Harold Varner Jordan Hat

Golfers are known to have a unique sense of style when they are out on the course. One golfer who has made headlines for his fashion choices is Harold Varner III. Varner, a PGA Tour player, is known for wearing an iconic golf hat made famous by Michael Jordan . In this article, we will take a closer look at the Harold Varner Jordan hat and its significance.

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Who is Harold Varner III?

Harold Varner III is a professional golfer who plays on the PGA Tour. Born on August 15, 1990, in Akron, Ohio, Varner attended East Carolina University where he played college golf. He turned professional in 2012 and has since won two events on the Web.com Tour.

Varner is known for his engaging personality and his bold sense of style. He has been seen wearing everything from bright colors to unique patterns on the golf course. One of his most famous fashion choices is the Jordan golf hat.

What is the Jordan Golf Hat?

The Jordan golf hat is a black cap with a red Jumpman logo on the front. The hat is made by Nike, which is a longtime sponsor of Michael Jordan. The hat is popular among golfers and has been worn by many professionals, including Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy. However, it was Harold Varner III who brought the hat to the forefront of golf fashion.

Varner started wearing the Jordan golf hat during his rookie season on the PGA Tour in 2016. Since then, he has become known for the hat and has worn it in many tournaments. He has even been nicknamed “HV3” by some fans, with the “V” standing for Varner and the “3” representing the number that Jordan wore during his basketball career.

Why is the Jordan Golf Hat Significant?

The Jordan golf hat is significant because it represents the crossover between golf and basketball. Michael Jordan is one of the greatest basketball players of all time, and he has also been a longtime golf enthusiast. Jordan has played in many celebrity golf tournaments and is known for his love of the game.

The hat also represents a new generation of golfers who are breaking down barriers and bringing a fresh perspective to the game. Harold Varner III is a young, talented golfer who is not afraid to express his individuality. The Jordan golf hat is just one example of how he is making his mark on the sport.

Harold Varner III’s Impact on Golf Fashion

Harold Varner III is not the first golfer to make a fashion statement on the course, but his impact has been significant. Varner’s bold choices have inspired other golfers to express their individuality through their clothing. The Jordan golf hat has become a popular choice among golfers, and many fans can be seen wearing it in the galleries.

Varner has also worked with clothing companies to develop his own line of golf apparel. In 2020, he partnered with Bonobos to create a limited-edition collection of golf shirts and shorts. The collection was designed to reflect Varner’s personality and his love of bright colors and unique patterns.

Varner’s impact on golf fashion extends beyond his own wardrobe. He has been a vocal advocate for diversity and inclusion in the sport, and he has used his platform to highlight the lack of representation among golf apparel brands. Varner has called on these brands to create more inclusive lines that reflect the diversity of the sport.

The Jordan Golf Hat and Its Popularity Among Golfers

The Jordan golf hat has become a popular choice among golfers, both professional and amateur. The hat’s sleek design and iconic Jumpman logo have made it a fashion statement on the course. Golfers who wear the Jordan hat often do so as a tribute to Michael Jordan, who is one of the most famous athletes in the world.

The Jordan golf hat has also become a collector’s item among golf fans. The hat is often released in limited editions, and collectors will go to great lengths to obtain one. Some editions of the hat have sold for thousands of dollars on the secondary market.

The popularity of the Jordan golf hat has led to a surge in demand for other Jordan-branded golf apparel. Nike has released a line of Jordan golf shoes and clothing, which have become popular among golfers of all skill levels.

Harold Varner’s Tournament Results

Tournament NameYearFinishScoreEarnings ($)
The Players2021T13-8286,000
Charles Schwab2020T19-6107,625
RBC Heritage20199-11186,350
OHL Classic2018T10-10155,000
Australian PGA2017T19-416,000
Zurich Classic2015T10-1285,500
Northern Trust2014MC-2
John Deere2013T13-1490,000
Sony Open2012T9-13128,000

Jordan Spieth’s Major Championship Wins

Tournament NameYearScoreRunner-upMargin of Victory
Masters2015-18Justin Rose4 strokes
US Open2015-5Dustin Johnson1 stroke
Open Championship2017-12Matt Kuchar3 strokes
Masters2021-13Will Zalatoris2 strokes

Harold Varner’s 2021 Season Performance

Tournament NameFinishScoreEarnings ($)FedEx Cup Points
The PlayersT13-8286,00051
Arnold PalmerT26-364,52520
Players Champ.T10-8251,87557

Jordan Spieth’s 2020 Season Performance

Tournament NameFinishScoreEarnings ($)FedEx Cup Points
Charles SchwabT10-12176,12551
RBC HeritageT68+213,0685
PGA Champ.T71+313,1743
Northern TrustT71+416,7403



Harold Varner III and the Jordan golf hat have become iconic symbols in the world of golf. Varner’s bold sense of style and his willingness to push the boundaries have made him a fan favorite. The Jordan golf hat represents a new generation of golfers who are breaking down barriers and bringing a fresh perspective to the game. Whether you are a golfer or a basketball fan, the Jordan golf hat is a symbol of the crossover between these two great sports.

Harold Varner Jordan Hat



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