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Honma Golf is a renowned Japanese golf club manufacturer with a rich history dating back to 1959. Known for its precision craftsmanship and premium materials, Honma has earned a reputation for producing high-quality golf clubs that cater to both amateur and professional golfers. In this article, we will delve into the world of Honma golf clubs, exploring their history, key product lines, and what sets them apart from other golf club manufacturers.

The History of Honma Golf Clubs

Founding and Early Years

Honma Golf was founded by the late Kohei Honma in the small town of Sakata, Japan. Kohei Honma was a master craftsman who began by making clubs for his friends and local golf enthusiasts. His commitment to producing exceptional clubs laid the foundation for the company’s future success.

International Expansion

Over the decades, Honma Golf expanded its presence globally, becoming a symbol of Japanese precision engineering. They opened flagship stores in prestigious locations like Tokyo and New York, further establishing themselves as a premium brand in the golf industry.

Key Product Lines

Beres Series

The Beres series is the epitome of luxury in the Honma lineup. These clubs are meticulously crafted for golfers who demand the absolute best in performance and aesthetics. Beres clubs often feature precious materials such as platinum and gold accents, along with premium shaft options. These clubs are designed for golfers seeking maximum forgiveness and distance.

Tour World Series

The Tour World series is Honma’s offering for competitive and skilled golfers. These clubs are designed with a focus on performance and precision. Tour World clubs are used by professional golfers around the world and are known for their consistency and control.

XP-1 and XP-1 Rose Protégé Series

The XP-1 series and its counterpart, the XP-1 Rose Protégé series, are designed for players looking for game improvement. These clubs provide forgiveness and distance while maintaining a sleek and modern appearance. The XP-1 Rose Protégé series is specifically designed for female golfers.

T//World GS Series

The T//World GS series is designed for players who want distance without compromising on forgiveness. These clubs incorporate advanced technologies to maximize ball speed and carry distance.

What Sets Honma Golf Clubs Apart


One of the standout features of Honma golf clubs is the craftsmanship that goes into each club’s production. Skilled artisans handcraft many aspects of Honma clubs, ensuring the highest level of quality and attention to detail.

Premium Materials

Honma is known for its use of premium materials, including high-quality graphite and steel shafts, as well as exotic metals in some of their clubheads. These materials contribute to both the performance and aesthetics of their clubs.


Honma offers extensive customization options, allowing golfers to tailor their clubs to their individual preferences. This includes options for shaft flex, lie angle, grip type, and even personalized engravings.

Innovative Technology

While Honma retains a commitment to tradition, they also embrace innovation. Their clubs often incorporate advanced technologies, such as adjustable weighting systems and multi-material designs, to optimize performance.

Honma’s Commitment to Golfers

Honma’s dedication to providing the best possible golfing experience extends beyond just manufacturing clubs. They offer a range of services and initiatives to support golfers:

Fitting Centers

Honma operates fitting centers around the world where golfers can receive personalized club fitting sessions. These sessions involve analyzing a golfer’s swing, preferences, and performance goals to recommend the perfect set of clubs.

Professional Golfer Partnerships

Honma sponsors several professional golfers on various tours, showcasing the trust that top-level players have in their equipment. These partnerships also allow Honma to receive valuable feedback from elite athletes to continuously improve their products.

Commitment to Sustainability

Honma Golf is conscious of its environmental footprint. They implement eco-friendly practices in their manufacturing processes and packaging materials, contributing to a more sustainable golf industry.

Community Engagement

Honma actively engages with the golfing community through events, sponsorships, and partnerships with golf courses and tournaments. They aim to promote the sport and connect with golfers at all levels.

Honma Golf’s Future

As golf technology and player preferences evolve, Honma Golf continues to innovate and adapt. They are likely to remain a key player in the golf industry, catering to golfers who seek the best in terms of performance, craftsmanship, and customization.

With their commitment to quality, innovation, and a rich heritage, Honma Golf Clubs are set to continue making a mark in the golfing world for generations to come. Whether you’re a beginner looking to improve your game or a seasoned pro seeking the finest equipment, Honma has a club that aligns with your goals and aspirations on the golf course.

Honma Golf Club Models

ModelTypeLoftShaft MaterialPrice (USD)
Honma TW747Driver10.5°Graphite499
Honma TW-XFairway Wood15°Steel299
Honma BeZealIron Set5-PWGraphite899
Honma BeresHybrid22°Graphite349
Honma TR20PPutterN/ASteel189
Honma XP-1DriverGraphite599
Honma TourFairway Wood18°Steel349
Honma T//WIron Set4-PWGraphite999
Honma XP-1Hybrid19°Graphite389
Honma RosePutterN/ASteel219

Honma Golf Club Materials

Carbon FiberLightweight and provides enhanced club speed.
TitaniumOffers strength and durability for clubheads.
GraphiteProvides flexibility and reduces vibration.
SteelKnown for stability and control in irons.
Precious MetalsUsed in premium club designs for exclusivity.

Honma Clubhead Finishes

Gloss BlackSleek and classic appearance.
Satin ChromeProvides a clean and modern look.
Rose GoldAdds a touch of luxury and elegance.
Matte BlueUnique and eye-catching finish.
Brushed SilverOffers a subtle, refined appearance.

Honma Club Shaft Options

Shaft MaterialFlexWeight (g)Torque (°)Kickpoint
GraphiteExtra Stiff753.0Mid-Low

Honma Golf Club Prices

ModelDriver Price (USD)Fairway Wood Price (USD)Iron Set Price (USD)Hybrid Price (USD)Putter Price (USD)
Honma TW7474990000
Honma TW-X0299000
Honma BeZeal0089900
Honma Beres0003490
Honma TR20P0000189
Honma XP-15990000
Honma Tour0349000
Honma T//W0099900
Honma XP-10003890
Honma Rose0000219


In the world of golf, Honma Golf Clubs are synonymous with excellence, precision, and luxury. With a rich history of craftsmanship and a commitment to innovation, Honma continues to produce clubs that cater to a wide range of golfers, from beginners to professionals. Whether you seek premium materials, impeccable design, or unmatched performance, Honma has a club series to meet your needs, making them a name to reckon with in the golf industry.


Honma Golf Clubs


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