Brian Gay WITB

Brian Gay, a professional golfer with a successful career on the PGA Tour, uses a carefully selected set of golf clubs and equipment to help him perform at the highest level. In this breakdown, we’ll explore what’s in Brian Gay’s bag, including his driver, irons, wedges, putter, and other essential equipment.

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1. Driver:

  • Driver Model: Brian Gay’s choice of driver may change over time, but as of my last update in September 2021, he was known to have used various models from major golf club manufacturers. He typically looks for a driver that provides a combination of distance and accuracy, with adjustable settings to fine-tune his ball flight.

2. Fairway Woods/Hybrids:

  • Fairway Woods: Brian Gay typically carries one or more fairway woods to help him navigate long par-4s and par-5s. The specific models and lofts can vary based on his preference and the course conditions.
  • Hybrids: Hybrids are essential clubs for many professional golfers, and Brian Gay may have one or more in his bag. These clubs offer versatility and control, allowing him to navigate challenging lies and long approaches.

3. Irons:

  • Irons Set: The choice of irons can vary, but as of my last update, Brian Gay used a set of forged cavity-back irons from a reputable brand. These irons likely offer a balance between forgiveness and workability to help him shape shots as needed.

4. Wedges:

  • Wedges: Brian Gay, like most professional golfers, carries a set of wedges to control his short game. He typically has a pitching wedge, gap wedge, sand wedge, and sometimes a lob wedge. These wedges allow him to play a variety of shots around the greens and from the bunkers.

5. Putter:

  • Putter: The putter is one of the most crucial clubs in a golfer’s bag. Brian Gay’s putter choice can be a personal and highly customized decision. He might use a mallet-style or blade-style putter with specific features tailored to his putting stroke.

6. Golf Ball:

  • Golf Ball: The golf ball choice can have a significant impact on a golfer’s performance. Brian Gay is likely to use a premium golf ball that aligns with his feel, control, and distance preferences.

7. Accessories and Other Equipment:

  • Glove: A high-quality golf glove is essential for a secure grip and control of the club.
  • Golf Bag: Brian Gay’s golf bag is essential for carrying and organizing his clubs. He may have a staff bag from his club sponsor or a brand he prefers.
  • Golf Shoes: Comfortable and stable golf shoes are crucial for maintaining balance and swing mechanics.
  • Rain Gear: Like most professional golfers, Brian Gay likely carries rain gear to protect himself and his equipment from adverse weather conditions.
  • Training Aids: Professional golfers often use training aids to fine-tune their swing and putting stroke. Brian Gay may have specific aids in his bag to assist with his practice sessions.
  • Alignment Aids: These aids help golfers line up their shots accurately, ensuring proper alignment on the green and fairway.

About Brian Gay:

Brian Gay, born on December 14, 1971, in Fort Worth, Texas, is a professional golfer known for his consistency and success on the PGA Tour. He turned professional in 1994 and has been a part of the professional golfing circuit for many years. Gay’s career highlights include multiple PGA Tour victories, and he is known for his precise ball-striking and solid putting skills.

Career Achievements:

Brian Gay has had a distinguished career on the PGA Tour, with several notable achievements:

  1. PGA Tour Victories: Brian Gay has secured multiple wins on the PGA Tour. Some of his notable victories include the Verizon Heritage (2009), Humana Challenge (2013), and Bermuda Championship (2019), among others.
  2. FedExCup Playoffs: Gay has consistently competed in the FedExCup Playoffs, showcasing his consistency and ability to perform at a high level throughout the season.
  3. Ryder Cup: While Gay has not represented the United States in the Ryder Cup, he has shown his competitive spirit and skill in various team events.
  4. Consistency: One of the defining characteristics of Brian Gay’s career is his consistency. He is known for making a substantial number of cuts and being a reliable performer on the PGA Tour.

Playing Style and Strengths:

Brian Gay’s success on the PGA Tour can be attributed to his unique playing style and strengths:

  1. Accuracy: Gay is renowned for his accuracy off the tee and precision on approach shots. This accuracy allows him to position the ball well and set up birdie opportunities.
  2. Putting: Like many successful golfers, Gay excels on the greens. He has a reliable putting stroke and is often near the top of the putting statistics on tour.
  3. Short Game: His proficiency in the short game, including chipping and bunker play, contributes to his ability to save strokes when needed.

Challenges and Adaptations:

Every golfer faces challenges in their career, and Brian Gay is no exception. Over the years, he has likely made adjustments to his game and equipment to stay competitive. This could include swing changes, club changes, or modifications to his training routine.

Charitable Work and Community Involvement:

Many professional golfers, including Brian Gay, are actively involved in charitable initiatives. He might have a foundation or be associated with causes that aim to give back to the community through the game of golf.

Brian Gay’s WITB 2021

DriverFairway WoodIronsWedgesPutter
TaylorMade SIM2TaylorMade SIMTitleist T100Titleist Vokey SM8Odyssey Toulon
9.0 degrees15 degrees4-PW52, 56, 60 degreesStroke Lab 10

Brian Gay’s WITB 2020

DriverFairway WoodIronsWedgesPutter
TaylorMade SIMTaylorMade SIM MaxTitleist T100Titleist Vokey SM8Odyssey Toulon
9.0 degrees15 degrees4-PW52, 56, 60 degreesStroke Lab 10

Brian Gay’s WITB 2019

DriverFairway WoodIronsWedgesPutter
TaylorMade M3TaylorMade M4Mizuno MP-18 MMCTitleist Vokey SM7Odyssey Toulon
9.5 degrees15 degrees4-PW52, 56, 60 degreesStroke Lab 10

Brian Gay’s WITB 2018

DriverFairway WoodIronsWedgesPutter
TaylorMade M2TaylorMade M2Mizuno MP-18 MMCTitleist Vokey SM6Odyssey Toulon
9.5 degrees15 degrees4-PW52, 56, 60 degreesIndianapolis SL

Brian Gay’s WITB 2017

DriverFairway WoodIronsWedgesPutter
TaylorMade M1TaylorMade M2Mizuno MP-18 MMCTitleist Vokey SM6Odyssey Toulon
9.5 degrees15 degrees4-PW52, 56, 60 degreesIndianapolis SL


In conclusion, Brian Gay’s career in professional golf is marked by his consistency, precision, and dedication to the sport. His WITB (What’s in the Bag) represents the tools he uses to compete at the highest level, but it’s his skill, experience, and mental toughness that have propelled him to success on the PGA Tour. Golf enthusiasts continue to follow his journey and look forward to his performances in future tournaments.


Brian Gay WITB


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