Golf Pants with Slits at the Bottom

Have you seen someone on the golf course with the slits at the bottom of their pants? You have really liked it and want to get something similar? This post is all about golf pants with slits at the bottom for both men and women.

golf pants with slits at the bottom

Slit Golf Pant Bottoms for Women

For women, there are loads of options available. You can find bottom slit pants almost everywhere but you need to look at the dress code of the golf club.

Certain clubs have strict rules when it comes to your outfit. If your club allows it then it’s a great option otherwise you can get the fashion done.

Slit Golf Pant Bottoms for Men

For men, it would be a bit difficult to find the slit bottom pants.

Your options are a bit limited but you can find something for yourself at Bingo or Scissor.

The other option is to get it done via a tailor. You can get the V hemmed on your pants for around $10.

Is It Going To Help Your Game?

The mechanics of your pants to assist in your game are mostly till the knees. What’s going around the shin and ankles are not much related.

So the slits at the bottom are not going to contribute to your technique. However, if you plan to get a ready-made V bottom non-golf pants then you will be compromising on the fit.

Your golf swing would be impacted in an unnoticeable way but your distance off the tee especially would be affected negatively.

The only way it can help your game is to boost your confidence.

If you are someone who feels good to be presentable then this is something you can do.

Focus On The Game

Bottom slit golf pants are more likely to take your focus off the game. A short can actually be better than a long pant with slits at the bottom.

If you are developing this habit of being influenced by how you look than how you play then its time to consider your choices.

Golf requires certain mechanics, muscle memory, and the right equipment for different shots.

After spending a lot of time on the golf course and observing the game of hundreds of golfers. I can safely say that the best performers were actually the most average outfit players.

Discipline in terms of the outfit is appreciable especially when it is in accordance with the dress code of the golf course. However, if your focus is more on how much you look different then you are going to attract some eye balls on the golf course. If your golf ball is not in the right place then you may actually feel psychologically discouraged and stay away from the game.

Brand Comparison

BrandMaterialColor OptionsPrice RangeAvailable Sizes
NikePolyesterBlack, Navy, Gray, Khaki$70 – $100S, M, L, XL
AdidasCotton blendWhite, Beige, Blue, Green, Black$60 – $80S, M, L, XL, XXL
Under ArmourNylon, ElastaneGray, Navy, Black, Khaki$80 – $120XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
PumaPolyester, ElastaneBlack, White, Gray$50 – $70S, M, L, XL
CallawayPolyesterBeige, Navy, Black$60 – $90S, M, L, XL, XXL

Material Comparison

BrandMaterialAdvantagesDisadvantagesRecommended for
NikePolyesterLightweight, quick-drying, stretchyNot as breathable as natural fibersHot and humid weather
AdidasCotton blendSoft, comfortable, breathableWrinkles easily, takes longer to dryMild and cool weather
Under ArmourNylon, ElastaneDurable, moisture-wicking, flexibleNot as soft and comfortable as cottonHot and humid weather
PumaPolyester, ElastaneLightweight, stretchy, wrinkle-resistantNot as breathable as cottonMild and cool weather
CallawayPolyesterLightweight, moisture-wicking, quick-dryingNot as soft and comfortable as cottonHot and humid weather

Color Options Comparison

BrandBlackNavyGrayBeigeKhakiWhiteGreenBlueOther Colors
Under Armour

Size Comparison

BrandSizeWaist Measurement (inches)Hip Measurement (inches)Inseam Measurement (inches)


Keep it simple and straightforward. Focus on the game, and improve your mechanics. A slit bottom may actually not be an attention grabber but a very well-organized golf club set, a near-perfect swing will get you more attention and respect.


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