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Golf is a sport that requires a combination of skill, technique, and equipment to achieve success. When it comes to equipment, golf balls play a significant role in determining a player’s performance. Among the popular golf ball brands, Callaway has been consistently ranked as one of the top choices by golfers of all levels. Callaway offers a range of golf ball models, with the Tour iS and Tour iZ being two popular options. This article aims to compare the Callaway Tour iS and Tour iZ golf balls to help you decide which one is right for you.


The Callaway Tour iS and Tour iZ golf balls share some similarities in terms of construction. Both balls feature a four-piece design that includes a soft urethane cover, dual mantle layers, and a high-speed core. The Tour iS has a softer cover, while the Tour iZ has a firmer cover. The dual mantle layers of the Tour iZ are designed to help reduce spin off the driver, while the Tour iS has a higher spin rate off the irons.


The Callaway Tour iS and Tour iZ golf balls have different designs, and this reflects in the distance they offer. The Tour iZ is designed to provide maximum distance, and it does not disappoint. It offers a lower spin rate, which translates to longer drives. On the other hand, the Tour iS offers less distance but more spin, which can be beneficial for approach shots and short game control.


Accuracy is crucial in golf, and both the Tour iS and Tour iZ golf balls offer impressive accuracy. The Tour iZ features a low spin rate that reduces sidespin and helps keep the ball on a straighter trajectory. The Tour iS, with its higher spin rate, offers more control and precision on approach shots and around the greens.


The feel of a golf ball can significantly impact a player’s confidence and performance. Both the Tour iS and Tour iZ offer a soft feel, with the Tour iS feeling slightly softer than the Tour iZ. Golfers who prefer a softer feel may prefer the Tour iS, while those who prefer a firmer feel may prefer the Tour iZ.


Price is always a consideration when it comes to golf equipment, and the Tour iS and Tour iZ are similarly priced. They are both high-end golf balls that offer exceptional performance, and their price reflects this.


The durability of a golf ball is also a crucial factor to consider when making a purchase. Both the Callaway Tour iS and Tour iZ golf balls feature a urethane cover that is known for its durability. However, some golfers have reported that the Tour iZ’s cover tends to scuff and wear out faster than the Tour iS. This may be due to the firmer cover of the Tour iZ.


Spin is an essential aspect of a golf ball’s performance . The Tour iS and Tour iZ have different spin rates, and this can affect how the ball behaves in different situations. The Tour iZ offers low spin, which can be useful off the tee and on long shots. However, it may not provide enough spin for approach shots, causing the ball to roll off the green. The Tour iS has a higher spin rate, which can be helpful for approach shots and short game control.


The conditions of the golf course you play on can also influence your choice of golf ball. If you play on a course with firm greens and fairways, the Tour iZ may be a better choice as it offers more distance. If you play on a course with soft greens and fairways, the Tour iS may provide more control and spin. It is essential to consider the course conditions when choosing a golf ball.

Player skill level:

Finally, the skill level of the golfer can also influence their choice of golf ball. Beginner golfers may benefit from the Tour iS, as it offers more spin and control. More advanced golfers who can generate high swing speeds may prefer the Tour iZ, as it offers more distance and lower spin.

Callaway Tour Is Golf Ball Comparison

Golf Ball ModelCompressionCover MaterialSpinDistance
Callaway Tour Is70UrethaneHighLong
Callaway IZ75IonomerMediumModerate
Titleist Pro V190UrethaneHighLong
Bridgestone BXS75UrethaneHighLong
TaylorMade TP583UrethaneHighLong
Srixon Z-Star XV105UrethaneHighLong
Wilson Staff Duo Urethane55UrethaneMediumLong
Mizuno RB 566V90IonomerMediumModerate
Nike RZN Black72UrethaneHighLong
Vice Pro Soft35UrethaneMediumLong

Callaway Tour Is Golf Ball Price Comparison

Golf Ball ModelPrice (per dozen)
Callaway Tour Is$44.99
Callaway IZ$34.99
Titleist Pro V1$52.99
Bridgestone BXS$44.99
TaylorMade TP5$47.99
Srixon Z-Star XV$39.99
Wilson Staff Duo Urethane$29.99
Mizuno RB 566V$39.99
Nike RZN Black$44.99
Vice Pro Soft$34.99

Callaway Tour Is Golf Ball Reviews Comparison

Golf Ball ModelRating (out of 5)ProsCons
Callaway Tour Is4.5Great distance and spin controlExpensive
Callaway IZ3.5Affordable price, decent performanceNot as much spin as some competitors
Titleist Pro V15Consistent, high-performance golf ballExpensive
Bridgestone BXS4Soft feel, good distanceLess spin than some competitors
TaylorMade TP54.5Great distance and spin controlExpensive
Srixon Z-Star XV4Good distance and spin controlLess feel than some competitors
Wilson Staff Duo Urethane3.5Soft feel, affordable priceLess distance than some competitors
Mizuno RB 566V4Good distance and feelLess spin than some competitors
Nike RZN Black4Great distance and feelNot as much spin as some competitors
Vice Pro Soft3.5Affordable price, decent performanceLess distance than some competitors

Callaway Tour Is vs IZ Golf Ball Comparison (Distance)

Golf Ball ModelDriver Distance (yards)Iron Distance (yards)Short Game Distance (yards)Total Distance (yards)
Callaway Tour Is25017030450
Callaway IZ24016025425
Titleist Pro V126017530465
Bridgestone BXS25517028453
TaylorMade TP526017530465
Srixon Z-Star XV25517028453
Wilson Staff Duo Urethane24016525430
Mizuno RB 566V25517027452
Nike RZN Black24516528438
Vice Pro Soft24516525435

Callaway Tour Is vs IZ Golf Ball Comparison (Spin)

Golf Ball ModelDriver Spin (RPM)Iron Spin (RPM)Short Game Spin (RPM)Total Spin (RPM)
Callaway Tour Is270065001100019000
Callaway IZ250060001000018000
Titleist Pro V1280070001200021000
Bridgestone BXS270065001100019000
TaylorMade TP5280070001200021000
Srixon Z-Star XV270065001100019000
Wilson Staff Duo Urethane250060001000018000
Mizuno RB 566V260065001100019500
Nike RZN Black260065001100019500
Vice Pro Soft250060001000018000


In conclusion, the choice between the Callaway Tour iS and Tour iZ golf balls ultimately depends on your personal preferences and playing style. The Tour iZ offers maximum distance and accuracy off the tee, while the Tour iS offers more spin and control around the greens. Both golf balls have a soft feel and are priced similarly. It is recommended to try both golf balls on the course to see which one suits you best.


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