How Much Do Caddies Make

Caddies play an essential role in the world of golf, providing valuable assistance to golfers during their rounds. While their primary responsibilities include carrying a golfer’s clubs and providing guidance on the course, many people wonder how much caddies make. Caddie earnings can vary significantly based on several factors, including location, experience, and the golfer’s success. In this article, we’ll delve into the factors that influence caddie compensation and provide insights into the typical earnings of caddies in the golf industry.

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Factors Influencing Caddie Earnings:

  1. Location:
    • Geographic location plays a significant role in determining caddie earnings. Golf courses in affluent areas or prestigious clubs often pay caddies more than those in less prestigious regions. Cities with a high cost of living tend to offer higher caddie wages to compensate for the increased expenses.
  2. Type of Course:
    • The type of golf course also affects caddie compensation. Private and exclusive clubs typically pay caddies more than public courses. Additionally, high-end resort courses often provide better pay and more consistent work opportunities.
  3. Experience and Skill Level:
    • Experienced caddies with a deep knowledge of the game, course layout, and golf etiquette tend to earn more. Golfers are often willing to pay extra for caddies who can enhance their overall golfing experience.
  4. Golfer’s Success:
    • The success and skill level of the golfer can impact caddie earnings. Caddies who work for professional golfers on tour may earn substantial sums through tournament winnings and bonuses. These earnings can significantly exceed what most caddies make.
  5. Tipping Culture:
    • Tipping is a crucial aspect of a caddie’s income. Golfers customarily tip their caddies, with tips often based on the quality of service provided. A generous tip can substantially boost a caddie’s earnings for the day.

Typical Caddie Earnings:

While caddie earnings can vary widely, here is a general overview of what caddies might expect to make:

  • Daily Wages: Many caddies receive a base daily wage from the golf course or club, which can range from $50 to $150 or more per round, depending on location and course prestige.
  • Tips: Tips from golfers can be a significant part of a caddie’s income. Golfers may tip based on a percentage of the greens fees, with common tipping percentages ranging from 10% to 20%. On a standard round with a greens fee of $100, a caddie could earn between $10 and $20 in tips.
  • Annual Income: The annual income of a caddie can vary widely. Caddies working at high-end clubs and resorts, or for professional golfers, can earn well into the six figures. However, many caddies work part-time or seasonally, making their annual income less predictable.

Challenges and Considerations for Caddies:

While caddying can be a rewarding profession, it also comes with its challenges and considerations that can impact earnings:

  1. Inconsistent Income: Caddie income can be highly variable. The availability of rounds and the generosity of golfers’ tips can fluctuate, making it challenging for caddies to predict their monthly or annual earnings.
  2. Physical Demands: Carrying golf bags and walking several miles per round can be physically demanding. Caddies must maintain good physical fitness to perform their duties effectively.
  3. Weather Conditions: Weather conditions can affect caddie earnings, as some golfers may choose to walk without a caddie on rainy or extremely hot days. This can result in fewer rounds and lower tips during adverse weather.
  4. Networking and Reputation: Building a strong network and a good reputation as a caddie can lead to more opportunities and higher-paying gigs. Caddies who establish themselves as reliable and knowledgeable often receive requests from regular clients.
  5. Job Security: Caddie positions may not provide job security, especially if the golf course experiences a decline in business. Seasonal layoffs are common in regions with harsh winters.
  6. Tournament Earnings: Caddies who work for professional golfers on tour have the potential to earn substantial incomes through tournament winnings and performance-based bonuses. However, this career path can be highly competitive and may require extensive travel.

Caddy Earnings by Experience

Years of ExperienceAverage Annual Income ($)Range of Income ($)LocationType of Course
0-120,00015,000 – 25,000PublicMunicipal
2-530,00025,000 – 40,000PrivateCountry Club
6-1040,00035,000 – 50,000ResortChampionship
11-1550,00045,000 – 60,000LuxuryPGA Tour
16+60,00055,000 – 75,000EliteMajor Tournaments

Caddy Income Comparison by Gender

GenderAverage Annual Income ($)Range of Income ($)
Male35,00030,000 – 45,000
Female28,00025,000 – 35,000
Non-binary32,00028,000 – 40,000
Prefer not to say34,00030,000 – 42,000

Caddy Income by Region (Average Annual Income)

RegionAverage Income ($)
North East40,000
South East35,000
West Coast38,000
South West33,000
Mountain West37,000

 Caddy Income by Age Group (Average Annual Income)

Age GroupAverage Income ($)

Caddy Income by Specializations (Average Annual Income)

SpecializationAverage Income ($)
Senior Caddy45,000
Junior Caddy30,000
Tournament Caddy55,000
Professional Caddy60,000
Bag Room Caddy28,000

Please note that these tables are for illustrative purposes and repre


Caddies contribute significantly to the golfing experience, providing valuable support and insights to golfers on the course. While caddie earnings can vary widely, depending on factors such as location, experience, and tipping culture, those who excel in their role and work at prestigious clubs or with professional golfers can earn substantial incomes. However, it’s important for prospective caddies to be aware of the challenges and uncertainties associated with the profession, including inconsistent income and the physical demands of the job. Building a strong network and reputation within the golfing community can help caddies secure better opportunities and maximize their earnings in this unique and rewarding profession.

How Much Do Caddies Make


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