Honma Tr20 V Vs. P Irons

Golfers are always on the lookout for the perfect set of irons to enhance their performance on the course. Honma, a renowned golf equipment manufacturer, offers a range of iron sets, including the TR20 V and P models, each designed to cater to different skill levels and playing styles. In this comprehensive comparison, we will delve into the features, performance, and suitability of these two iron sets to help you make an informed decision.

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1. Introducing the HONMA TR20 V Irons:

Overview: The HONMA TR20 V irons are designed for players seeking precision and workability in their iron shots. They are part of the Tour Release series and are often favored by skilled golfers.

Key Features:

  • Forged from soft carbon steel for exceptional feel and feedback.
  • Compact, blade-like design for shot-shaping control.
  • Thin topline and minimal offset for a traditional, clean look at address.
  • Progressive weighting for optimized launch and forgiveness throughout the set.

Performance: The TR20 V irons excel in the hands of experienced players who can capitalize on the precision and workability these irons offer. They provide a high level of shot control, allowing golfers to shape their shots and control trajectory effectively. However, they may not be the best choice for high-handicap players due to their demanding nature.

2. Introducing the HONMA TR20 P Irons:

Overview: The HONMA TR20 P irons are engineered to provide a balance of forgiveness and distance without sacrificing feel and playability. These irons are ideal for a wider range of players, from mid-handicappers to skilled golfers.

Key Features:

  • Hollow construction in long irons for increased forgiveness and distance.
  • Compact cavity-back design in mid and short irons for better control.
  • Low center of gravity for higher launch and improved ball flight.
  • Made from premium materials for exceptional feel.

Performance: The TR20 P irons are versatile and can accommodate a broader spectrum of players. They offer a good blend of forgiveness and workability, making them suitable for golfers looking to improve their game while maintaining a degree of shot-shaping control. These irons are also forgiving enough to help mid-handicap players gain confidence and consistency.

3. Head-to-Head Comparison:


  • TR20 V: Limited forgiveness, suited for skilled players.
  • TR20 P: Higher forgiveness, suitable for mid-handicap to skilled players.


  • TR20 V: Exceptional shot-shaping control.
  • TR20 P: Good workability without being overly demanding.

Feel and Feedback:

  • TR20 V: Excellent feel and feedback due to the forged construction.
  • TR20 P: Still offers good feel and feedback for a cavity-back design.


  • TR20 V: Distance is largely dependent on player skill and swing.
  • TR20 P: Hollow construction in long irons provides added distance.

4. Which HONMA Irons are Right for You?

  • If you are an experienced golfer with a low handicap and prioritize shot control, the TR20 V irons are an excellent choice.
  • If you are a mid-handicap golfer looking to improve your game and want a balance of forgiveness and workability, the TR20 P irons are a better fit.
  • Ultimately, your choice should align with your skill level, playing style, and personal preferences.

5. Customization and Fitting:

It’s crucial to remember that a successful choice between the HONMA TR20 V and P irons often goes hand-in-hand with proper club fitting. Getting custom-fitted for your irons can optimize your performance by tailoring the clubs to your specific swing characteristics, height, and posture.

Many golf retailers and club professionals offer custom fitting services, which involve analyzing your swing and recommending the most suitable shaft flex, lie angle, and grip size. This process can help maximize the benefits of either the TR20 V or P irons based on your unique requirements.

6. Pricing and Investment:

The cost of both the TR20 V and P irons can vary depending on factors like club configuration, shaft material, and grip choice. Generally, the TR20 V irons may be slightly more expensive due to their premium materials and craftsmanship. However, investing in a set of irons that matches your skill level and playing style is a wise decision, as they can significantly impact your on-course performance.

It’s advisable to consider your budget while also prioritizing the clubs that will provide you the most value in terms of improved performance and satisfaction.

7. Conclusion:

In the HONMA TR20 V vs. P irons comparison, both sets of irons offer distinct advantages, catering to different golfers’ needs and preferences. Your choice should revolve around your skill level, playing style, and what you want to achieve on the golf course.

If you are a highly skilled golfer who values precision and shot control, the TR20 V irons may be your best choice. On the other hand, if you seek a balance between forgiveness and workability, especially as a mid-handicap player looking to improve your game, the TR20 P irons offer an attractive option.



FeatureHONMA TR20 V Irons
Club TypeIrons
Loft Options4-PW
Shaft MaterialSteel
Shaft FlexRegular, Stiff
Hand OrientationRight, Left
Price Range$799 – $899
Clubhead MaterialCarbon Steel
Shaft BrandNippon NS Pro 950
Grip TypeHONMA Tour Velvet

Pros and Cons

DistanceExcellent distance controlLess forgiving on mishits
FeelSuperior feel and feedbackPremium price tag
ControlGreat shot-shaping capabilitiesRequires skill to maximize use
DesignSleek, modern designLimited loft options
WorkabilityHigh workability for skilled golfersMay not suit high handicappers


FeatureHONMA TR20 P Irons
Club TypeIrons
Loft Options3-PW
Shaft MaterialSteel
Shaft FlexRegular, Stiff
Hand OrientationRight, Left
Price Range$899 – $999
Clubhead MaterialCarbon Steel
Shaft BrandNippon NS Pro 950
Grip TypeHONMA Tour Velvet

Pros and Cons

FeelExcellent feel and feedbackPremium price tag
ControlPrecise shot controlMay not be forgiving
DesignClassic, traditional designLimited loft options
WorkabilityExceptional workability for prosNot ideal for high handicappers
DistanceGood distance controlLess distance compared to V irons


AspectHONMA TR20 V IronsHONMA TR20 P Irons
Loft Options4-PW3-PW
FeelSuperior feelExcellent feel
WorkabilityHigh workabilityExceptional workability
Price Range$799 – $899$899 – $999
Distance ControlExcellent distanceGood distance control


Whichever set you ultimately select, remember that golf equipment is a personal choice. Take the time to test both sets, preferably through a custom fitting process, and choose the irons that make you feel the most comfortable and confident on the course. With the right clubs in your hands, you can take your golf game to new heights.


Honma Tr20 V Vs. P Irons


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