Callaway Hex Tour Review

The Callaway Hex Tour golf ball is a product that has generated significant buzz among golfers of all skill levels. The Hex Tour promises to deliver enhanced performance, exceptional feel, and a more stable flight. In this review, we will take an in-depth look at the features of this golf ball, and evaluate its performance on the course.

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Construction and Technology

The Callaway Hex Tour golf ball is a four-piece, urethane-covered ball that boasts a variety of innovative technologies:

  1. HEX Aerodynamics: The HEX Aerodynamics dimple pattern reduces drag and enhances lift, resulting in a more stable and penetrating flight. This distinctive dimple design is meant to optimize distance and accuracy, even in windy conditions.
  2. Soft Core and Firm Mantle Layers: The dual-core construction features a soft inner core and a firmer outer core, which work together to provide a perfect balance of distance and control. The soft inner core enhances low spin for long drives, while the firm mantle layer delivers consistent spin and control around the greens.
  3. Urethane Cover: The durable urethane cover provides exceptional feel, spin, and control. The thin cover also aids in generating more greenside spin, allowing golfers to execute delicate shots with precision.



Distance: The Callaway Hex Tour golf ball delivers impressive distance off the tee, thanks to its low spin and high launch. Golfers of all skill levels can expect longer and straighter drives, which can help to shave strokes off their game.

Feel: The soft urethane cover provides a fantastic feel around the greens, allowing golfers to control their shots with ease. Additionally, the soft core delivers a satisfying feel off the clubface, making it easier to judge distance and trajectory.

Spin: The Hex Tour offers excellent spin on approach shots and around the green. The urethane cover and the firm mantle layer work together to produce consistent, controlled spin that will enable golfers to get closer to the pin and improve their scoring opportunities.

Durability: The urethane cover is not only soft and responsive but also durable. Golfers can expect the Hex Tour golf ball to maintain its performance characteristics over multiple rounds.


Comparison with Similar Other Golf Balls


Overall Performance (Scale 1-5)

FeatureCallaway Hex TourTitleist Pro V1TaylorMade TP5Srixon Z-StarBridgestone Tour B RX
Greenside Control4.
Wind Performance3.
Value for Money4.
Overall Rating4.


FeatureCallaway Hex TourTitleist Pro V1TaylorMade TP5Srixon Z-StarBridgestone Tour B RX
Cover MaterialUrethaneUrethaneUrethaneUrethaneUrethane
Dimple PatternHexagonal352 Tetrahedral322 Seamless338 Speed330 Dual Dimple
CoreDual SoftFastZG ProcessTri-FastEnergeticGradational
Driver DistanceLongLongLongLongLong
Iron DistanceModerateModerateModerateModerateModerate
Launch AngleMid-HighMid-HighMidMidMid-High
Spin RateModerateLowLowModerateLow
Greenside FeelSoftSoftSoftSoftSoft
Bunker PerformanceGoodExcellentExcellentGoodGood
Wind ResistanceGoodExcellentExcellentGoodGood
Crosswind StabilityGoodExcellentExcellentGoodGood
Downwind DistanceGoodExcellentExcellentGoodGood
Price per Dozen$$$$$$$$$$$$
AvailabilityWidely AvailableWidely AvailableWidely AvailableWidely AvailableWidely Available
Cover DurabilityGoodExcellentExcellentGoodGood
Core DurabilityGoodExcellentExcellentGoodGood
BeginnersSuitableLess SuitableLess SuitableSuitableSuitable
ProfessionalsLess SuitableSuitableSuitableLess SuitableLess Suitable
Dry ConditionsExcellentExcellentExcellentExcellentExcellent
Wet ConditionsGoodExcellentExcellentGoodGood
Cold WeatherGoodExcellentExcellentGoodGood
Hot WeatherExcellentExcellentExcellentExcellentExcellent
PGA Tour PlayersSomeManyManySomeSome
LPGA Tour PlayersSomeManyManySomeSome
Amateur Tournament UsageModerateHighHighModerateModerate



The Callaway Hex Tour golf ball is an excellent option for golfers seeking a balance of distance, feel, and control. Its innovative design and advanced technologies, such as HEX Aerodynamics and dual-core construction, make it a standout performer on the course. With its impressive distance off the tee, exceptional feel, and consistent spin, the Hex Tour is a great choice for golfers looking to take their game to the next level.

Callaway Hex Tour Review


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