Chipping Drills For Beginners

Chipping is a crucial skill in golf, especially for beginners, as it can significantly impact your overall score. Chipping drills help you improve your short game and gain confidence around the greens. In this guide, we’ll explore some effective chipping drills tailored for beginners.

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1. Target Practice

Objective: Develop accuracy and consistency in chipping.


  1. Set up a target, such as a hula hoop, bucket, or a specific spot on the green.
  2. Place balls in various positions around the green, at different distances and angles to the target.
  3. Start chipping towards the target, focusing on landing the ball as close to it as possible.
  4. Gradually increase the difficulty by moving to different distances and angles.
  5. Track your progress and aim to consistently chip the ball close to your target.

2. The Clock Drill

Objective: Improve distance control with different clubs.


  1. Imagine the hole is in the center of a clock face, and the ball is at 6 o’clock.
  2. Choose three different clubs, like a pitching wedge, 9-iron, and 8-iron.
  3. Chip balls to different imaginary “hours” on the clock (e.g., 7 o’clock, 8 o’clock, etc.).
  4. Focus on making smooth, controlled swings with each club.
  5. Adjust your backswing length to control the distance, with shorter swings for shorter distances.
  6. Practice until you can consistently land the ball near the target hour.

3. One-Handed Chipping

Objective: Improve your chipping control and touch.


  1. Start by chipping one-handed, using only your lead hand (left hand for right-handed golfers, and vice versa).
  2. Focus on maintaining a firm, yet not overly tight grip.
  3. This drill helps you develop a delicate touch and control over the clubhead.
  4. After practicing with one hand for a while, switch to your dominant hand.
  5. Gradually reintegrate both hands, and you’ll find your chipping control has improved significantly.

4. Bunker Chipping

Objective: Gain confidence in chipping from sand traps.


  1. Find a bunker at your practice facility and place balls in various positions within it.
  2. Practice chipping out of the bunker onto the green.
  3. Focus on hitting the sand a couple of inches behind the ball, allowing the sand to lift the ball out and onto the green.
  4. Experiment with different clubs to see which one works best for you.
  5. Continue to practice until you can consistently get out of the bunker and onto the green.

5. Up and Down Drill

Objective: Simulate real on-course situations.


  1. Place your ball in a rough lie around the green.
  2. Chip the ball onto the green.
  3. Then, practice sinking the putt in one stroke.
  4. This drill helps you develop the crucial skills needed to get “up and down” from tough positions, ultimately saving strokes on the course.

6. Chipping to Different Targets

Objective: Develop the ability to adjust to various scenarios on the course.


  1. Set up multiple targets around the practice green, such as flags, cones, or tees.
  2. Use different clubs and varying distances from each target.
  3. Work on chipping to each target with precision, adjusting your stance, club selection, and swing speed accordingly.
  4. This drill helps you become more adaptable and versatile in different chipping situations.

7. Chipping from Different Lies

Objective: Learn how to handle different lies around the green.


  1. Practice chipping from different lies, including rough, fairway, and tight lies.
  2. Pay attention to how the ball reacts differently from each type of lie.
  3. Adjust your technique, ball position, and club selection accordingly.
  4. This drill helps you build confidence and competence when facing varying lie conditions on the course.

8. Chipping Competitions

Objective: Add an element of pressure and competition to your practice.


  1. Invite fellow golfers or friends to a chipping competition.
  2. Create a game with specific rules, such as points for landing the ball closest to the target.
  3. Play multiple rounds and keep score to add a competitive edge to your practice sessions.
  4. Competitions can help simulate the pressure you might feel on the golf course and improve your chipping under stress.

9. Video Analysis

Objective: Gain insight into your chipping technique.


  1. Record your chipping sessions on video using a smartphone or camera.
  2. Review the footage to analyze your chipping technique, including grip, stance, and swing.
  3. Compare your form to professional golfers or instructional videos.
  4. Identify areas for improvement and make necessary adjustments.

