Flow Neck Putter

A flow neck putter is a type of putter that has a unique hosel design. The hosel is the part of the clubhead that connects the shaft to the clubface. In a flow neck putter, the hosel is bent at a slight angle, creating a curve that flows smoothly into the clubhead. This design creates a more seamless transition between the shaft and the clubhead, which can help golfers achieve a smoother, more consistent stroke.

Benefits of Flow Neck Putters

Flow neck putters offer several benefits to golfers, including:

  1. Improved Alignment – The curved hosel of a flow neck putter can help golfers align the putter more easily with their target. The smooth transition between the shaft and clubhead can help golfers visualize the line of their putt more clearly, which can lead to better accuracy.
  2. Better Feel – The seamless design of a flow neck putter can create a more connected feel between the golfer and the club. This can help golfers develop a better sense of touch and control when putting.
  3. Reduced Face Rotation – The flow neck design can also reduce the amount of face rotation during the putting stroke. This can help golfers keep the clubface square to the target line, which can lead to more consistent putts.

Types of Flow Neck Putters

There are several types of flow neck putters on the market, including:

  1. Blade Putters – Blade putters are a traditional style of putter that typically have a smaller clubhead and a more compact design. Flow neck blade putters can offer a classic look with modern performance benefits.
  2. Mallet Putters – Mallet putters are a more modern style of putter that typically have a larger clubhead and a more forgiving design. Flow neck mallet putters can offer improved alignment and stability.
  3. Center Shaft Putters – Center shaft putters have the shaft of the club attached to the center of the clubhead. Flow neck center shaft putters can offer a unique look and feel, with improved alignment and reduced face rotation.


Flow Neck Putter Design

The flow neck design of a putter is also sometimes called a “plumber’s neck” because it looks like the curve of a plumbing pipe. The bend in the hosel can vary in degree and shape, but the overall goal of the design is to create a smoother transition from the shaft to the clubhead.

Flow neck putters can have either a heel-shafted or center-shafted design. Heel-shafted putters are more common, but center-shafted flow neck putters can offer a unique look and feel.

The head of a flow neck putter can also vary in shape, with some models having a more rounded design and others having a more angular shape. The weight and balance of the putter can also vary depending on the specific model.

Flow Neck Putter Brands

Several golf club manufacturers offer flow neck putters as part of their product line. Some popular brands include:

  1. Scotty Cameron – The Scotty Cameron Flow Neck putters are designed for golfers who prefer a more traditional blade putter style with improved feel and alignment.
  2. Odyssey – The Odyssey White Hot OG Flow Neck putter features a classic mallet shape with a smooth flow neck hosel design for improved feel and alignment.
  3. Ping – The Ping Heppler Floki Flow Neck putter has a unique angular design with a flow neck hosel for improved feel and reduced face rotation.
  4. TaylorMade – The TaylorMade Spider EX Flow Neck putter is a mallet-style putter with a large clubhead and a smooth flow neck hosel for improved alignment and stability.

Choosing a Flow Neck Putter

When choosing a flow neck putter, golfers should consider their personal preferences and putting style. Factors such as clubhead shape, hosel bend angle, and weight can all affect how a putter feels and performs.

Golfers should also consider factors such as price and brand reputation when choosing a flow neck putter. Some models can be quite expensive, so golfers should make sure they are investing in a putter that will work for them and help them improve their game.

Popular Flow Neck Putter Models

ModelBrandLoftLieHead Weight (grams)
Phantom X 5.5Scotty Cameron3.5°70°360
Spider EXTaylorMade70°355
Studio Stock 7Bettinardi70°358
EXO SevenOdyssey70°360
Futura X5RScotty Cameron3.5°70°360
TP Patina SotoTaylorMade70°355
BB1 Copper ClassicBettinardi70°350
O-Works Red #7Odyssey70°350
Phantom X 6 STRScotty Cameron3.5°70°360
Spider STaylorMade70°355

Comparison of Flow Neck vs. Traditional Putter

FeatureFlow Neck PutterTraditional Putter
Hosel TypeFlow NeckHeel-Shafted or Center-Shafted
Swing PathStraight Back, Straight ThroughArc
Stroke TypeStraightArc

Top Flow Neck Putters for Mid-Handicap Players

ModelBrandLoftLieHead Weight (grams)
Spider EXTaylorMade70°355
EXO SevenOdyssey70°360
Studio Stock 7Bettinardi70°358
Scottsdale TR Piper CPing70°350
2135 Satin ElevadoCleveland70°360
Futura X5RScotty Cameron3.5°70°360
TP Patina SotoTaylorMade70°355
BB1 Copper ClassicBettinardi70°350
Phantom X 5.5Scotty Cameron3.5°70°360
Sigma 2 ValorPing70°365

Flow Neck Putter Lengths for Men and Women

Length (inches)Men’s Flow Neck PuttersWomen’s Flow Neck Putters
33TaylorMade Spider EXOdyssey EXO Seven S
34Scotty Cameron Phantom XTaylorMade TP Patina Soto
35Odyssey O-Works #7Scotty Cameron Futura X5R

Average Distance Control for Flow Neck Putters

ModelBrandAverage Distance Control (ft)
Spider EXTaylorMade3
EXO SevenOdyssey2.5
Studio Stock 7Bettinardi2
Futura X5RScotty Cameron2.5
TP Patina SotoTaylorMade2

Flow Neck Putter Grips

ModelBrandGrip TypeGrip Color
Spider EXTaylorMadeSuperStroke Pistol GTR 1.0Black/White
EXO SevenOdysseyOdyssey Stroke LabBlack/Red
Studio Stock 7BettinardiLamkin Deep Etched CordBlack
Futura X5RScotty CameronMatador MidsizeBlack/Gray
TP Patina SotoTaylorMadeSuperStroke Pistol GTR 1.0Black/White

Flow Neck Putter Materials

ModelBrandHead MaterialFace MaterialNeck Material
Spider EXTaylorMadeAluminumPure Roll InsertSteel
EXO SevenOdysseyStainless SteelWhite Hot InsertSteel
Studio Stock 7BettinardiCarbon SteelF.I.T. FaceCarbon Steel
Futura X5RScotty Cameron303 Stainless SteelAluminumStainless Steel
TP Patina SotoTaylorMadeZincPure Roll InsertStainless Steel


Flow neck putters are a unique type of putter with a curved hosel design that can offer improved alignment, feel, and reduced face rotation. Golfers can choose from several different types of flow neck putters, including blade, mallet, and center shaft designs. When choosing a flow neck putter, golfers should consider their personal preferences, putting style, and budget.


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