How to Get Recruited for College Golf

If you’re an aspiring college golfer , you’re likely looking for ways to get noticed by college coaches and increase your chances of getting recruited. Here are some tips to help you get recruited for college golf:

  1. Build a Strong Golf Resume: Start by creating a strong golf resume that highlights your achievements, including tournament results, rankings, awards, and honors. Make sure to include any golf-related extracurricular activities, such as golf camps, clinics, or volunteer work.
  2. Attend College Golf Camps and Clinics: Attending college golf camps and clinics is a great way to get noticed by college coaches and showcase your skills. These events provide an opportunity to meet with coaches, receive feedback on your game, and learn more about the college golf experience.
  3. Contact College Coaches: Don’t be afraid to reach out to college coaches directly to express your interest in their program. Be prepared to provide your golf resume and a highlight video of your golf game. Make sure to follow up with coaches regularly to stay on their radar.
  4. Participate in Junior Golf Tournaments: Participating in junior golf tournaments is an excellent way to showcase your skills and gain exposure to college coaches. Look for tournaments that are well-known and attended by college coaches.
  5. Keep Your Grades Up: College coaches are not only looking for talented golfers, but also student-athletes who can excel in the classroom. Make sure to keep your grades up and take challenging courses to demonstrate your academic abilities.
  6. Be Patient: Remember that the college golf recruiting process can take time, so be patient and persistent in your efforts. Keep working on your game, attending events, and reaching out to coaches, and eventually, you’ll find the right fit for you.
  7. Utilize Online Recruiting Services: There are several online recruiting services that can help you connect with college golf coaches and increase your exposure. These services can help you create a profile, upload highlight videos and stats, and communicate with coaches. Some popular recruiting services include Junior Golf Scoreboard, NCSA, and Golf Recruiting Solutions.
  8. Improve Your Golf Skills: Continuously working to improve your golf skills will make you a more attractive recruit to college coaches. Consider working with a golf coach to refine your swing, short game, and mental game. Attend golf clinics and camps to learn new techniques and strategies.
  9. Consider All Levels of College Golf: Don’t limit yourself to only Division I golf programs. There are many opportunities to play college golf at the Division II, III, and NAIA levels. Consider all levels of college golf when researching potential programs and finding the right fit for you.
  10. Attend College Golf Showcases: College golf showcases are events specifically designed to allow high school golfers to showcase their skills in front of college coaches. These events typically include a tournament component and provide an opportunity to network with coaches and other players. Research and attend showcase events that align with your goals and aspirations.


Top College Golf Programs

School NameLocationDivisionHead CoachConference
Oklahoma State UniversityStillwater, OklahomaDivision IAlan BrattonBig 12 Conference
Stanford UniversityStanford, CaliforniaDivision IConrad RayPac-12 Conference
University of TexasAustin, TexasDivision IJohn FieldsBig 12 Conference
University of GeorgiaAthens, GeorgiaDivision IChris HaackSoutheastern Conference
Wake Forest UniversityWinston-Salem, North CarolinaDivision IJerry HaasAtlantic Coast Conference
University of IllinoisChampaign, IllinoisDivision IMike SmallBig Ten Conference
University of Southern CaliforniaLos Angeles, CaliforniaDivision IChris ZambriPac-12 Conference
Duke UniversityDurham, North CarolinaDivision IDan BrooksAtlantic Coast Conference
University of AlabamaTuscaloosa, AlabamaDivision IJay SeawellSoutheastern Conference
Vanderbilt UniversityNashville, TennesseeDivision IScott LimbaughSoutheastern Conference

Golf Scholarships and Financial Aid

Type of Scholarship/AidDescriptionEligibilityAmountApplication Deadline
Athletic ScholarshipAwarded to student-athletes based on their athletic abilities and potential to contribute to the team’s successNCAA Division I and II athletesVariesVaries by school and program
Academic ScholarshipAwarded to students based on academic achievements and potentialHigh school GPA, test scores, and other academic achievementsVariesVaries by school and program
Need-based ScholarshipAwarded to students based on financial needFinancial aid application, FAFSAVariesVaries by school and program
Merit ScholarshipAwarded to students based on a combination of academic and other achievementsHigh school GPA, test scores, leadership, community service, etc.VariesVaries by school and program
Endowed ScholarshipAwarded to students based on criteria set by the donorVariesVariesVaries by school and program

NCAA Golf Recruiting Rules and Guidelines

Contact PeriodsCoaches are allowed to contact student-athletes during certain periods of the year, depending on the division level and sport.
Official VisitsProspective student-athletes are allowed to visit the campus of the school they are considering attending and meet with coaches, players, and other staff members.
Unofficial VisitsProspective student-athletes are allowed to visit the campus of the school they are considering attending, but the school cannot provide any financial assistance.
National Letter of IntentA binding agreement between the student-athlete and the school they will attend. Once signed, the student-athlete must attend the school for at least one academic year.
Recruiting ServicesCompanies that offer assistance to student-athletes in the college recruiting process, such as creating highlight videos, contacting coaches, and providing exposure to college programs.

Golf Skills and Attributes College Coaches Look For

DistanceThe ability to hit the ball a long way off the tee and from the fairway.
AccuracyThe ability to hit the ball consistently and land it where the player intends.
Short GameThe ability to chip, pitch, and putt effectively around the green.


Remember that the college golf recruiting process can be competitive and challenging, but with persistence, hard work, and patience, you can increase your chances of getting recruited for college golf. Be proactive in your efforts, stay focused on your goals, and enjoy the journey!


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