Golf shafts are an essential component of a golf club. They connect the clubhead to the grip, allowing the golfer to swing the club and hit the ball. Golf shafts come in various lengths, weights, flexes, and materials. The type of shaft you choose can affect the distance, accuracy, and trajectory of your shots.

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FST KBS Golf Shafts Overview

FST KBS (Kim Braly Signature) is a popular brand of golf shafts that has gained a reputation for producing high-quality, performance-enhancing shafts. The FST KBS shafts are designed by Kim Braly, a renowned shaft designer who has worked with some of the top golfers in the world.

The FST KBS shafts are made using advanced materials and manufacturing techniques to produce a range of shafts that cater to different golfing styles and preferences. The shafts come in different weights, flexes, and profiles, which can influence the feel, trajectory, and spin of your shots.

Types of FST KBS Golf Shafts

The FST KBS golf shafts come in various models, each designed to suit different swing types and preferences. Some of the popular FST models include:

  1. FST KBS Tour: This is the flagship model of the FST shafts. It is designed for golfers who prefer a low-to-mid ball flight and a penetrating trajectory. The FST Tour shafts come in different weights and flexes to suit different swing speeds and styles.
  2. FST KBS Tour 90: This is a lighter version of the FST Tour shafts, designed for golfers who want a lighter shaft without sacrificing performance. The FST Tour 90 shafts are ideal for players with slower swing speeds or those who prefer a more effortless swing.
  3. FST KBS C-Taper: This is a high-performance shaft designed for golfers who want a mid-to-high ball flight and a more controlled spin. The FST C-Taper shafts are ideal for players who want to maximize their distance while maintaining control and accuracy.
  4. FST KBS Tour-V: This is a versatile shaft designed for golfers who want a mid-to-high ball flight and a soft feel. The FST Tour-V shafts are ideal for players who want to combine distance with a soft feel and a high launch.

Materials and Manufacturing

FST KBS golf shafts are made using a combination of advanced materials and manufacturing techniques. The shafts are made from high-quality steel, which is heat-treated and tempered to provide exceptional strength and durability. The manufacturing process involves a unique step-by-step approach that ensures consistency and accuracy in every shaft.

Flex and Weight Options

FST KBS golf shafts come in a range of flexes and weights to suit different golfers’ swing speeds and styles. The flex options include regular, stiff, extra stiff, and tour extra stiff, while the weight options range from 90 grams to 130 grams. The different flex and weight options allow golfers to fine-tune their club’s performance and get the most out of their swing.

Performance Benefits

FST KBS golf shafts offer several performance benefits that can improve a golfer’s game. These benefits include:

  1. Increased Distance – FST shafts are designed to maximize energy transfer from the clubhead to the ball, resulting in more distance.
  2. Improved Accuracy – FST shafts are designed to provide a stable and consistent feel, which can lead to improved accuracy.
  3. Better Trajectory – FST shafts are designed to produce optimal ball flight, whether it’s a low, mid, or high trajectory.
  4. More Control – FST shafts are designed to provide better control and feel, allowing golfers to shape their shots and control their spin.

Custom Fitting

To get the most out of your FST golf shafts, it’s essential to undergo a custom fitting session. A custom fitting involves analyzing your swing and ball flight characteristics to determine the best shaft for your game. By getting custom fit, you can ensure that your FST golf shafts are optimized for your swing, resulting in better performance and more enjoyable golf.

FST Tour Shafts

Shaft ModelWeight (grams)FlexTrajectorySpin
Tour 9090RegularMid/LowLow/Mid
Tour 105105StiffMid/LowLow/Mid
Tour V110StiffMid/LowLow/Mid
Tour 120120X-StiffMid/LowLow/Mid
Tour FLT120StiffMid/LowLow/Mid
Tour 130-X130X-StiffMid/LowLow/Mid
Tour 130130StiffMid/LowLow/Mid
Tour Black130StiffMid/LowLow/Mid
Tour 125125StiffMid/LowLow/Mid
Tour 90 FLT90RegularMid/LowLow/Mid

FST KBS C-Taper Shafts

Shaft ModelWeight (grams)FlexTrajectorySpin
C-Taper Lite105RegularMidLow-Mid
C-Taper Lite110StiffMidLow-Mid
C-Taper Lite115X-StiffMidLow-Mid
C-Taper Lite120X-StiffMidLow-Mid


Shaft ModelWeight (grams)FlexTrajectorySpin
TD 5050LHighHigh
TD 6060AHighHigh
TD 7070RMidMid
TD 8080SMid/LowMid/Low
TD 9090XLowLow
TD 100100XLowLow
TD 105105XLowLow
TD 110110XLowLow
TD 120120XLowLow
TD 130130XLowLow

FST KBS Max Shafts

Shaft ModelWeight (grams)FlexTrajectorySpin
Max 4545LHighHigh
Max 5555AHighHigh
Max 6565RMidMid
Max 7575SMid/LowMid/Low
Max 8585XLowLow
Max 9595XLowLow
Max 105105XLowLow
Max 115115XLowLow
Max 125125XLowLow
Max 135135XLowLow


FST KBS golf shafts are a high-quality and performance-enhancing option for golfers looking to improve their game. With a range of models, flexes, and weights to choose from, golfers can find the perfect FST KBS shaft to suit their swing and preferences. By selecting the right FST shaft and undergoing a custom fitting, golfers can enjoy improved distance, accuracy, trajectory, and control, leading to a more enjoyable and successful golf experience.



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