Does Trackman Measure Swing Speed

Golf is a sport where precision and accuracy are paramount, and understanding the dynamics of your golf swing is crucial for improvement. Trackman, a cutting-edge technology used in golf, offers a comprehensive analysis of various aspects of your golf game, including swing speed. In this article, we will explore how Trackman measures swing speed and its significance in the game of golf.

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What is Trackman?

Trackman is a radar-based launch monitor system that has revolutionized golf coaching and club fitting. It is designed to capture and analyze a plethora of data points related to your golf swing, ball flight, and club performance. It employs dual radar technology, tracking both the golf club and the golf ball, providing highly accurate and real-time data.

How Does Trackman Measure Swing Speed?

Trackman measures swing speed by tracking the motion of the golf club head during your swing. It accomplishes this using a radar system that sends out electromagnetic waves. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how it works:

  1. Emitted Radar Waves: Trackman emits radar waves towards the golfer from a stationary position on the ground, usually behind the golfer or to the side.
  2. Golf Club Head Interaction: When you swing the golf club, the club head moves through the radar’s field of view, intercepting the radar waves.
  3. Doppler Effect: As the radar waves strike the moving club head, they are reflected back to the Trackman unit. The Doppler effect is used to calculate the speed of the club head based on the frequency shift of the reflected waves. This frequency shift is caused by the motion of the club head.
  4. Instantaneous Data: Trackman captures data instantaneously, providing you with precise measurements of your club head speed at different points in your swing – from takeaway to impact.

Significance of Swing Speed Measurement with Trackman:

The measurement of swing speed with Trackman offers several advantages for golfers, instructors, and club fitters:

1. Performance Analysis:

  • Accurate swing speed data helps golfers and instructors assess the power and speed generated in a swing.
  • It allows players to identify trends in their swing speed during a round or practice session.

2. Club Fitting:

  • Club fitters use swing speed data to recommend the right type of clubs, shaft flex, and other equipment adjustments to match a golfer’s swing characteristics.
  • Choosing the appropriate clubs based on swing speed can significantly impact distance and accuracy.

3. Swing Improvement:

  • For golfers seeking to improve their game, swing speed data can serve as a baseline for tracking progress.
  • Changes in swing mechanics and techniques can be evaluated by monitoring how they affect swing speed.

4. Distance Control:

  • Knowing your swing speed helps golfers make informed decisions about club selection and the force they need to apply to achieve desired distances.

5. Data-Driven Training:

  • Golf instructors can use swing speed data to tailor training programs for their students, focusing on specific areas that need improvement.

6. Game Strategy:

  • Golfers can use swing speed data to adjust their strategy on the course, choosing the appropriate clubs and shot types based on their current swing capabilities.

Limitations and Considerations

While Trackman is a powerful tool for measuring swing speed and offers numerous benefits, there are some limitations and considerations to keep in mind:

1. Environmental Factors:

  • Swing speed measurements can be influenced by environmental conditions such as wind and temperature. It’s important to consider these factors when analyzing data.

2. Consistency:

  • To get the most accurate readings, it’s crucial to ensure consistent setup and swing conditions when using Trackman. Variability in your setup or swing can lead to inconsistent data.

3. Skill Level:

  • Swing speed is just one aspect of the golf swing. While it’s valuable, golfers, especially beginners, should not fixate solely on swing speed. Other aspects of the swing, such as clubface control and path, are equally important.

4. Club Selection:

  • A higher swing speed doesn’t always equate to better performance. It’s essential to strike a balance between swing speed and control, as using clubs that are too long or too stiff can lead to accuracy issues.

5. Training with a Purpose:

  • While Trackman data can provide valuable insights, it’s essential to work with a knowledgeable golf instructor who can help you interpret the data and implement meaningful changes in your swing.

Trackman Features

FeatureSwing Speed MeasurementLaunch Angle MeasurementSpin Rate MeasurementClub Path MeasurementBall Speed Measurement
Trackman 3eYesYesYesYesYes
Trackman 4YesYesYesYesYes
Trackman 4eYesYesYesYesYes
Trackman 4 GolfYesYesYesYesYes
Trackman 4 IndoorYesYesYesYesYes

Swing Speed Comparison

GolferTrackman Swing Speed (mph)Trackman 4 Swing Speed (mph)Trackman 4e Swing Speed (mph)Trackman 4 Golf Swing Speed (mph)Trackman 4 Indoor Swing Speed (mph)
Golfer 1105106104105106
Golfer 29594969594
Golfer 3110111109110111
Golfer 49899979899
Golfer 5115116114115116

Swing Speed Units

Measurement DeviceUnit of Measurement
TrackmanMiles per hour
Trackman 4Miles per hour
Trackman 4eMiles per hour
Trackman 4 GolfMiles per hour
Trackman 4 IndoorMiles per hour

 Swing Speed Accuracy

Swing Speed Measurement DeviceAverage Accuracy (mph)
Trackman± 1
Trackman 4± 1
Trackman 4e± 1
Trackman 4 Golf± 1
Trackman 4 Indoor± 1

Typical Swing Speed Ranges

Golfer TypeAverage Swing Speed Range (mph)
Beginner70 – 90
Intermediate90 – 110
Advanced110 – 130


Trackman’s ability to measure swing speed accurately makes it an indispensable tool for golfers looking to improve their game. Beyond swing speed, it provides a wealth of information that can help golfers fine-tune their skills, optimize their equipment, and ultimately lower their scores on the golf course. However, it’s crucial to use this data in conjunction with expert guidance and consider all aspects of your golf game to achieve the best results. Whether you’re a professional golfer or an enthusiastic amateur, Trackman can be a game-changing addition to your training and improvement efforts in the sport of golf.

Does Trackman Measure Swing Speed



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