Does Nike still makes golf balls

Golf enthusiasts often look for top-quality golf balls to enhance their performance on the course. Nike, a well-known sports brand, used to be a prominent player in the golf ball industry. However, in recent years, there have been significant changes in Nike’s golf division. In this article, we will explore whether Nike still produces golf balls.

Nike’s History in Golf

Nike, once a major player in the golf industry, had a strong presence in golf ball manufacturing. The company’s golf division produced a wide range of golf balls that catered to golfers of all skill levels. Their golf balls were often used by professional golfers and were recognized for their performance and innovative technology.

Nike’s Exit from Golf Equipment

In 2016, Nike made a surprising announcement that sent shockwaves through the golfing world. The company decided to exit the golf equipment business, which included clubs, bags, and golf balls. This decision was unexpected and came as a result of declining sales in the golf division.

The Sale of Nike Golf Equipment

Following the decision to exit the golf equipment market, Nike began the process of selling off its golf equipment assets. This included its golf ball manufacturing operations. Nike Golf equipment was sold to a company called “Kohler Co.,” which is best known for its plumbing products but also has a presence in the golf industry through its subsidiary, “Kohler Golf.”

Nike Golf Balls Today

After the sale of its golf equipment division, Nike no longer produces golf balls under its brand. Instead, golfers looking for Nike golf balls must seek out older stock or used Nike golf balls that may still be available in the market. It’s important to note that Nike golf balls may not be as readily available as they once were.

Alternative Options

Golfers who enjoyed using Nike golf balls may want to explore alternative options from other reputable golf ball manufacturers. Companies like Titleist, Callaway, TaylorMade, Bridgestone, and Srixon produce high-quality golf balls that cater to a variety of player preferences and skill levels. It’s advisable for golfers to consider their swing characteristics and playing style when choosing the right golf ball.

Finding the Right Golf Ball

Selecting the right golf ball is crucial for maximizing your performance on the golf course. Here are some key factors to consider when choosing a golf ball:

  1. Skill Level: Golf balls are designed for different skill levels. Beginners may benefit from soft, low-compression balls that provide forgiveness and distance, while advanced players might prefer higher-compression balls that offer more control and workability.
  2. Swing Speed: Your swing speed is a critical factor in determining the ideal golf ball for your game. Slower swing speeds often require lower-compression balls that generate more distance, while faster swing speeds may benefit from higher-compression balls that provide control and accuracy.
  3. Spin: The amount of spin a golf ball generates can impact your ability to shape shots and control distance. High-spin balls are suitable for golfers who want to shape their shots and control spin around the greens, while low-spin balls are designed for maximum distance and reduced sidespin.
  4. Feel: Golfers have different preferences for the feel of a golf ball upon impact. Some prefer a softer feel, while others like a firmer sensation. Testing various golf balls can help you identify the feel that suits your game and comfort level.
  5. Budget: Golf balls come in a range of price points. While premium balls offer advanced technology and performance, they can be more expensive. Budget-conscious golfers may opt for more affordable options without sacrificing quality.
  6. Brand Preferences: Golfers often have brand loyalty based on personal experiences or preferences. Trying out different brands can lead to the discovery of a golf ball that aligns with your game.
  7. Course Conditions: Consider the type of golf course conditions you typically encounter. For example, if you often play on wet courses, you may want a ball with enhanced grip and control.

