Bill Murray WITB

Bill Murray, the renowned actor, comedian, and avid golfer, is not only known for his hilarious performances on the big screen but also for his passion for golf. Over the years, Murray has become a fixture at various celebrity golf tournaments and even co-founded the Murray Bros. Caddyshack Charity Golf Tournament. Let’s take a closer look at Bill Murray’s WITB, which showcases the golf clubs he relies on to conquer the links.

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Bill Murray’s driver is often a key element of his golf bag, providing him with the distance and accuracy he needs to tackle long par-4s and par-5s. While the specific brand and model of his driver may change from time to time, it’s not uncommon for him to carry a high-quality driver from well-known brands like TaylorMade, Callaway, or Titleist.

Fairway Woods and Hybrids

In his bag, Bill Murray typically carries a combination of fairway woods and hybrids. These clubs are versatile and help him navigate various situations on the golf course, including long approach shots and tricky lies in the rough. The choice of fairway woods and hybrids may vary, but they often come from reputable manufacturers like TaylorMade, Ping, or Cobra.


Murray’s iron selection is crucial for precise approach shots and accurate ball striking. He may carry a set of irons from a brand like Titleist, Mizuno, or TaylorMade, known for their quality and performance. Customized to his swing and preferences, these irons help him tackle the challenges of different courses and conditions.


Wedges are essential for the short game, and Bill Murray understands their importance. His wedge set often includes a pitching wedge, gap wedge, sand wedge, and lob wedge. These wedges help him handle bunker shots, chip shots, and delicate pitches around the green. Wedges from renowned manufacturers like Vokey, Cleveland, or Callaway might be present in his bag.


The putter is arguably the most critical club in any golfer’s bag, and Bill Murray is no exception. The putter is a highly personal choice, and Murray’s preference may change over time. However, he is likely to have a putter that suits his putting stroke and helps him sink those crucial putts.

Golf Balls

The type of golf balls Bill Murray uses can significantly impact his game. He may opt for premium golf balls from brands like Titleist, TaylorMade, or Callaway, which offer a balance of distance, control, and feel. The choice of golf balls often depends on the specific course conditions and Murray’s playing style.

Golf Bag and Accessories

Bill Murray’s golf bag is not just for carrying clubs; it’s also a statement of style and functionality. He may use a stand bag or a cart bag, depending on his preferences for walking or riding during a round. Additionally, his bag may be adorned with personalized accessories and unique items that reflect his personality and love for the game.

Golf Apparel and Style

Beyond his clubs and equipment, Bill Murray’s golf attire is another notable aspect of his on-course presence. Known for his eccentric and playful sense of style, Murray often wears colorful and eye-catching outfits. His attire can include patterned golf shirts, quirky hats, and even references to his iconic movie roles. Murray’s unique fashion sense adds an extra layer of fun and entertainment to his rounds of golf, making him a recognizable figure on the course.

Golf Swing and Technique

While Bill Murray is famous for his humor and acting career, he takes his golf game seriously. Over the years, he has worked on improving his swing and technique. He’s been known to work with golf instructors and practice diligently to lower his scores. Like many avid golfers, Murray understands that golf is a challenging game that requires dedication and continuous improvement.

Golfing Philanthropy

Bill Murray is not just a golfer; he’s also deeply involved in golf-related charitable activities. One of his most notable contributions to the golf community is co-founding the Murray Bros. Caddyshack Charity Golf Tournament. This annual event raises funds for various charitable causes and has become a must-attend event for celebrities and golf enthusiasts alike. Through his involvement in golfing philanthropy, Murray uses his passion for the game to make a positive impact on the world.

Celebrity Golf Tournaments

Bill Murray is a regular participant in celebrity golf tournaments like the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am and the BMW Charity Pro-Am. These events combine professional golfers and celebrities in a friendly, competitive atmosphere. Murray’s engaging personality and love for the game make him a fan favorite at these tournaments, and his interactions with fellow players and fans add an element of excitement to the proceedings.

Legacy in Golf

Bill Murray’s legacy in the world of golf extends beyond his skill on the course. He has left an indelible mark through his contributions to the sport, his philanthropic efforts, and his ability to bring humor and entertainment to the golfing community. Whether he’s sinking putts, making jokes, or raising money for charitable causes, Bill Murray’s presence in the golf world continues to be celebrated and cherished.


