Hoofer vs Hoofer 14

When it comes to golf bags, one of the most popular options among avid golfers is the Hoofer by Ping. But within the Hoofer family, there are different models to choose from. In this article, we will compare the Hoofer and Hoofer 14 to help you decide which one is the best fit for your needs.

Hoofer Golf Bag

Features: 5-way top, 7 pockets, adjustable shoulder straps, rain hood

Benefits: Lightweight, comfortable to carry, plenty of pockets for storage, easy to access clubs

Ideal for: Golfers who prefer to carry their bag , play shorter courses, and don’t need a lot of extra storage

Hoofer 14 Golf Bag

Features: 14-way top, 11 pockets, adjustable shoulder straps, rain hood

Benefits: More organization for clubs, lots of pockets for storage, comfortable to carry, easy access to all clubs

Ideal for: Golfers who prefer to carry their bag, play longer courses, need more storage space for accessories and personal items


Weight: Hoofer is lighter at 5.5 lbs, while Hoofer 14 is slightly heavier at 5.9 lbs.

Club organization: Hoofer has a 5-way top, while Hoofer 14 has a 14-way top for more organization.

Storage: Hoofer has 7 pockets, while Hoofer 14 has 11 pockets for more storage space.

Comfort: Both have adjustable shoulder straps and are comfortable to carry, but Hoofer 14 has a more cushioned strap.

Additional Considerations

Price: The Hoofer is generally less expensive than the Hoofer 14, so budget may also play a role in your decision.

Course Conditions: If you often play in wet or rainy conditions, both bags come with rain hoods to protect your clubs and belongings, but the Hoofer 14 has a more water-resistant material and zippers.

Personal Style: Both bags come in a variety of colors and designs, so consider which one matches your personal style and preferences.


Golf bags are an essential accessory for any golfer, providing a convenient way to transport clubs and other accessories around the course.

The Hoofer and Hoofer 14 by Ping are both great options, with their own unique features and benefits to suit different golfers’ needs.

When choosing between the two, consider factors such as weight, club organization, storage, comfort, price, course conditions, and personal style.

Regardless of which bag you choose, proper maintenance and care are important to ensure the longevity and functionality of your golf bag.

Explore alternative options if neither Hoofer bag meets your needs, and remember that the right golf bag can make a significant difference in your overall golfing experience.

Hoofer Bag Comparison

BrandModelNumber of DividersWeight (lbs)Price ($)
PingHoofer 14145.9299.99
TitleistHoofer 14145.9299.99
CallawayHoofer 14146.0279.99
TaylorMadeHoofer 14145.9279.99
CobraHoofer 14145.8239.99

Number of Dividers Comparison

BrandModelNumber of Dividers
PingHoofer 1414
TitleistHoofer 1414
CallawayHoofer 1414
TaylorMadeHoofer 1414
CobraHoofer 1414

Weight Comparison

BrandModelWeight (lbs)
PingHoofer 145.9
TitleistHoofer 145.9
CallawayHoofer 146.0
TaylorMadeHoofer 145.9
CobraHoofer 145.8

Pros and Cons Comparison

HooferLightweight, affordable, good for walkingLimited divider options, less storage space
Hoofer 14More dividers for better club organization, ample storage, comfortable strapsSlightly heavier, higher price point


Ultimately, the choice between the Hoofer and Hoofer 14 depends on your personal preferences and needs as a golfer.

If you value a lightweight bag with easy access to your clubs and don’t need a lot of storage, the Hoofer is a great option.

If you need more organization for your clubs and more storage space for accessories and personal items, the Hoofer 14 is the better choice.


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