Best golf club sets for intermediate players

When you’ve progressed beyond the beginner stage in golf and are looking to up your game, it’s essential to have the right set of clubs that suit your skill level. Intermediate players need clubs that offer a balance of forgiveness, control, and distance. In this guide, we’ll explore the best golf club sets tailored for intermediate players.

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1. Irons

Irons are a crucial part of any golf set, and for intermediate players, finding the right balance between forgiveness and control is key.

  • TaylorMade SIM2 Max Irons: These irons offer a large sweet spot and a low center of gravity, making them forgiving on off-center hits. They provide excellent distance while still allowing for control over shot shaping.
  • Callaway Apex 21 Irons: Known for their exceptional feel and precision, these irons feature forged construction for soft feedback and a consistent ball flight. They are ideal for intermediate players seeking control and workability.

2. Drivers

The driver is often a player’s go-to club for maximum distance off the tee. Intermediate players should look for a driver that offers forgiveness and adjustability.

  • Titleist TSi3 Driver: This driver provides exceptional adjustability with a SureFit hosel, allowing players to fine-tune their ball flight. It offers a great combination of distance and control, making it suitable for intermediate players.
  • Ping G425 Max Driver: Known for its forgiveness and high launch, the G425 Max is perfect for intermediate golfers who want to minimize mishits while still achieving impressive distance.

3. Fairway Woods and Hybrids

Fairway woods and hybrids are versatile clubs that intermediate players can use in various situations.

  • Cobra RADSPEED Fairway Wood: This club offers excellent distance and forgiveness, making it a great choice for intermediate players. It features adjustable weighting for customization.
  • TaylorMade SIM2 Max Rescue Hybrid: Known for its ease of launch and playability from different lies, this hybrid provides the forgiveness and control that intermediate players need in long approach shots.

4. Wedges

Wedges are crucial for improving your short game. Intermediate players should consider wedges that provide spin control and versatility.

  • Titleist Vokey SM8 Wedges: These wedges offer exceptional spin control and a variety of loft and bounce options, allowing intermediate players to fine-tune their short game.
  • Cleveland RTX ZipCore Wedges: Known for their versatility and feel, these wedges provide ample forgiveness and spin, making them ideal for improving your approach shots and chipping.

5. Putter

The putter is perhaps the most critical club in your bag, as it directly impacts your score on the green.

  • Scotty Cameron Special Select Newport 2 Putter: Renowned for its precision and feel, this putter offers excellent feedback and control. It’s a popular choice among intermediate players looking to improve their putting.
  • Odyssey Stroke Lab Triple Track Putter: This putter combines innovative weighting technology with alignment aids, helping intermediate players with consistency and accuracy on the greens.

6. Iron Set Compositions

The composition of your iron set can make a significant difference in your performance. Intermediate players should consider various options based on their preferences and playing style.

  • Combo Iron Sets: Many intermediate players opt for combo iron sets, which include both cavity-back and muscle-back irons. This combination provides forgiveness in the longer irons and greater control in the shorter irons, catering to a wide range of shot scenarios.
  • Single-Length Iron Sets: For those seeking consistency in their iron play, single-length iron sets, like the Cobra King F9 ONE Length, can be an intriguing choice. These sets feature irons that are all the same length, which simplifies the swing and setup for each iron, making it easier to maintain consistent ball-striking.

7. Shaft Selection

The shafts of your clubs play a crucial role in determining the feel, trajectory, and distance of your shots. For intermediate players, the right shaft selection is vital.

  • Graphite vs. Steel: Graphite shafts are generally lighter and can help players increase clubhead speed. Steel shafts offer better control and consistency. The choice between them depends on your swing speed and personal preference.
  • Flex Rating: Shaft flex ratings (e.g., regular, stiff, extra stiff) affect the trajectory of your shots. Intermediate players should get fitted to determine the optimal shaft flex for their swing speed and tempo.

8. Budget Considerations

While investing in a high-quality golf club set can significantly impact your game, it’s essential to consider your budget.

  • Prioritize Key Clubs: If budget is a concern, prioritize your spending on clubs that have the most significant impact on your game, such as drivers, irons, and putters. You can gradually upgrade other clubs in your bag over time.
  • Consider Used or Previous Model Clubs: You can often find great deals on previous model clubs or gently used clubs that still offer excellent performance. This can be a cost-effective way to upgrade your equipment.

9. Custom Fitting

Custom fitting is crucial for intermediate players looking to optimize their club performance.

  • Club Length and Lie Angle: Custom fitting ensures that your clubs are the right length and have the correct lie angle for your posture and swing. This helps in hitting more accurate and consistent shots.
  • Grip Size: The size of your grips can affect your grip pressure and control. Custom-fitted grips can improve your comfort and shot control.

Iron Sets

BrandModelMaterialShaft TypeHand Orientation
CallawayApex 19SteelGraphiteRight
MizunoJPX 921 HotSteelSteelRight
CobraKing Forged CBSteelSteelRight
WilsonStaff D7SteelGraphiteRight
SrixonZ 585SteelGraphiteRight
ClevelandLauncher HBSteelSteelLeft
BridgestoneTour B JGRSteelGraphiteRight

Driver Sets

BrandModelLoft (Degrees)Shaft FlexHand Orientation
TaylorMadeSIM 210.5RegularRight
CallawayEpic Speed9StiffLeft
PingG425 Max10.5RegularRight
WilsonStaff D910.5RegularRight
ClevelandLauncher HB9RegularLeft
BridgestoneTour B JGR10.5RegularRight

Fairway Wood Sets

BrandModelLoft (Degrees)Shaft FlexHand Orientation
TaylorMadeSIM 215RegularRight
CallawayEpic Speed18StiffLeft
PingG425 Max14.5RegularRight
WilsonStaff D918RegularRight
ClevelandLauncher HB16RegularLeft
BridgestoneTour B JGR15RegularRight

Hybrid Sets

BrandModelLoft (Degrees)Shaft FlexHand Orientation
TaylorMadeSIM 2 Rescue19RegularRight
CallawayEpic Speed20StiffLeft
TitleistTSi2 Hybrid21SeniorRight
PingG425 Hybrid22RegularRight
CobraRADSPEED Hybrid19StiffLeft
MizunoCLK Hybrid20RegularRight
WilsonStaff D9 Hybrid22RegularRight
SrixonZX Hybrid21StiffRight
ClevelandLauncher HB19RegularLeft
BridgestoneTour B JGR20RegularRight

Putter Sets

BrandModelLength (Inches)Head TypeHand Orientation
Scotty CameronSpecial Select34BladeRight
OdysseyWhite Hot Pro35MalletLeft
TaylorMadeSpider X34.5MalletRight
PingSigma 2 Tyne35BladeRight
ClevelandHuntington Beach33MalletLeft
WilsonStaff Infinite34MalletRight
OdysseyStroke Lab Marx35MalletLeft
Scotty CameronPhantom X34.5MalletRight
BettinardiQueen B33.5BladeRight


Selecting the best golf club set for intermediate players involves careful consideration of club types, compositions, shafts, budget, and custom fitting. It’s a personalized process that should cater to your specific needs and playing style. Investing in the right equipment will undoubtedly aid in your progression as an intermediate golfer and help you enjoy the game even more. Always seek advice from a professional club fitter to ensure you make the best choices for your game.

Best golf club sets for intermediate players


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