Dynamic Gold X100 Review

The Dynamic Gold X100 is a popular golf shaft option among professional and low-handicap golfers. Known for its precision and performance, this shaft is manufactured by True Temper, a trusted name in golf shaft technology. In this review, we’ll delve into the key features, benefits, and performance of the Dynamic Gold X100 shaft.

Key Features:

  1. Material: The Dynamic Gold X100 is crafted from high-quality steel, which is renowned for its consistency, durability, and responsiveness. This material choice provides golfers with a solid and stable feel during their swings.
  2. Weight: The X100 is considered a heavyweight shaft with a typical weight range of 130-132 grams. This added weight can provide better control and stability for powerful players.
  3. Flex Profile: It’s important to note that the Dynamic Gold X100 is classified as an extra stiff (X) shaft. This stiffness is ideal for golfers with high swing speeds who require low torque and minimal shaft flex for precise ball control.
  4. Taper Tip Design: The Dynamic Gold X100 features a taper tip design, which means it is narrower at the tip end. This design is particularly suited for players who prefer a lower launch angle and less spin, resulting in a more penetrating ball flight.

Performance Benefits:

  1. Control and Accuracy: The X100’s extra stiff flex and heavy weight promote exceptional control over the clubhead throughout the swing. This can lead to improved accuracy and consistency, especially for golfers who tend to generate high swing speeds.
  2. Consistent Trajectory: The taper tip design of the Dynamic Gold X100 helps golfers achieve a consistent and predictable trajectory. It minimizes shaft deflection, ensuring that the ball follows a straighter path.
  3. Distance Control: With the Dynamic Gold X100, golfers can better control their distances on approach shots. The added stability and stiffness of the shaft allow for precise shot shaping and distance control.

Player Profile:

The Dynamic Gold X100 shaft is best suited for the following player profile:

  • Advanced and Professional Golfers: This shaft is designed for golfers with fast swing speeds and a high level of skill. It may be too stiff and heavy for players with slower swing speeds or those in the early stages of their golfing journey.

Comparison to Other Shafts:

To provide a comprehensive review, it’s essential to compare the Dynamic Gold X100 to other popular golf shafts on the market. Here’s a brief comparison to some notable alternatives:

  1. Project X LZ Steel: The Project X LZ Steel is another high-quality steel shaft that competes with the Dynamic Gold X100. It offers a slightly different feel and launch characteristics, with a softer mid-section for a bit more kick. Players who want a balance between control and feel may prefer the LZ Steel.
  2. KBS Tour X: The KBS Tour X is known for its smooth feel and excellent dispersion control. It offers a mid-launch trajectory, making it a viable option for players seeking a balance between distance and accuracy. Some golfers find it to be a bit smoother than the X100.
  3. Nippon Modus3 Tour 130 X: The Nippon Modus3 Tour 130 X is a lightweight steel shaft with a focus on providing a high level of feedback and precision. It may be a good alternative for golfers looking for a more responsive feel during their swings.

Custom Fitting and Feedback:

It’s crucial to emphasize that choosing the right golf shaft should involve a custom fitting session with a professional club fitter. The Dynamic Gold X100 may be an excellent shaft for one golfer but not the right fit for another. Factors such as swing speed, tempo, launch angle preferences, and even personal feel preferences all play a significant role in determining the ideal shaft for a golfer.

Additionally, feedback from golfers who have used the Dynamic Gold X100 is generally positive. Many experienced players appreciate its consistency, especially in windy conditions, and its ability to help them shape shots precisely. However, some golfers may find it challenging to handle due to its stiffness and weight, especially if their swing speeds are not in the higher range.


FlexWeight (grams)Length (inches)Torque (degrees)Launch
X100 Tour13036.51.9Low
X100 SPT13036.51.9Low
X100 AMT13036.51.9Low
X100 AMT Red13036.51.9Low
X100 AMT S313036.51.9Low
X100 AMT S413036.51.9Low
X100 AMT S513036.51.9Low
X100 AMT S613036.51.9Low
X100 AMT S713036.51.9Low

Key Features

MaterialHigh-strength steel
Shaft TypeSteel
Flex OptionsX100, X100 Tour, X100 SPT, X100 AMT, X100 AMT Red, etc.
Swing Speed CompatibilityHigh swing speeds
PerformanceProvides a low ball flight with exceptional control


AccuracyPromotes accurate shots due to low torque
ControlExceptional control over shot trajectory
Distance ConsistencyProvides consistent distance on each shot
DurabilityMade from durable high-strength steel
Suitable for Advanced GolfersBest suited for golfers with high swing speeds


Premium FeelOffers a premium feel during the swing
High AccuracyKnown for its accuracy and precision
Low Launch AngleProvides a low launch angle for control
Wide Flex OptionsAvailable in various flex options
Trusted by ProsTrusted and used by professional golfers


Not for BeginnersBest suited for experienced golfers
Limited Swing Speed RangeDesigned for high swing speeds only
PriceyHigher price point compared to others
May Require Custom FittingSome golfers may need custom fitting
Less Forgiving on MishitsLess forgiving compared to some

Final Thoughts:

In conclusion, the Dynamic Gold X100 is a high-performance golf shaft with a reputation for delivering control, accuracy, and distance control to skilled and powerful golfers. Its heavyweight, extra stiff flex, and taper tip design make it a compelling choice for those seeking a shaft that can handle high swing speeds and provide a consistent ball flight. However, it’s crucial to undergo a proper fitting process to determine if the X100 is the right fit for your game, as individual preferences and playing styles vary. Ultimately, when properly matched to your swing, the Dynamic Gold X100 can be a valuable tool in your quest to lower your scores and improve your golfing experience.

Dynamic Gold X100 Review


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