How much does a Club Car Golf Cart Weigh

A Club Car golf cart can weigh anywhere from around 500 to 800 pounds, depending on the model and accessories installed. Here are some examples of the weight of different Club Car golf carts:

  • Club Car Precedent (two-passenger model): around 670-750 pounds
  • Club Car Carryall 300 (utility vehicle): around 875-1,050 pounds
  • Club Car Onward (four-passenger model): around 715-850 pounds
  • Club Car Tempo (two-passenger model): around 590-745 pounds

It’s important to note that the weight of a golf cart can also vary depending on factors such as the size and type of battery, the type of tires, and the presence of accessories such as a rear seat or cargo bed. Additionally, the weight of a golf cart may be impacted by local regulations and requirements, which can vary by location.

Onward (gas)794-835 lbs
Onward (electric)900-970 lbs
Precedent (gas)619-673 lbs
Precedent (electric)635-710 lbs
Villager 2 (gas)619-673 lbs
Villager 2 (electric)635-710 lbs
Tempo (gas)794-835 lbs
Tempo (electric)900-970 lbs
Carryall 300 (gas)950-980 lbs
Carryall 300 (electric)1050-1080 lbs
Carryall 500 (gas)1080-1110 lbs
Carryall 500 (electric)1170-1200 lbs
Villager 4 (gas)745-785 lbs
Villager 4 (electric)830-890 lbs
Villager 6 (gas)795-825 lbs
Villager 6 (electric)880-940 lbs
Precedent i2 (gas)610-665 lbs
Precedent i2 (electric)625-700 lbs
Tempo 2+2 (gas)874-915 lbs
Tempo 2+2 (electric)980-1050 lbs


How much does a Club Car Golf Cart Weigh


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