Golf strategy for short hitters

Golf is a sport that requires a combination of skill, technique, and strategy. While distance off the tee is often celebrated, not every golfer possesses the power to consistently drive the ball long distances. Short hitters, those who struggle to reach the same distances as their peers, can still excel on the golf course with the right strategy. In this guide, we’ll explore various strategies and tips to help short hitters maximize their performance on the golf course.

1. Course Management

  • Play to Your Strengths: Short hitters should focus on accuracy rather than distance. Identify your strong suits, such as accurate iron play or a reliable short game, and build your strategy around them.
  • Position Over Power: Instead of trying to reach long par-4s or par-5s in regulation, aim to position yourself for a comfortable approach shot. Smart course management can often lead to lower scores.

2. Club Selection

  • Choose the Right Clubs: Short hitters should prioritize accuracy and consistency over distance when selecting clubs. Opt for clubs that you can control effectively, even if it means sacrificing some yardage.
  • Hybrids and Fairway Woods: Consider using hybrid clubs and fairway woods off the tee instead of a driver. These clubs are easier to control and can help you find the fairway more consistently.

3. Short Game Mastery

  • Practice Putting: Short hitters can significantly lower their scores by becoming proficient putters. Spend ample time practicing your putting to save strokes on the green.
  • Chipping and Pitching: Develop a reliable chipping and pitching game to make up for shorter approach shots. Being able to get up and down from around the green can be a game-changer.

4. Shot Selection

  • Lay Up When Necessary: On long par-4s or par-5s, consider laying up instead of attempting risky long shots. This reduces the chances of hitting into hazards or trouble.
  • Avoid Hero Shots: Short hitters should resist the temptation to attempt hero shots from difficult lies. Play safe, advance the ball, and focus on improving your position.

5. Mental Game

  • Stay Patient: Accept that you may not reach the green in as few shots as longer hitters. Stay patient, focus on the process, and don’t get frustrated by your lack of distance.
  • Course Knowledge: Study the course layout and hazards carefully. Knowing where to avoid trouble can help short hitters plan their shots more effectively.

6. Fitness and Technique

  • Strength and Flexibility: Work on your overall fitness to maximize your swing speed and power within your physical limits. Improving your flexibility and core strength can lead to more distance.
  • Swing Efficiency: Consult a golf instructor to ensure your swing mechanics are efficient. Even with limited power, a technically sound swing can maximize your distance potential.

7. Equipment Considerations

  • Custom Fitting: Get custom-fitted clubs that suit your swing and physical characteristics. Properly fitted clubs can help short hitters gain more distance and accuracy.
  • Low Compression Balls: Consider using low compression golf balls that are designed for slower swing speeds. These balls can help short hitters achieve better distance and control.

8. Pre-round Preparation

  • Warm-up Routine: Prior to your round, establish a consistent warm-up routine. This will help you get your muscles loose and ready for the round, potentially adding a bit of extra distance to your shots.
  • Visualization: Visualize your shots and course strategy before stepping onto the first tee. This mental preparation can help you make better decisions on the course.

9. Playing Partnerships

  • Choose Partners Wisely: If possible, play with partners who complement your game. Having longer hitters in your group can help you strategize better and share valuable insights.
  • Learn from Others: Observe how longer hitters approach the course. You may pick up useful tips and strategies that can be adapted to your game.

10. Continued Improvement

  • Lessons and Coaching: Invest in golf lessons or coaching to continually refine your game. An experienced instructor can identify areas for improvement and help you develop a game plan.
  • Track Progress: Keep a record of your rounds and statistics. Monitoring your progress over time can highlight areas that need attention and guide your practice efforts.

11. Stay Positive and Persistent

  • Maintain a Positive Mindset: Golf can be a mentally challenging sport. Stay positive, focus on the present shot, and maintain confidence in your abilities.
  • Embrace Challenges: Short hitters often face tougher shots and recovery situations. Embrace these challenges as opportunities to showcase your skills and creativity.