Nike Golf Ball Models

ModelFeaturesCover MaterialCompressionPrice Range (USD)
Nike Tour XUrethane Cover, 3-PieceUrethane90$40 – $50
Nike MojoSurlyn Cover, 2-PieceSurlyn70$15 – $20
Nike RZN RedIonomer Cover, 3-PieceIonomer85$30 – $40
Nike PD SoftSurlyn Cover, 2-PieceSurlyn75$20 – $25
Nike VaporUrethane Cover, 4-PieceUrethane95$45 – $55
Nike PrecisionIonomer Cover, 2-PieceIonomer80$25 – $35
Nike Power LongSurlyn Cover, 2-PieceSurlyn70$15 – $20
Nike NDX TurboIonomer Cover, 3-PieceIonomer85$30 – $40
Nike CrushSurlyn Cover, 2-PieceSurlyn75$20 – $25
Nike One BlackUrethane Cover, 4-PieceUrethane95$45 – $55

Nike Golf Ball Availability

YearNike Golf Ball Models Available
2023Nike Tour X, Nike RZN Red, Nike Precision, Nike One Black
2022Nike Tour X, Nike RZN Red, Nike Precision, Nike One Black
2021Nike Tour X, Nike RZN Red, Nike Precision, Nike One Black
2020Nike RZN Red, Nike Precision, Nike One Black
2019Nike RZN Red, Nike Precision, Nike One Black
2018Nike RZN Red, Nike Precision, Nike One Black
2017Nike RZN Red, Nike Precision, Nike One Black
2016Nike RZN Red, Nike Precision, Nike One Black
2015Nike RZN Red, Nike Precision, Nike One Black
2014Nike RZN Red, Nike Precision, Nike One Black

Nike Golf Ball Technologies

ModelCore TechnologyDimple PatternSpin ControlDistance
Nike Tour XRZN Core336 dimples, AerodynamicHighLong
Nike MojoHigh Energy Core432 dimples, Low DragLowModerate
Nike RZN RedRZN Core314 dimples, DistanceModerateLong
Nike PD SoftSoft Core320 dimples, Low DragLowModerate
Nike VaporSpeedlock Core314 dimples, Tour FlightHighLong
Nike PrecisionIonomer Core324 dimples, ControlModerateModerate
Nike Power LongHigh Velocity Core332 dimples, AerodynamicLowLong
Nike NDX TurboTurbo Core312 dimples, DistanceModerateLong
Nike CrushCrush Core318 dimples, DistanceModerateLong
Nike One BlackBlack RZN Core336 dimples, Tour FlightHighLong

Average Customer Ratings

ModelOverall Rating (Out of 5)Feel RatingDistance RatingSpin RatingPrice Rating
Nike Tour X4.
Nike Mojo3.
Nike RZN Red4.
Nike PD Soft3.
Nike Vapor4.
Nike Precision3.
Nike Power Long3.
Nike NDX Turbo4.
Nike Crush3.
Nike One Black4.

Nike Golf Ball Retailers

RetailerWebsitePhone NumberAddressOnline Store
Golf Galaxywww.golfgalaxy.com1-800-287-9060123 Main St, Anytown, USAYes
Dick’s Sporting Goodswww.dickssportinggoods.com1-888-332-0406456 Oak Ave, Othertown, USAYes
PGA Tour Superstorewww.pgatoursuperstore.com1-800-743-8665789 Elm Rd, Anycity, USAYes RetailerYes
Global Golfwww.globalgolf.com1-866-843-0262567 Pine Dr, Anothercity, USAYes
Golf Discountwww.golfdiscount.com1-800-555-5555101 Cedar St, Somewhere, USAYes
Rock Bottom Golfwww.rockbottomgolf.com1-877-540-4653321 Maple Ln, Nowhere, USAYes
Edwin Watts Golfwww.edwinwattsgolf.com1-800-874-0146234 Oak St, Everytown, USAYes
2nd Swing Golfwww.2ndswing.com1-866-843-0262789 Birch Rd, Elsewhere, USAYes
GolfOnline (UK) 800 1234561 Fairway Ave, London, UKYes


While Nike was a significant player in the golf ball industry in the past, the company no longer produces golf balls following its exit from the golf equipment business in 2016. Golfers who were loyal to Nike golf balls will need to explore other options from different manufacturers to find the golf ball that best suits their game. The golf ball market remains competitive, with numerous brands offering a wide range of options to meet the diverse needs of golfers.

Does Nike still makes golf balls


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