10. Consistent Practice Routine

Objective: Establish a regular chipping practice routine.


  1. Dedicate a specific time during your practice sessions to chipping.
  2. Consistency is key, so aim to practice chipping drills regularly, even if it’s just 15-30 minutes per session.
  3. Maintain a log or journal to track your progress and identify areas that need further attention.
  4. Set achievable goals to keep yourself motivated and focused on improvement.


Basic Chipping Drills

Drill NameDescriptionEquipment NeededTarget AreaTips and Tricks
1. Body RotationRotate hips and shouldersWedgeSmall targetKeep hands passive
2. Clock MethodImagine a clock face for distanceWedgeVary distancesPractice rhythm
3. One-HandedChipping with one handWedgeImprove controlStrengthen wrist
4. Bounce ControlFocus on using the club’s bounceWedgeAvoid thin shotsLight grip pressure
5. Coin DrillChip coins onto a towel targetWedgeAccuracyGradually increase distance

Chipping Drills with Obstacles

Drill NameDescriptionEquipment NeededObstacle UsedDifficulty Level
1. Around the TreeChip around a tree or similar obstacleWedgeTree or coneIntermediate
2. Bunker ChallengePractice chipping from a greenside bunkerSand wedgeBunkerAdvanced
3. Over the HurdleChip over a small hurdleWedgeHurdleIntermediate
4. Uphill ChallengeChipping uphill to a targetWedgeUphill slopeIntermediate
5. Downhill TestChipping downhill with controlWedgeDownhill slopeIntermediate

Chipping Drills for Distance Control

Drill NameDescriptionEquipment NeededTarget DistanceProgression
1. Ladder DrillSet up a ladder for various distancesWedgeVaryingIncrease accuracy
2. Hula Hoop DrillChip into a hula hoop at different rangesWedgeVaryingImprove precision
3. 3-Club ChallengeUse 3 different clubs for varied shotsWedge, 7-iron, 9-ironDifferentWork on versatility
4. Staircase DrillUse steps or stairs for elevation changesWedgeVaryingLearn trajectory
5. Pitch & RunPractice pitching at different lengthsWedgeVaryingDevelop touch

Chipping Drills with Target Games

Drill NameDescriptionEquipment NeededGame VariationCompetitive Element
1. Target Tic-Tac-ToePlay a game of Tic-Tac-ToeWedgeScore to win the gameFriendly competition
2. Chipping PokerCreate a poker-style gameWedge, Poker chipsCollect chips for winsCompetitive scoring
3. Chipping BingoUse a Bingo card as a targetWedgeMatch targets for BingoWin by matching rows
4. Bulls-Eye ChippingAim for the center bullseyeWedgeScore based on ringsAccuracy competition
5. Chipping H.O.R.S.E.Mimic the basketball gameWedge, LettersSpell “HORSE” to winChallenge opponents

Chipping Drills for Trouble Shots

Drill NameDescriptionEquipment NeededChallenge ScenarioProblem Solving
1. Deep RoughPractice chipping from deep rough liesWedgeHigh grass or roughDevelop recovery skills
2. Tight LiesWork on chipping from tight fairway liesWedgeShort grass or hardpanImprove contact
3. Sloping LiesChipping on uphill or downhill liesWedgeUneven lies or slopesLearn to adjust stance
4. Bunker EscapeMaster chipping out of greenside bunkersSand wedgeBunker sand or practice sandDevelop bunker skills
5. Over HazardsPractice chipping over water or hazardsWedgeSimulated hazardsBuild confidence


In conclusion, mastering chipping is essential for improving your golf game, and these chipping drills for beginners can help you enhance your skills. Remember that consistent practice, coupled with a willingness to adapt to various situations, will lead to better chipping performance on the golf course. Regularly incorporating these drills into your practice routine will pay dividends in your overall golfing experience.


Chipping Drills For Beginners


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