Golf Clubs Selection for Short Hitters

Club TypeLoft Angle (degrees)Distance (yards)AccuracyVersatility
Hybrid (4-5)20-25180-200HighHigh
Iron (6-9)26-42150-180HighHigh
Wedges (PW,SW)46-6080-120Very HighVery High
Fairway Woods18-21180-210ModerateModerate
Utility Irons18-24170-190HighModerate
Hybrids (3H-5H)18-28160-190HighHigh
Specialty ClubsVariesVariesVariesVaries

Tee Shot Strategies for Short Hitters

Hole TypeClub ChoiceAim PointStrategyNotes
Par 4/5DriverFairwayAim for accuracy and fairway position.Avoid risky long shots into hazards.
Par 3Iron/HybridGreenTarget center of the green for an easy putt.Avoid bunker and water hazards.
Tight Fairway3-WoodFairwayOpt for control over distance.Favor positioning over power.
Dogleg LeftHybrid/IronCornerPlay to the corner, setting up a clear approach.Avoid trees on the dogleg.
Dogleg RightHybrid/IronCornerSame as above, adjust for the dogleg direction.Minimize the risk of wayward shots.
Short Par 4Fairway WoodFairwayPosition for a wedge approach to the green.Avoid aggressive driver shots.
Long Par 4Hybrid/IronFairwayPrioritize fairway accuracy for long second shot.Avoid rough or hazards for approach.
Par 5Hybrid/IronFairwayConsistent fairway shots for a controlled third.Set up a straightforward approach.
RecoveryAppropriateSafe ZoneGet back on the fairway or safe landing area.Avoid trying to overreach distances.
Bunker PlayWedgeGreenAim for a safe landing on the green or fairway.Focus on distance control and spin.

Approach Shot Strategies for Short Hitters

Club SelectionDistance (yards)Target AreaStrategyNotes
Wedge (PW,SW)80-120GreenAim for the center of the green.Avoid hazards and aim for two-putt.
Iron (6-9)150-180Front ThirdFavor the front part of the green for easy access.Use approach clubs with good accuracy.
Hybrid (4-5)180-200CenterAim for the center to minimize risks.Reliable distance control is crucial.
Fairway Woods180-210Front ThirdPosition for a comfortable chip or pitch to the pin.Avoid over-hitting into trouble behind.
Utility Irons170-190MiddlePrioritize hitting the green or its vicinity.Be mindful of accuracy in club selection.
Specialty ClubsVariesVariesAdapt to specific situations (e.g., trouble shots).Club choice depends on course conditions.

Short Game Strategies for Short Hitters

Shot TypeClub ChoiceTechniqueLanding AreaScoring ObjectiveNotes
PitchWedgeSoft touch, high trajectoryNear the pinUp and downFocus on distance control and spin.
ChipWedgeLow trajectory, roll and releaseOn the greenOne-putt or closeKeep it low to control the roll.
Bunker ShotSand WedgeOpen clubface, explode sandOn the greenGet out and closePractice bunker shots for consistency.
Flop ShotLob WedgeHigh, soft landingNear the pinShort birdie puttRequires precision and practice.
PuttingPutterPendulum strokeIn the holeOne or two puttsWork on distance control and reading.

Mental Game Tips for Short Hitters

SituationMental ApproachKey PointsNotes
Narrow FairwayFocus on accuracy, not distance.Visualize hitting the fairway’s center.Build confidence in controlled shots.
Longer HolesEmphasize fairway accuracy and strategy.Break the hole into manageable segments.Avoid feeling overwhelmed by length.
HazardsPlan safe routes and avoid trouble.Develop a reliable course management plan.Minimize risk, even if it means laying up.
Short Game ShotsBelieve in your ability to get up and down.Stay positive and composed under pressure.Mental resilience is key to saving strokes.
Scoring OpportunitiesCapitalize on par 3s and short par 4s.Set realistic goals for each round.Maximize scoring chances on easier holes.


Short hitters can excel in golf by adopting a strategic approach that plays to their strengths. By focusing on accuracy, smart course management, and honing their short game, golfers with limited distance off the tee can still achieve impressive scores. Remember that golf is not solely about power; it’s about precision and control, and short hitters can thrive by mastering these aspects of the game.

Golf strategy for short hitters


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