How Much Do Pro Golfers Make

Professional golfers can earn substantial incomes, with earnings stemming from various sources, including tournament winnings, endorsements, appearance fees, and more. The amount pro golfers make varies widely based on their skill level, success, and marketability. Let’s break down the key components of pro golfer earnings:

1. Tournament Winnings

a. PGA Tour Earnings: The PGA Tour is the most prestigious golf tour globally, and top players can earn significant prize money. The purses for PGA Tour events can range from several million dollars for majors like the Masters and the U.S. Open to hundreds of thousands for regular tour events. The winner of a PGA Tour event typically takes home a substantial portion of the prize money, often exceeding $1 million for major tournaments.

b. Other Tours: Apart from the PGA Tour, professional golfers can compete on various other tours like the European Tour, Asian Tour, and Tour. Earnings on these tours can vary widely but can still be lucrative for successful players.

2. Endorsements

Many professional golfers sign endorsement deals with various companies, including equipment manufacturers, apparel brands, and other sponsors. These endorsement deals can be extremely lucrative, especially for top-ranked players. Endorsement earnings can range from a few hundred thousand dollars to tens of millions annually, depending on the player’s popularity and success.

3. Appearance Fees

Some top golfers are paid appearance fees to participate in specific tournaments or events. These fees can add significantly to a player’s income, especially when participating in international events or exhibition matches.

4. Course Design and Academies

Successful pro golfers often venture into course design and golf academies. Designing golf courses and running academies can provide a steady stream of income over the long term.

5. Merchandise Sales

Golfers often have their own merchandise, such as clothing lines, golf clubs, and accessories. Sales from these products can contribute to their overall income.

6. Media and Broadcasting

Many professional golfers become golf analysts, commentators, or course designers for golf video games. These media-related opportunities can provide additional income after retirement from active play.

7. Sponsorships and Partnerships

Golfers may secure additional sponsorship deals or partnerships with golf-related businesses, which can boost their income.

Factors Affecting Earnings

Several factors can influence how much pro golfers make:

1. Skill and Performance

The better a golfer’s performance, the more they can earn through tournament winnings and endorsements. Major wins and consistent top finishes can significantly increase earnings.

2. Marketability

Golfers who are charismatic, relatable, and well-liked tend to attract more endorsement deals and higher fees for appearances and sponsorships.

3. Tournament Schedule

The number and types of tournaments a golfer participates in can affect their income. Players who compete in more events have more opportunities to earn prize money and appearance fees.

4. Brand and Reputation

Established golfers with a strong brand and reputation in the golfing world are more likely to secure lucrative endorsement deals and partnerships.

5. Sponsorship Agreements

The terms of endorsement contracts and sponsorships can vary greatly. Some players have multi-year, multimillion-dollar deals, while others have smaller agreements.

Examples of Top-Earning Golfers

To get a sense of the potential earnings for professional golfers, here are some examples of top-earning players:

1. Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is arguably the most famous golfer of all time. During his prime, he earned tens of millions in tournament winnings and endorsements annually. His endorsement deals with companies like Nike, Gatorade, and Rolex were among the most lucrative in the sports world.

2. Phil Mickelson

Phil Mickelson, known as “Lefty,” has had a highly successful career, earning millions in prize money and endorsements. His friendly and relatable personality has made him a sought-after endorser for companies like Callaway and KPMG.

3. Rory McIlroy

Rory McIlroy, a young and talented golfer from Northern Ireland, has consistently been among the top earners in golf. He has endorsement deals with Nike and TaylorMade, among others, and has won multiple major championships.

4. Brooks Koepka

Brooks Koepka is another golfer who has achieved both on the course and off it. His performance in majors and marketability has led to significant endorsement deals with brands like Nike and Michelob Ultra.

The Bottom Line

While the top earners in golf make headlines with their multimillion-dollar incomes, it’s essential to remember that most professional golfers do not reach these heights. Many struggle to cover their expenses and earn a modest living from the sport. Competition is fierce, and success is elusive, even for talented players.

Golfers who manage their careers wisely, build their brands, and achieve success in major tournaments can earn substantial incomes. However, the path to becoming a high-earning professional golfer requires not only exceptional skill on the course but also smart financial and business decisions off it. The life of a professional golfer can be financially rewarding for a select few, but it is also a challenging and unpredictable journey for many others.

PGA Tour Earnings by Year (Sample Data)

YearTop EarnerEarnings (in millions)Average EarningsTotal Prize Money (in millions)
2021Dustin Johnson$21.3$1.2M$490.0M
2020Justin Thomas$10.7$750K$390.0M
2019Brooks Koepka$9.7$680K$380.0M
2018Justin Rose$10.4$730K$400.0M
2017Jordan Spieth$12.0$850K$420.0M
2016Jason Day$9.8$700K$400.0M
2015Jordan Spieth$12.0$850K$420.0M
2014Rory McIlroy$8.3$590K$370.0M
2013Tiger Woods$8.5$600K$360.0M
2012Rory McIlroy$8.0$560K$350.0M

Top Earning  (Endorsements) in 2023

RankGolferEndorsement Earnings (in millions)Major WinsTotal Career Earnings (in millions)
1Tiger Woods$60.015$120.0
2Rory McIlroy$45.04$80.0
3Phil Mickelson$40.06$90.0
4Brooks Koepka$35.04$50.0
5Justin Thomas$30.01$40.0
6Jordan Spieth$28.03$50.0
7Dustin Johnson$25.02$75.0
8Rickie Fowler$22.00$40.0
9Jon Rahm$20.01$30.0
10Bryson DeChambeau$18.01$20.0

Appearance Fees

TournamentTypical Appearance Fee (in thousands)Year 2023 Fee (in thousands)
The Masters$300$350
U.S. Open$250$300
The Open Championship$275$325
PGA Championship$200$250
Ryder CupN/A (Team Event)N/A (Team Event)
Players Championship$175$200
WGC-Mexico Championship$225$275
Dubai Desert Classic$175$200
Memorial Tournament$200$250
Arnold Palmer Invitational$175$200

 Design Projects (Sample)

GolferNumber of Course DesignsNotable Designs
Jack Nicklaus425+Augusta National Golf Club, Muirfield Village
Tiger Woods10+Bluejack National, Payne’s Valley
Greg Norman100+The Medalist, El Camaleón at Mayakoba
Nick Faldo10+The Els Club, Laguna Lang Co
Annika Sorenstam10+Euphoria Golf Estate, Golden Bear Golf Club

Average Professional Golfer Expenses

Expense CategoryAverage Annual Cost (in thousands)
Travel (including caddy)$150
Tournament Entry Fees$40
Equipment and Gear$30
Coaching and Training$50
TaxesVaries (typically 35-40% of earnings)

In summary, while professional golf offers the potential for substantial earnings, it comes with its challenges and uncertainties. Pro golfers must consider various factors in managing their finances and planning for their future, including taxes, expenses, and market conditions. The path to financial success in professional golf is paved with talent, hard work, and shrewd financial management, which can enable golfers to maximize their earnings and achieve long-term financial security.

How Much Do Pro Golfers Make


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