Does Callaway Own Odyssey?

In the world of golf equipment, two prominent names often come to mind: Callaway and Odyssey. Callaway Golf Company is renowned for its golf clubs, while Odyssey Golf specializes in putters. Many golf enthusiasts wonder if there’s a direct ownership connection between the two companies. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the intricate details to answer the question: Does Callaway own Odyssey?

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The Birth of Callaway Golf

Before exploring the relationship between Callaway and Odyssey, let’s take a brief look at the history of Callaway Golf. Founded by Ely Callaway Jr. in 1982, Callaway Golf Company quickly rose to prominence for its innovative golf club designs and technology. The company gained a reputation for producing high-quality drivers, irons, and other golf equipment, which were used by professional golfers worldwide.

The Odyssey Golf Story

Odyssey Golf, on the other hand, is famous for its expertise in putters. The company was established in 1991 by engineer and entrepreneur Jim Hardy. Odyssey revolutionized the putter market with the introduction of the first mallet putter, and it has since become a leading name in golf putter technology.

The Acquisition by Callaway

The relationship between Callaway and Odyssey Golf takes an interesting turn in 1997 when Callaway Golf Company acquired Odyssey Sports, the parent company of Odyssey Golf. This acquisition marked the beginning of a significant connection between the two companies.

Odyssey Under the Callaway Umbrella

After the acquisition, Odyssey Golf continued to operate as a separate entity but benefited from the resources and research capabilities of Callaway Golf Company. This allowed Odyssey to further innovate and develop cutting-edge putter designs.

Collaborative Efforts

One of the notable aspects of the Callaway-Odyssey relationship is the collaboration between the two brands. Callaway Golf has often incorporated Odyssey putters into its golf club sets, recognizing the performance and popularity of Odyssey’s putter models.

The Success of Odyssey Putters

Odyssey’s success under the Callaway umbrella is evident in the performance of its putters on the golf course. Many professional golfers, as well as amateur players, have chosen Odyssey putters to improve their putting game. Odyssey’s innovative designs, such as the White Hot and Stroke Lab technologies, have received widespread acclaim.

Maintaining Brand Identity

Despite the acquisition, Odyssey has maintained its brand identity and distinct approach to putter design. This independence allows Odyssey to cater to golfers who prefer their specialized putters while benefiting from the support and distribution network of Callaway Golf.

Future Prospects

Looking ahead, the relationship between Callaway and Odyssey seems set to continue prosperously. The synergy between the two brands has led to remarkable advancements in golf club and putter technology. Golf enthusiasts can anticipate further innovations and improved performance from both Callaway and Odyssey products.

The Impact on the Golf Industry

The synergy between Callaway and Odyssey Golf has had a profound impact on the golf industry as a whole. Their collaboration and innovation have set industry standards for golf clubs and putters. Other golf equipment manufacturers have had to step up their game to compete with the level of quality and technology that Callaway and Odyssey consistently deliver.

The Market Presence

With Callaway being a global leader in golf equipment and Odyssey’s strong presence in the putter market, the combination creates a dominant force. This not only benefits the companies but also provides golfers with a wide range of choices, ensuring that they can find the equipment that suits their playing style and preferences.

Expanding Offerings

Over the years, Callaway has expanded its offerings to include a wide range of golf equipment beyond clubs, such as golf balls, apparel, and accessories. While Odyssey remains focused on putters, the synergy between the two companies has allowed for complementary product development, enhancing the overall golfing experience for enthusiasts.

The Professional Endorsement

Many professional golfers have chosen to endorse either Callaway or Odyssey products, further solidifying the reputation and performance of these brands. From drivers and irons to putters, these endorsements serve as a testament to the quality and reliability of Callaway and Odyssey equipment.

Customer Satisfaction

One of the key indicators of a successful partnership in the golf industry is customer satisfaction. Golfers who choose Callaway and Odyssey products often report higher levels of satisfaction with their equipment, attributing their improved performance on the course to the quality and technology that these brands offer.

