What to Look For when Buying A Used Golf Cart

If you’re in the market for a used golf cart, there are a few important things to consider before making your purchase. Here are some things to look for when buying a used golf cart:

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  1. Condition of the Batteries: The batteries are one of the most important parts of a golf cart, as they power the vehicle. Make sure to check the age and condition of the batteries before purchasing a used golf cart. If the batteries are old or have been poorly maintained, they may need to be replaced soon, which can be costly.
  2. Age of the Cart: The age of the golf cart is also an important factor to consider. A cart that is more than five years old may require more maintenance and repairs than a newer model.
  3. Tires: Inspect the tires for signs of wear and tear. Make sure they have enough tread and are properly inflated. If the tires are worn out or damaged, you may need to replace them soon.
  4. Frame and Body: Check for any signs of damage to the frame or body of the golf cart. Look for rust, dents, or cracks. These can be expensive to repair or replace.
  5. Test Drive: Take the golf cart for a test drive to see how it handles. Check for any strange noises or vibrations. Make sure the brakes are working properly.
  6. Warranty: If possible, try to purchase a used golf cart with a warranty. This can give you peace of mind and protect you from unexpected repairs.
  7. Price: Finally, consider the price of the golf cart. Research the value of similar models to ensure you’re getting a fair price. Don’t be afraid to negotiate with the seller.
  8. Brand and Model: Research different brands and models of golf carts to determine which one will best fit your needs. Some brands are known for their durability and reliability, while others may have a reputation for frequent breakdowns.
  9. Maintenance Records: Ask the seller for any maintenance records they have for the golf cart. This can give you an idea of how well the cart has been maintained and any issues it may have had in the past.
  10. Accessories and Features: Determine what accessories and features you want in a golf cart, such as headlights, turn signals, or a stereo system. Check if the used golf cart you are considering has these features and if they are in working condition.
  11. Storage and Transport: Consider where you will store and transport the golf cart. If you have limited space, a smaller model may be more practical. If you plan to transport the cart frequently, consider its weight and size to ensure it fits in your vehicle.
  12. Local Laws and Regulations: Check your local laws and regulations regarding golf carts. Some areas may have restrictions on where and how golf carts can be driven, so make sure the used golf cart you’re considering is legal in your area.

 Golf Cart Manufacturer Comparison

ManufacturerModelYearBattery TypePrice ($)
Club CarDS2016Lead-acid3,500
Columbia ParTomberlin Emerge E22017Lithium-ion6,000
Star EVClassic 36-2+22014Lead-acid2,500
Club CarPrecedent2012Lead-acid2,800
Columbia ParJourney2015Lithium-ion4,500
Star EVMagellan2016Lead-acid3,500

Golf Cart Condition Comparison

ConditionBatteriesTiresBrakesBodyPrice ($)
PoorNeeds replacementNeeds replacementNeeds replacementPoor1,500
SalvageNot includedNot includedNot includedSalvage500
PoorNeeds replacementNeeds replacementNeeds replacementPoor1,200

Golf Cart Battery Comparison


BrandTypeVoltageAge (years)Price ($)

Golf Cart Feature Comparison

FeatureDescriptionClub CarE-Z-GOYamahaColumbia ParStar EV
SeatsNumber of seats24242
Top SpeedMaximum speed of the cart in miles per hour1918152017
Turning RadiusMinimum radius required for the cart to make a 360-degree turn8.4 ft.9.5 ft.9.2 ft.7.5 ft.8.5 ft.
Color OptionsAvailable colors for the cart87654
WarrantyLength of manufacturer’s warranty2 years3 years1 year4 years2 years

 Golf Cart Dealer Comparison

Dealer NameLocationReputationCustomer ServicePrice ($)Warranty
Golf Carts DirectFlorida, USA4.5/5Excellent4,5002 years
RMI Golf CartsCalifornia, USA4/5Good4,0001 year
Golf Cart ZoneArizona, USA4/5Good4,2002 years
Cart MartCalifornia, USA4.5/5Excellent5,0003 years
Top Dog Golf CartsTexas, USA3.5/5Fair3,5001 year
Power SportsOntario, Canada4.5/5Excellent6,0002 years
The Golf Cart GuyOhio, USA3/5Poor2,8006 months
Vegas Carts and PerformanceNevada, USA4.5/5Excellent6,5002 years
The Cart ShedColorado, USA3.5/5Fair3,0001 year
Myrtle Beach Golf CartsSouth Carolina, USA4/5Good4,5002 years

Battery Comparison

Battery TypeDescriptionVoltageCapacity (Ah)Lifespan (years)
Lead-AcidMost common type of golf cart battery, relatively low cost and heavy48V100-1503-5
Lithium-IonMore expensive but lighter and longer-lasting than lead-acid48V80-1005-10
GelSimilar to lead-acid, but sealed and maintenance-free48V80-1004-6
FloodedSimilar to lead-acid, but require regular maintenance48V100-1503-5
AGM (Absorbent Gas)Similar to gel, but more resistant to shock and vibration48V80-1004-6

 Golf Cart Brand Comparison

BrandDescriptionClub CarE-Z-GOYamahaColumbia ParStar EV
HistoryYears in the golf cart industry60+60+40+30+10+
ReputationOverall perception of the brand among golf cart owners and experts4/54/54/53.5/53/5
RangeNumber and variety of models available30+20+15+10+5+
CustomizationAbility to personalize the cart with accessories and modificationsHighHighMediumLowLow
Price RangeAverage cost of a new golf cart from the brand$7,000+$6,000+$5,000+$4,000+$3,000+

 Golf Cart Condition Checklist


Body and PaintScratches, dents, rust, and signs of wear
Tires and WheelsTread depth, tire pressure, alignment, and wheel damage
BatteriesAge, type, and charge level
BrakesPedal feel, stopping distance, and signs of wear
SuspensionSmoothness of ride and signs of wear
SteeringResponsiveness and signs of wear
Lights and SignalsFunctionality of headlights, taillights, turn signals, and brake lights
Accessories and OptionsPresence and condition of features like windshields, mirrors, and seats
ChargerAge, type, and functionality
Maintenance RecordsAvailability of documentation for previous maintenance and repairs


By taking the time to research and inspect a used golf cart before purchasing it, you can save yourself money and frustration in the long run. A well-maintained golf cart can provide years of enjoyment on the course or around the neighborhood.


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