How Many Batteries Does a Golf Cart Have

A golf cart typically has a set of 6-volt or 8-volt batteries that are connected in a series to produce a 36-volt or 48-volt power system. The exact number of batteries in a golf cart depends on the voltage and capacity requirements of the cart, as well as the specific model and manufacturer.

Most golf carts use a set of six batteries, which are arranged in a series of 3 pairs. Each pair of batteries is connected in series to produce a 12-volt unit, and then the three 12-volt units are connected in series to produce either a 36-volt or a 48-volt system.

However, some newer models of golf carts use 8-volt batteries instead of 6-volt batteries, which means that they require fewer batteries to produce the same voltage output. These carts typically use either 4 or 6 batteries, depending on the voltage and capacity requirements.

It’s important to note that the batteries used in golf carts are typically deep-cycle lead-acid batteries, which are designed to provide a steady amount of power over an extended period of time. They are different from the regular automotive batteries used in cars, which are designed to deliver a large burst of power for a short period of time.

To determine the exact number and type of batteries required for a particular golf cart, it’s best to consult the owner’s manual or contact the manufacturer directly. Proper battery maintenance and replacement is crucial to the performance and longevity of a golf cart, so it’s important to use the recommended batteries and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Golf Carts with Six 6-Volt Batteries

MakeModelBattery TypeBattery VoltageNumber of Batteries
Club CarPrecedentLead Acid 6 volts6
EZ-GOTXTLead Acid6 volts6
YamahaDriveLead Acid6 volts6
TomberlinE-MergeLead Acid6 volts6
StarEV ClassicLead Acid6 volts6
ColumbiaJourneyLead Acid6 volts6
CushmanShuttleLead Acid6 volts6
Taylor-DunnG-100Lead Acid6 volts6
Bad Boy BuggiesClassicLead Acid6 volts6
GariaGolfLead Acid6 volts6

Golf Carts with Four 12-Volt Batteries

MakeModelBattery TypeBattery VoltageNumber of Batteries
YamahaG29Lead Acid12 volts4
EZ-GORXVLead Acid12 volts4
Club CarDSLead Acid12 volts4
TomberlinAnvilLead Acid12 volts4
StarEV ClassicLead Acid12 volts4
ColumbiaParCarLead Acid12 volts4
CushmanTitanLead Acid12 volts4
Taylor-DunnB-248Lead Acid12 volts4
Bad Boy BuggiesAmbushLead Acid12 volts4
GariaGolfLead Acid12 volts4

Golf Carts with Eight 6-Volt Batteries

MakeModelBattery TypeBattery VoltageNumber of Batteries
EZ-GOExpress L6Lead Acid6 volts8
YamahaAdventurerLead Acid6 volts8
Club CarVillagerLead Acid6 volts8
TomberlinE-MergeLead Acid6 volts8
StarEV ClassicLead Acid6 volts8
ColumbiaPayloaderLead Acid6 volts8
CushmanHaulerLead Acid6 volts8
Taylor-DunnB-100Lead Acid6 volts8
Bad Boy BuggiesRecoilLead Acid6 volts8
GariaGolfLead Acid6 volts8

Golf Carts with Four 8-Volt Batteries

MakeModelBattery TypeBattery VoltageNumber of Batteries
YamahaDrive2Lead Acid8 volts4
EZ-GOFreedom RXVLead Acid8 volts4
Club CarOnwardLead Acid8 volts4
TomberlinE-MergeLead Acid8 volts4

Golf Carts with Six 8-Volt Batteries

MakeModelBattery TypeBattery VoltageNumber of Batteries
YamahaDrive2Lead Acid8 volts6
EZ-GOFreedom RXVLead Acid8 volts6
Club CarOnwardLead Acid8 volts6
TomberlinE-MergeLead Acid8 volts6
StarEV ClassicLead Acid8 volts6
ColumbiaSummitLead Acid8 volts6
CushmanShuttle 6Lead Acid8 volts6
Taylor-DunnC-432Lead Acid8 volts6
Bad Boy BuggiesAmbush iSLead Acid8 volts6
GariaGolfLead Acid8 volts6


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