Driving Iron Headcover – Why You Need Them

Are you someone who is using iron for driving then you may have seen some golfers on the course who have covers for each club in their golf bag including the driving iron? Lets discuss the driving iron headcover efficacy.

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driving iron headcoveer

Why You Need Driving Iron Headcover


If you are just new to the game and find it difficult to pick the right club for each shot then you may actually need a headcover with distinctive markings to identify the club as the driving iron .

If you are having this problem then don’t feel bad as you are not the only one who is facing this problem instead many beginners are overwhelmed with the amount of knowledge they are introduced to.


Iron heads need less maintenance apart from the dust and mud that gets stuck in them. However, a headcover on the iron can actually save from unprecedented problems such as accidental slips or abrasion.

Over time the iron heads get rough. One of the contributions to this abrasion is the environment. Whether you have a cheap or expensive driving iron investment into a headcover can actually stretch the life of your iron.

Shared Set

If you are sharing your golf clubs with someone it can actually help to make sure that your beginner friend does not use the wrong club for a shot.

Using a driver for a putter shot would be a mess. A small headcover can actually save you from an uncalled mess.

Look Professional

Someone on the golf course who is looking the most professional may have the worst handicap score but can actually look the best despite the skill level. You can bluff around!

Even if you are at a great skill level having everything at a place actually gives them confidence to play well. Also if you are competing against someone, your professionally arranged gear with even a driving iron headcover will give the message that you are not here to just mess around.

Why You May Not Need Driving Iron Headcover

Enjoy The Game

If I were in your place I would invest more into improving my game than making sure that everything is in place before I go to the golf course.

Having a headcover for driving irons is just too much maintenance for me. If you are not competing at a professional level then high maintenance is not really necessary.

Unnecessary Expense

Irons’ heads are affected by the environment but it will take ages before you see a noticeable difference due to it. So if you invest in a cover, it may look good but remember it will ages but by that time you will already see some really new exciting technology in the market.

By then a lush-looking driving iron would be a vintage driving iron.

Look After of Headcover

If you are maintaining the headcover then you will actually be maintaining the cover as well. Your driving iron may not require much maintenance but your cover would certainly need more.

Over time the cover would get worn out and you would be buying a new one. Don’t forget you will be making sure that your headcover is maintained as well. You will be making sure that you will not misplace your cover. Is the hassle actually worth it?


If I were to take my own decision I am happy without a driving iron headcover. There is much more in the game to focus and enjoy than to increase the chores of maintenances.


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