EZ Go Golf Cart Fuse Box Location

In this guide, I will walk you through the process of locating the fuse box on an EZ Go golf cart. The fuse box is an essential component of the cart’s electrical system, and knowing its location is crucial for troubleshooting and maintenance. Follow my instructions to find the EZ Go golf cart fuse box with ease.

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Step 1: Gather Your Tools

Before I proceed, make sure you have the necessary tools on hand. You’ll need a flashlight, a screwdriver, and a pair of gloves to ensure your safety while working on the cart’s electrical components.

Step 2: Locate the Golf Cart’s Battery Compartment

To find the fuse box on your EZ Go golf cart, I’ll start by locating the battery compartment. Typically, this compartment is situated under the rear seat of the cart. Lift the seat to reveal the battery area.

Step 3: Check the Driver’s Side

Now, I’ll guide you to the driver’s side of the battery compartment. The fuse box is typically located on this side, either underneath the driver’s seat or close to it. Use your flashlight to inspect the area more closely.

Step 4: Inspect the Electrical Components

I suggest looking for a black, rectangular box that contains multiple fuses and wires. This box is the EZ Go golf cart’s fuse box. If you’re having trouble identifying it, you can refer to the owner’s manual for a diagram or specific instructions.

Step 5: Remove the Fuse Box Cover

Once you’ve located the fuse box, I’ll guide you through the process of accessing its contents. Carefully remove the cover of the fuse box by using your screwdriver to unfasten the screws holding it in place. Be gentle to avoid damaging the cover or the components inside.

Step 6: Inspect the Fuses

Now that you’ve uncovered the fuse box, you can inspect the fuses. You’ll find various fuses that protect different electrical circuits on your golf cart. If you suspect a blown fuse, carefully remove it using the appropriate tool and replace it with a new one of the same amperage.

Step 7: Reassemble the Fuse Box

After you’ve completed your inspection and any necessary fuse replacements, reassemble the fuse box cover. Tighten the screws securely to ensure that the cover is in place.

Maintenance Tips:

  1. Regular Inspections: I recommend checking the fuse box periodically to ensure that all the fuses are in good condition. This proactive approach can help prevent unexpected electrical issues during your golf outings.
  2. Fuse Replacement: If you encounter electrical problems on your golf cart, such as non-functional lights or accessories, it’s wise to check the fuses. If you find a blown fuse, replace it with a new one of the same amperage rating. Always keep spare fuses on hand for quick replacements.
  3. Safety Precautions: When working with the fuse box, wear gloves to protect your hands from electrical components. Make sure the cart is turned off, and disconnect the battery to minimize the risk of electrical shocks.
  4. Owner’s Manual: Your golf cart’s owner’s manual is a valuable resource. It typically contains detailed information on the fuse box’s location, a diagram of the fuse layout, and other maintenance tips specific to your EZ Go model.
  5. Professional Assistance: If you’re not comfortable with electrical work or if you can’t identify the issue with your golf cart, it’s advisable to seek help from a professional technician who specializes in golf cart repairs. They can diagnose and fix more complex electrical problems.

Understanding the Role of the Fuse Box:

The fuse box in your EZ Go golf cart plays a critical role in safeguarding its electrical system. Here’s a more in-depth explanation of its functions:

  1. Overcurrent Protection: The primary purpose of the fuse box is to protect your golf cart’s electrical components from overcurrent. Each circuit in the cart is connected to a specific fuse, which is designed to break or “blow” when the current passing through it exceeds a safe level. This action prevents damage to the associated components and wiring.
  2. Circuit Isolation: Fuses are strategically placed in different circuits, such as lights, accessories, and controllers. If a particular circuit experiences a fault, only the fuse for that circuit will blow, isolating the issue and allowing the rest of the cart’s electrical system to remain operational.
  3. Easy Troubleshooting: When an electrical problem arises, the blown fuse serves as a clear indicator of the issue’s location. By inspecting the fuse box, you can quickly identify which circuit is experiencing a problem, making troubleshooting and repair more efficient.
  4. Fire Prevention: Fuses are critical in fire prevention. They cut off the power supply in case of an electrical fault, reducing the risk of electrical fires, which is especially important in golf cart maintenance and safety.


Common EZ Go Golf Cart Models

ModelFuse Box Location
TXTUnder the Seat
RXVUnder the Seat
MarathonUnder the Seat
MedalistUnder the Seat
ST 4×4Under the Seat
Express S4Under the Seat

Fuse Box Components

Main FuseProtects the main electrical system
Lighting FuseControls the golf cart’s lighting system
Accessory FuseManages additional accessories
Charger FuseSafeguards the charger and battery system
Horn FuseControls the horn

Fuse Box Location Details

ModelFuse Box LocationAccess Details
TXTUnder the SeatRemove seat cushion and panel
RXVUnder the SeatLift the seat for access
MarathonUnder the SeatRemove the seat for access
MedalistUnder the SeatLift the seat cushion
ST 4×4Under the SeatRemove the seat for access
Express S4Under the SeatLift the seat cushion

Fuse Box Maintenance

Maintenance TaskFrequency
Check and Replace FusesAs needed
Keep Area CleanRegularly
Secure ConnectionsAnnually
Inspect WiringAnnually
Battery MaintenanceRegularly

Common Fuse Box Issues

Blown FuseElectrical component failure
CorrosionPoor electrical connections
Loose WiringIntermittent electrical issues
Water DamageShort circuits and component damage
OverloadingFrequent fuse failures and system issues

Replacement Fuse Types

Fuse TypeAmperage RatingCommon Use
Blade Fuse5A, 10A, 15AGeneral electrical components
Glass Fuse20A, 30AOlder EZ Go models
Resettable Circuit BreakerVariousUsed in some modern models
Micro Fuse2A, 3A, 4AAccessories and small electrical parts
Maxi Fuse20A, 30A, 40AHigh-amperage components and systems

Fuse Box Safety Tips

Safety TipDescription
Disconnect BatteryBefore working on the fuse box, disconnect the battery to prevent electrical accidents.
Use the Correct FuseAlways replace a blown fuse with the same amperage-rated fuse to prevent overloading the circuit.
Inspect WiringRegularly check the condition of wiring connections to ensure they are secure and free from damage.
Keep the Area DryAvoid exposing the fuse box to water and moisture, as this can cause electrical problems.
Professional Help When UnsureIf you are unsure about handling electrical components, seek professional assistance.


In this guide, I’ve explained the step-by-step process for locating the fuse box on your EZ Go golf cart. Remember, the fuse box is a vital component for maintaining the electrical system of your cart. By following these instructions, you can easily find and access the fuse box, allowing you to troubleshoot and replace fuses as needed for the smooth operation of your golf cart.


EZ Go Golf Cart Fuse Box Location


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