Ezgo Txt Clutch Upgrade

The EZGO TXT is a popular golf cart model, known for its versatility, reliability, and performance. However, with regular use, some of its components may require upgrades to maintain or enhance their performance. One such component is the clutch. Upgrading the clutch on your EZGO TXT golf cart can result in smoother acceleration, better torque, and improved overall performance. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of upgrading your EZGO TXT clutch, how to choose the right upgrade kit , and the steps to perform the upgrade.

Benefits of a Clutch Upgrade

  1. Improved acceleration: A clutch upgrade can help your golf cart accelerate more smoothly and quickly, making it more responsive and fun to drive.
  2. Enhanced torque: Upgrading the clutch can increase torque, allowing your golf cart to more easily climb hills and navigate rough terrain.
  3. Better performance: A high-quality clutch upgrade will improve your golf cart’s overall performance, providing a more enjoyable driving experience.
  4. Increased reliability: Upgrading to a more durable clutch can help prevent breakdowns and reduce the need for frequent repairs.
  5. Longer lifespan: A clutch upgrade can extend the life of your golf cart’s drivetrain components, reducing the overall cost of ownership.

Choosing the Right Clutch Upgrade Kit

When selecting a clutch upgrade kit for your EZGO TXT, consider the following factors:

  1. Compatibility: Ensure that the upgrade kit is specifically designed for your golf cart model and year.
  2. Type of clutch: Choose between a primary (drive) clutch upgrade, a secondary (driven) clutch upgrade, or a complete clutch kit that includes both components.
  3. Brand reputation: Look for reputable brands with positive reviews and a history of producing high-quality, reliable parts.
  4. Performance enhancements: Select a clutch upgrade kit that offers the performance improvements you desire, such as increased torque or smoother acceleration.
  5. Installation: Consider whether you want to perform the installation yourself or have it done by a professional. Some clutch upgrade kits are more complex and may require specialized tools or expertise.

How to Perform the EZGO TXT Clutch Upgrade

Before you begin, make sure you have the necessary tools, safety equipment, and a suitable workspace. It’s also a good idea to consult your golf cart’s owner’s manual for specific instructions and guidelines.

Step 1: Disconnect the Battery Disconnect the battery to prevent any accidental electrical shorts or damage during the upgrade process.

Step 2: Remove the Existing Clutch Remove the drive belt and take note of its routing for later reference. Using a clutch puller tool, remove the primary (drive) clutch and/or secondary (driven) clutch, as required by the upgrade kit.

Step 3: Install the New Clutch Install the new primary and/or secondary clutch according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Make sure to properly torque all bolts and fasteners.

Step 4: Reinstall the Drive Belt Reinstall the drive belt, ensuring it is correctly routed and tensioned.

Step 5: Reconnect the Battery Reconnect the battery and test the golf cart to ensure the clutch upgrade has been successful and the golf cart operates smoothly.


Common Upgrades for Ezgo Txt Clutches

High-Performance Spring KitReplaces stock clutch springs with stiffer ones for increased torque and accelerationImproved acceleration and top speed$50-100Easy
Heavy-Duty Drive BeltReplaces stock belt with a thicker, stronger one for improved durability and performanceImproved durability and performance$50-100Easy
Clutch Tuning KitIncludes various parts such as weights, bushings, and shims for customizing clutch engagement and performanceCustomizable performance$100-200Moderate
Clutch KitReplaces entire clutch assembly with high-performance componentsImproved acceleration, top speed, and durability$300-500Difficult
Performance CamshaftReplaces stock camshaft for increased lift and duration for improved performanceImproved acceleration and top speed$200-400Difficult

Top Ezgo Txt Clutch Brands

BrandDescriptionPrice RangeRatingAvailability
Golf Cart KingOffers a wide range of clutch kits and upgrade components for Ezgo Txt$50-5004.5/5Online
Jake’s Golf CartsSpecializes in high-performance upgrades for golf carts, including Ezgo Txt clutches$50-5004/5Online
Performance Plus CartsOffers a variety of clutch upgrades and tuning components for Ezgo Txt$50-5004/5Online
Buggies UnlimitedSells a range of clutch kits and components for various golf cart models, including Ezgo Txt$50-5003.5/5Online
Cart Parts USAOffers a selection of clutch upgrades and replacement components for Ezgo Txt$50-5003/5Online

Comparison of Ezgo Txt Clutch Kits

Golf Cart King Heavy-Duty Clutch KitIncludes upgraded clutch components for improved performance and durabilityImproved acceleration, top speed, and durability$350Moderate
Jake’s Golf Carts Extreme-Duty Clutch KitIncludes heavy-duty clutch components and tuning kit for custom performanceCustomizable performance, improved durability$450Moderate
Performance Plus Carts High-Performance Clutch KitIncludes high-performance clutch components and tuning kit for custom performanceCustomizable performance, improved acceleration and top speed$500Difficult
Buggies Unlimited Complete Clutch KitIncludes upgraded clutch components for improved performance and durabilityImproved acceleration and top speed, improved durability$300Moderate
Cart Parts USA Heavy-Duty Clutch KitIncludes upgraded clutch components for improved durabilityImproved durability$200Easy

Frequently Asked Questions About Ezgo Txt Clutch Upgrades

What is an Ezgo Txt clutch upgrade?An Ezgo Txt clutch upgrade involves replacing or modifying the stock clutch system with higher-performance components to improve acceleration, top speed, and/or durability.
Do I need to upgrade my Ezgo Txt clutch?Upgrading your Ezgo Txt clutch can improve its performance and/or durability, but it may not be necessary for all users. Consider your usage and performance goals before deciding whether to upgrade.
How difficult is it to install an Ezgo Txt clutch upgrade?The difficulty of installing an Ezgo Txt clutch upgrade depends on the specific upgrade and your mechanical skills. Some upgrades, such as installing a high-performance spring kit or heavy-duty drive belt, can be relatively easy for DIY installation. However, more complex upgrades, such as a full clutch kit replacement or performance camshaft installation, may require more advanced mechanical skills and specialized tools. Always consult a professional or reference the manufacturer’s installation instructions before attempting any clutch upgrade yourself.
How much does an Ezgo Txt clutch upgrade cost?The cost of an Ezgo Txt clutch upgrade can vary depending on the specific upgrade and the brand you choose. Some upgrades, such as a high-performance spring kit or heavy-duty drive belt, can cost around $50-100, while more advanced upgrades, such as a full clutch kit replacement or performance camshaft installation, can cost $300-500 or more.
What are the benefits of upgrading my Ezgo Txt clutch?Upgrading your Ezgo Txt clutch can offer several benefits, including improved acceleration, top speed, and durability. With a more efficient clutch system, you may also notice better fuel economy and less wear and tear on your engine. Additionally, certain upgrades, such as a clutch tuning kit, can allow for customizable performance tailored to your specific usage and preferences.

Ezgo Txt Clutch Maintenance Checklist

Maintenance TaskFrequencyTools Required
Check Belt TensionEvery 50-100 hours of useBelt tension gauge
Inspect Clutch SpringsEvery 100-150 hours of useSpring compressor
Lubricate Bushings and RollersEvery 200-300 hours of useGrease gun, white lithium grease
Inspect Sheaves and BeltEvery 300-400 hours of useInspection mirror, flashlight
Clean Clutch AssemblyEvery 500-600 hours of useDegreaser, shop towels


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