance of clubs for various situations. Having a mix of long-distance drivers, accurate woods, and reliable wedges will give you versatility on the course.
  3. Pay attention to club statistics: Before upgrading, carefully study the statistics of your clubs. Look for upgrades that will improve key attributes like power, accuracy, ball guide, and topspin. Sometimes, a minor boost in one area can make a significant difference.
  4. Join Facebook groups and forums: Engaging with the Golf Clash community can provide valuable insights into which clubs are currently popular or considered the best. You can learn from others’ experiences and stay updated on game updates and changes.
  5. Save your coins: Coins are essential for club upgrades, so avoid frivolous spending. Prioritize your purchases and upgrades, especially if you’re a free-to-play player. It’s easy to run out of coins quickly, so budget wisely.

Staying Competitive with Tournament Clubs

As you become more experienced in Golf Clash, you’ll likely participate in tournaments – an exhilarating aspect of the game that allows you to showcase your skills on a global stage. Tournament clubs can significantly impact your performance. Here’s how I approached them:

  1. Research the tournament holes: Before a tournament begins, Golf Clash releases information about the tournament holes. Take this opportunity to assess your club selection. Sometimes, using a club with specific attributes tailored to the tournament holes can give you a significant advantage.
  2. Consider alternative clubs: In tournaments, you may encounter unique challenges, such as strong headwinds or tricky green slopes. Be open to trying alternative clubs that you may not use regularly. Sometimes, a less-common club with the right attributes can be your secret weapon.
  3. Adjust your bag: Unlike regular gameplay where you have time to change your bag between holes, tournaments require you to set up your bag beforehand. Be strategic in choosing clubs that cover different yardage ranges and shots. A well-balanced bag can help you adapt to various situations during the tournament.

Trading for Tournament Clubs

As your Golf Clash journey progresses, you may accumulate surplus club cards, some of which may belong to the coveted tournament clubs. Here are some tips on trading for tournament clubs:

  1. Participate in clan activities: Many clans host activities where you can earn clan points or coins. These can be used to purchase club cards in the clan shop. This is an excellent way to get access to tournament clubs.
  2. Complete missions and achievements: Golf Clash often offers missions and achievements that reward you with club cards. Keep an eye on these opportunities and work towards completing them.
  3. Be strategic with club card requests: If your clan allows card requests, prioritize requesting cards for tournament clubs you want to upgrade. Coordinate with clan members to maximize the number of cards you receive.

Best Drivers in Golf Clash

RankClub NamePowerAccuracyTop SpinCurlBall Guide
2Thor’s Hammer2369660924.2
3Extra Mile2304580662.9
5Big Topper22010100502.5
8Grim Reaper2006040202.0
10Big Dawg2202020201.5

Best Woods in Golf Clash

RankClub NamePowerAccuracyTop SpinCurlBall Guide
5Big Dawg1803080303.0

Best Long Irons in Golf Clash

RankClub NamePowerAccuracyTop SpinCurlBall Guide
5Grim Reaper1257535503.0

Best Short Irons in Golf Clash

RankClub NamePowerAccuracyTop SpinCurlBall Guide

Best Wedges in Golf Clash

RankClub NamePowerAccuracyTop SpinCurlBall Guide
8Sand Lizard956050352.0

Conclusion: The Ever-Evolving World of Golf Clash

In my journey through Golf Clash, I’ve witnessed how the game constantly evolves, introducing new clubs, tournaments, and challenges. Adapting to these changes and staying competitive requires dedication, strategy, and a deep understanding of your club selection.

Remember that your journey to finding and utilizing the best clubs in Golf Clash is unique to your playing style and preferences. Embrace the journey, learn from your experiences, and enjoy the satisfaction of mastering the virtual golf course. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, the world of Golf Clash offers endless opportunities for growth and excitement. Keep swinging for success!


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  1. Not sure how the Grizzly is not on that list whatsoever for top long irons…better accuracy & ball guide than the Goliath & better EVERYTHING than the Backbone.


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