Cleveland Rtx Zipcore Vs Vokey Sm8

Golfers are always on the lookout for the latest and greatest wedges to improve their short game. Two popular choices in the wedge market are the Cleveland RTX ZipCore and the Titleist Vokey SM8. In this comparison, we’ll explore the key differences and similarities between these two wedges to help you make an informed decision.

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Design and Technology

Cleveland RTX ZipCore:

  • The RTX ZipCore features Cleveland’s ZipCore technology, which involves removing weight from the center of the clubhead and redistributing it around the perimeter for improved stability.
  • It has a unique heat treatment process called “Heat Treatment Boost” that enhances durability and maintains the wedge’s performance over time.
  • The wedge has a cavity-back design with a slightly larger profile, providing forgiveness on mishits.
  • Available in a variety of finishes and grinds to suit different player preferences.

Vokey SM8:

  • The Vokey SM8 wedges are designed by renowned wedge designer Bob Vokey and are known for their precision and craftsmanship.
  • They have a progressive center of gravity (CG) design that varies with loft to optimize spin and control.
  • Titleist offers a wide range of loft and grind options, allowing golfers to fine-tune their wedges to their playing style and course conditions.
  • The SM8 features a classic blade-style design, preferred by many traditionalists.

Performance and Spin

Cleveland RTX ZipCore:

  • The RTX ZipCore is known for its excellent spin control, thanks to the UltiZip Grooves that are sharper and deeper than previous models.
  • The ZipCore technology contributes to a more stable feel and consistent performance, especially on full shots.
  • Golfers can expect consistent spin and stopping power, making it easier to control approach shots.

Vokey SM8:

  • Vokey wedges have a strong reputation for delivering exceptional spin rates, giving players the ability to generate high levels of spin and control.
  • The progressive CG design in the SM8 optimizes spin rates for each loft, ensuring consistent performance across the set.
  • The Spin Milled grooves on Vokey wedges provide excellent grip on the ball, even in wet conditions.

Feel and Feedback

Cleveland RTX ZipCore:

  • The RTX ZipCore offers a soft and responsive feel, allowing golfers to get feedback on their shots.
  • Its cavity-back design provides a bit more forgiveness, making it suitable for a broader range of skill levels.

Vokey SM8:

  • The Vokey SM8 wedges are known for their exceptional feel and feedback, appealing to more experienced golfers who prioritize touch and control.
  • The blade-style design provides a more traditional and responsive feel at impact.


Cleveland RTX ZipCore:

  • Generally, the RTX ZipCore tends to be more budget-friendly compared to the Vokey SM8, making it an attractive option for golfers looking for performance without breaking the bank.

Vokey SM8:

  • The Vokey SM8 is often considered a premium wedge, and it comes with a higher price tag compared to many other wedge options on the market.

Customization Options

Cleveland RTX ZipCore:

  • The Cleveland RTX ZipCore offers a variety of loft and grind options, catering to different playing styles and course conditions.
  • Golfers can choose from various finishes, including Black Satin, Tour Satin, and Raw, allowing them to find a wedge that matches their aesthetic preferences.
  • The ZipCore wedges also come in different bounce options to suit different turf conditions and swing styles.

Vokey SM8:

  • Titleist’s Vokey SM8 provides an extensive array of loft and grind combinations, making it one of the most customizable wedge lines on the market.
  • Golfers can select from multiple finish options, such as Tour Chrome, Brushed Steel, and Jet Black.
  • The Vokey SM8 wedges offer a range of bounce options, allowing players to fine-tune their wedges for specific shots and course conditions.

Durability and Maintenance

Cleveland RTX ZipCore:

  • The RTX ZipCore’s Heat Treatment Boost enhances durability by strengthening the club’s structure and preventing wear and tear over time.
  • The finish options are designed to resist rust and maintain their appearance even after prolonged use.

Vokey SM8:

  • The Vokey SM8 wedges are crafted with premium materials and a durable finish to ensure longevity.
  • While they may not have the same heat treatment process as the RTX ZipCore, proper care and maintenance can keep these wedges in excellent condition for years.

Availability and Popularity

Cleveland RTX ZipCore:

  • The Cleveland RTX ZipCore wedges have gained popularity in recent years due to their performance and affordability, making them readily available in many golf retail stores and online shops.

Vokey SM8:

  • The Titleist Vokey SM8 wedges have a strong presence on professional tours and are highly regarded by better players. They are also widely available but may have a slightly higher demand due to their reputation.

Loft Options

Loft (Degrees)Cleveland RTX ZipCoreVokey SM8

Available Finishes

FinishCleveland RTX ZipCoreVokey SM8
Tour SatinYesYes
Black SatinYesYes
Tour RackYesYes
Tour Rack RawNoYes
Tour Satin RawNoYes
Black Satin RawNoYes
Jet BlackYesNo
Slate BlueYesNo
Brushed SteelYesNo

 Groove Technology

Groove TechnologyCleveland RTX ZipCoreVokey SM8
UltiZip GroovesYesNo
Sharp Tour Zip GroovesYesNo
Rotex Face MillingYesNo
Progressive Groove DepthYesYes (Spin Milled)
TX4 GroovesNoYes
Parallel Face TextureNoYes
Groove EdgingTour-DevelopedSpin Milled
Groove DurabilityHighHigh
Groove PerformanceExcellentExcellent

Price Range (Approximate)

Wedge ModelCleveland RTX ZipCoreVokey SM8
Standard Finish$149.99 – $159.99$159.99
Raw Finish$169.99$169.99
Limited Edition$179.99$179.99
Custom OptionsYesYes
AvailabilityWidely AvailableWidely Available
Shaft OptionsVarious OptionsVarious Options
Grip OptionsVarious OptionsVarious Options

Player Feedback

Player FeedbackCleveland RTX ZipCoreVokey SM8
Feel and SoundResponsive with a soft feel. Users praise the crisp sound on impact.Excellent feel and sound.
Spin ControlImpressive spin control, especially on approach shots and around the green.Highly regarded for spin control.
ForgivenessForgiving on mis-hits, providing consistent performance.Known for its forgiveness properties.
VersatilityWell-suited for a variety of shots and lies.Adaptable to different shot types.
Overall PerformanceHighly rated by users for its all-around performance and versatility.Trusted choice for consistent performance.


Both the Cleveland RTX ZipCore and Vokey SM8 are exceptional wedges, and your choice between them will depend on your preferences, budget, and skill level. The RTX ZipCore offers a blend of performance, forgiveness, and value, making it a great choice for a wide range of golfers. On the other hand, the Vokey SM8 is a top-tier option known for its precision, spin control, and feel, ideal for more skilled players willing to invest in their short game. Ultimately, a fitting and a thorough test on the golf course will help you determine which wedge best suits your game.

Cleveland Rtx Zipcore Vs Vokey Sm8


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