Does PGA Use Trackman

Trackman is a cutting-edge technology in the world of golf that has revolutionized the way players, coaches, and fans analyze the game. The PGA (Professional Golfers’ Association) has indeed embraced Trackman in various capacities, making it an integral part of modern golf training and analysis.

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What is Trackman?

Trackman is a brand of launch monitor and radar technology that provides precise data on a golfer’s swing and ball flight. It uses Doppler radar and high-speed cameras to track the club and ball throughout the swing and ball flight. This data is then processed and presented in real-time, offering invaluable insights into a player’s performance.

Trackman in Professional Golf

Professional golfers and their coaches have been using Trackman technology for years to gain a competitive edge. Here’s how Trackman is utilized in the PGA:

1. Swing Analysis:

Trackman allows players and their coaches to analyze every aspect of a golfer’s swing. It measures critical parameters like clubhead speed, ball speed, launch angle, spin rate, and more. By examining these metrics, players can make precise adjustments to their swings to optimize distance, accuracy, and consistency.

2. Shot Shape and Trajectory:

Trackman provides detailed information on the shape and trajectory of each shot, including draw, fade, hook, or slice. This data is crucial for professionals who need to shape their shots to navigate tricky course layouts and challenging weather conditions.

3. Practice and Training:

PGA players use Trackman during practice sessions to fine-tune their games. By receiving immediate feedback on their shots, they can make necessary adjustments and work on specific aspects of their game more effectively.

4. Club Fitting:

Trackman is also instrumental in club fitting. PGA professionals can use the data from Trackman to recommend the most suitable clubs for a player’s unique swing characteristics. This ensures that the golfer has the right equipment to optimize their performance.

5. Tournament Preparation:

In the lead-up to tournaments, PGA players often use Trackman to simulate course conditions and practice shots they anticipate encountering during the event. This helps them develop strategies and gain confidence in their abilities.

6. Fan Engagement:

Trackman technology has also enhanced fan engagement in professional golf. During broadcasts, viewers can see real-time data on player’s shots, which adds an extra layer of excitement and insight into the game.

The Evolution of Technology in Professional Golf

The integration of Trackman into professional golf is just one example of how technology has transformed the sport. Over the years, the PGA has embraced various technological advancements to enhance player performance and spectator experience. Here are a few notable examples:

1. ShotLink Technology:

ShotLink is another technological innovation used by the PGA. It employs a network of lasers, cameras, and volunteers to track the position of every shot hit during a tournament. This data is then used to provide real-time statistics on player performance, such as driving accuracy, greens in regulation, and putting statistics. ShotLink has greatly enhanced the statistical analysis of the game, both for professionals and fans.

2. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR):

PGA tournaments have started to experiment with VR and AR technologies. These immersive experiences allow fans to get closer to the action by providing virtual tours of the golf course, live data overlays, and even the ability to watch the game from different angles. This technology has the potential to revolutionize how fans engage with golf, making it more interactive and informative.

3. Wearable Technology:

Wearable devices like fitness trackers and smartwatches have made their way into professional golf. Players use these devices to monitor their health, track physical performance, and manage their energy levels during rounds. This information helps golfers optimize their physical condition, particularly in high-pressure situations.

4. Course Management Software:

PGA tournaments and golf courses now employ advanced course management software to optimize everything from scheduling tee times to tracking maintenance needs. These systems enhance the overall experience for both players and spectators by ensuring the smooth operation of golf facilities.

5. Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence:

PGA organizations are increasingly leveraging data analytics and AI to gain insights into player performance, fan preferences, and marketing strategies. These technologies allow for more informed decision-making, which ultimately benefits the players and enhances the fan experience.

6. Simulators and Training Aids:

Professional golfers often use simulators and training aids equipped with high-tech sensors and cameras to work on their swings and improve their game. These tools provide instant feedback and enable golfers to practice in a controlled environment.

PGA Tour’s Use of Trackman

YearPGA Tour SeasonTrackman IntroducedTrackman UsageNotable Outcomes
20102010-2011YesLimitedImproved Stats
20152015-2016YesWidespreadEnhanced Analysis
20202020-2021YesIntegralPerformance Boost
20232023-2024YesStandard ToolReal-time Data

Benefits of PGA Tour’s Trackman Usage

Improved Swing AnalysisProvides precise data on club and ball dynamics, aiding in swing improvements.
Enhanced Course SetupHelps optimize course design and layout based on player performance metrics.
Accurate Distance DataOffers exact yardages, aiding golfers in club selection and shot planning.
Performance TrackingTracks player performance trends over time, identifying areas for improvement.
Broadcast EnhancementsAdds informative data to TV broadcasts, enhancing viewer experience.

Trackman vs. Other Technologies

TechnologyAdvantagesDisadvantagesPGA Adoption
TrackmanHighly accurate data, versatile applicationsExpensive, limited portabilityWidely Used
Launch MonitorsAccurate club and ball data, portabilityMay lack advanced analytics optionsCommon
ShotLink SystemDetailed course statistics, broadcast dataLimited golfer feedback, costCommon
GPS DevicesEasy to use, affordableLess precise data, limited analyticsLimited
Swing AnalyzersInexpensive, user-friendlyLimited data range, may lack depthLimited

Notable PGA Tour Players Using Trackman

PlayerTrackman UsageNotable Achievements with Trackman
Rory McIlroyRegularlyImproved driving accuracy and distance.
Dustin JohnsonFrequentlyEnhanced wedge play and short game.
Justin ThomasOccasionallyImproved iron play and approach shots.
Bryson DeChambeauIntensivelyOptimized swing for maximum distance.
Collin MorikawaSparinglyEnhanced putting and green reading.

Trackman’s Impact on the PGA Tour

Player PerformanceEnhanced accuracy, distance control, and overall game improvement.
Spectator ExperienceEnriched TV broadcasts with real-time data, making golf more engaging.
Course DesignFacilitated better course design decisions, optimizing layouts for pros.
Player-Coach RelationsImproved communication through data-driven insights.
Future Technological IntegrationPaved the way for more advanced golf technology adoption.


As technology continues to advance, the PGA will likely remain at the forefront of innovation, integrating new tools and techniques to enhance the sport. The use of data, analytics, and cutting-edge technology will not only benefit the players but also ensure that golf remains an exciting and engaging sport for fans around the world. Whether it’s Trackman, ShotLink, VR, or wearable tech, the PGA’s embrace of these innovations underscores its commitment to improving the game of golf in all aspects.

Does PGA Use Trackman


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