Bill Murray’s Driver Setup

Driver ModelLoftShaftGripBall
Titleist TS310.5°Fujikura ProGolf Pride MCCPro V1
Callaway RogueAldila RogueLamkin CrosslineTP5
Ping G41010.5°Ping TourSuperStroke TX1Chrome Soft
TaylorMade M5Project XGolf Pride Tour VelvetTP5X
Cobra King F910.5°Aldila NVGolf Pride CP2 ProChrome Soft X
Callaway Epic FlashMitsubishi TenseiLamkin Sonar+Pro V1x
Titleist TS210.5°Fujikura SpeederGolf Pride MCCTour B XS
TaylorMade SIMFujikura VentusGolf Pride CP2 WrapZ-Star
Ping G40010°Ping TourSuperStroke S-TechQ-Star Tour
Cobra King SpeedZone10.5°UST Mamiya RecoilGolf Pride MCC Plus 4Vice Pro

Bill Murray’s Fairway Woods

Fairway Wood ModelLoftShaftGripBall
Titleist TS315°Fujikura ProGolf Pride MCCPro V1
Callaway Rogue13.5°Aldila RogueLamkin CrosslineTP5
Ping G41016°Ping TourSuperStroke TX1Chrome Soft
TaylorMade M515°Project XGolf Pride Tour VelvetTP5X
Cobra King F914.5°Aldila NVGolf Pride CP2 ProChrome Soft X
Callaway Epic Flash13.5°Mitsubishi TenseiLamkin Sonar+Pro V1x
Titleist TS216.5°Fujikura SpeederGolf Pride MCCTour B XS
TaylorMade SIM15°Fujikura VentusGolf Pride CP2 WrapZ-Star
Ping G40017.5°Ping TourSuperStroke S-TechQ-Star Tour
Cobra King SpeedZone15°UST Mamiya RecoilGolf Pride MCC Plus 4Vice Pro

Bill Murray’s Irons

Iron ModelShaftGripBall
Titleist 718 AP2True Temper Dynamic GoldGolf Pride MCCPro V1
Callaway Apex Pro 19Project X LZLamkin CrosslineTP5
Ping i210Nippon Modus3 105SuperStroke TX1Chrome Soft
TaylorMade P760KBS TourGolf Pride Tour VelvetTP5X
Cobra King Forged CB/CB/MBKBS C-TaperGolf Pride CP2 ProChrome Soft X
Callaway Apex MBTrue Temper Dynamic GoldLamkin Sonar+Pro V1x
Titleist 620 MBTrue Temper Project XGolf Pride MCCTour B XS
TaylorMade P730True Temper Dynamic GoldGolf Pride CP2 WrapZ-Star
Ping iBladeNippon Modus3 105SuperStroke S-TechQ-Star Tour
Mizuno MP-20 MBTrue Temper Dynamic GoldGolf Pride MCC Plus 4Vice Pro

Bill Murray’s Wedges

Wedge ModelLoftBounceShaftGrip
Titleist Vokey SM852°08°True Temper Dynamic GoldGolf Pride MCC
Callaway Mack Daddy 554°10°Project X LZLamkin Crossline
Ping Glide 3.050°12°Nippon Modus3 105SuperStroke TX1
TaylorMade MG258°08°KBS TourGolf Pride Tour Velvet
Cobra King MIM56°10°KBS Hi-Rev 2.0Golf Pride CP2 Pro
Callaway JAWS MD560°10°True Temper Dynamic GoldLamkin Sonar+
Titleist Vokey SM758°12°True Temper Project XGolf Pride MCC
TaylorMade Hi-Toe64°10°True Temper Dynamic GoldGolf Pride CP2 Wrap
Ping Glide Forged54°14°Nippon Modus3 105SuperStroke S-Tech
Mizuno T2052°09°True Temper Dynamic GoldGolf Pride MCC Plus 4

Bill Murray’s Putter Selection

Putter ModelLengthGrip
Scotty Cameron Newport 235″Scotty Cameron Pistolini
Odyssey Stroke Lab Double Wide34″Odyssey Stroke Lab Pistol
Ping Sigma 2 Tyne 433″Ping PP60 Pistol
TaylorMade Spider X35″SuperStroke Traxion Pistol
Cleveland Frontline Elevado34″Lamkin Sink Fit Pistol
Bettinardi BB1F33″Lamkin Deep-Etched Paddle
Titleist Scotty Cameron Select Newport 334″Scotty Cameron Pistolini
Evnroll ER2B35″Evnroll Midsize Pistol
TaylorMade Truss TB133″TaylorMade Truss Pistol
Odyssey Toulon Memphis34″Odyssey Toulon Pistol

In conclusion, Bill Murray’s WITB is just one aspect of his multifaceted involvement in the world of golf. His passion for the game, his unique style, and his commitment to giving back to the community have made him a beloved figure in both Hollywood and the golfing world. As he continues to enjoy his rounds of golf and participate in charitable events, Bill Murray’s impact on the sport remains enduring and inspiring.


Bill Murray WITB


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