Research and Development

Both Callaway and Odyssey invest heavily in research and development. This commitment to innovation ensures that golfers have access to the latest advancements in technology and design. Whether it’s Callaway’s AI-driven club designs or Odyssey’s groundbreaking putter technologies, golfers can expect continuous improvements in their equipment.

The Competitive Edge

In the highly competitive world of golf equipment, the collaboration between Callaway and Odyssey provides a significant competitive edge. Golfers at all skill levels benefit from having access to top-tier equipment that is continually refined and improved.

Golf Equipment Brands Owned by Callaway

BrandAcquired YearSubsidiary of CallawayHeadquartersWebsite
Callaway Golf1982YesCarlsbad,
Odyssey Golf1997YesCarlsbad,
Toulon Design2016YesCarlsbad,
TravisMathew2017YesHuntington Beach,

Key Products of Odyssey Golf

Product NameDescriptionNotable FeaturesPopular ModelsRelease Year
Odyssey White HotIconic putter with a milled insertImproved roll and feelWhite Hot Pro, White Hot XG2000
Odyssey Stroke LabPutter with multi-material shaftEnhanced stability and feelStroke Lab 7, Stroke Lab 2-Ball2019
Odyssey O-WorksPutter with Microhinge Insert TechnologyBetter roll and accuracyO-Works Red, O-Works Black2017
Odyssey EXOPutter with multi-material constructionHigh MOI and forgivenessEXO Seven, EXO Indianapolis2018
Odyssey TenBlade-style putter with a new Ten shapePrecision and alignmentOdyssey Ten, Odyssey Ten S Triple Track2021

Callaway and Odyssey Golf Partnerships

YearPartnership Description
2022Odyssey Golf partners with the PGA Tour to provide putters for events.
2021Callaway announces partnership with The Match, featuring top golfers.
2020Odyssey Golf collaborates with professional golfer Phil Mickelson.
2019Callaway partners with European Tour as the official driver and golf ball.
2018Odyssey Golf becomes the official putter brand of the LPGA Tour.

Notable Awards and Achievements

2022Golf Digest Hot List Gold Medal for Odyssey PuttersRecognition for excellence in putter design and performance.
2021Callaway named Equipment Company of the Year by the NGFNational Golf Foundation award for outstanding contributions.
2020Odyssey Stroke Lab putter wins MyGolfSpy’s Most Wanted AwardHigh praise for performance and innovation.
2019Callaway and Odyssey Golf receive multiple Editor’s Choice AwardsGolf Digest, Golfweek, and MyGolfSpy recognize excellence.
2018Odyssey O-Works putters earn Gold Medals in Golf Digest Hot ListPraised for technology and feel.

Callaway and Odyssey Golf Recent Releases

YearProduct NameDescriptionKey Features
2023Odyssey Ten S Triple TrackPrecision blade putter with Triple Track alignmentTriple Track technology, Ten shape
2022Callaway Rogue STHigh-performance driver with Jailbreak A.I. VelocityA.I. Velocity Blades, Jailbreak Technology
2021Odyssey Ten Triple TrackBlade putter with Triple Track alignmentTriple Track alignment, Ten shape
2020Callaway MavrikIrons designed for distance and forgivenessFlash Face Cup, Tungsten Energy Core
2019Odyssey Stroke Lab TenBlade-style putter with Stroke Lab shaftMulti-material Stroke Lab shaft, Ten shape


In conclusion, the ownership of Odyssey by Callaway has created a powerful partnership in the golf industry. While Callaway acquired Odyssey in 1997, the two companies have managed to maintain their distinct identities and areas of expertise. This collaboration has resulted in remarkable advancements in golf club and putter technology, benefitting golfers around the world.

The impact of Callaway’s ownership of Odyssey extends beyond ownership; it has reshaped the golf industry, led to innovations in equipment, and provided golfers with high-quality options for improving their game. As golf continues to evolve, the partnership between Callaway and Odyssey is poised to shape the future of the sport, ensuring that golfers have access to the best equipment available.

Does Callaway Own Odyssey?


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