How to Attach a Car Seat to a Golf Cart

Golf carts are versatile vehicles that can be used for more than just golfing. They are often employed for leisurely rides around neighborhoods, in campgrounds, and even for short trips to the local store. One useful modification you can make to a golf cart is attaching a car seat to it. This can provide additional seating and make your golf cart more family-friendly. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps on how to attach a car seat to a golf cart safely.

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Materials You’ll Need

Before you start the installation process, gather the following materials:

  1. Golf Cart: Ensure your golf cart is in good working condition and has enough space for the car seat.
  2. Car Seat: Choose a car seat that meets safety standards and fits comfortably in your golf cart.
  3. Seat Belts: You’ll need seat belts to secure the car seat properly.
  4. Bolts and Nuts: Get the appropriate hardware to attach the car seat securely to the golf cart.
  5. Wrenches and Screwdrivers: You’ll need these tools for assembly.

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Assess Your Golf Cart

Before you begin, evaluate your golf cart’s seating area to determine the best location for the car seat. Consider factors like visibility, accessibility, and the space available.

Step 2: Secure the Base

  1. Place the car seat in your chosen location on the golf cart’s seat.
  2. Use the wrenches and screwdrivers to attach the base of the car seat securely to the golf cart. Make sure it is stable and doesn’t wobble.

Step 3: Install Seat Belts

  1. Attach the seat belts to the car seat according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  2. Ensure that the seat belts are properly fastened and can securely hold the car seat in place.

Step 4: Test the Installation

Before using the car seat in the golf cart, conduct a safety test. Gently shake and rock the car seat to make sure it’s securely attached. Verify that the seat belts are holding the car seat firmly.

Step 5: Buckle Up!

Now that you’ve successfully attached the car seat to your golf cart, it’s time to enjoy your rides safely with your little one. Always remember to buckle up your child securely in the car seat before driving the golf cart.

Safety Tips

  • Ensure the car seat you choose is appropriate for your child’s age, weight, and height. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • Double-check the car seat’s installation regularly to ensure it remains secure.
  • Drive cautiously when carrying a child in a golf cart. Avoid sudden stops and sharp turns.
  • Consider additional safety measures, such as a roll bar or enclosure, to protect your child from the elements.

Additional Considerations

1. Legal Regulations

Before you attach a car seat to your golf cart, it’s crucial to research and understand the local and state regulations regarding golf cart modifications and child safety. Some areas may have specific laws governing the use of car seats in golf carts, and you must comply with these regulations to avoid legal issues.

2. Golf Cart Model Compatibility

Not all golf carts are the same, and their design and dimensions can vary. Ensure that your chosen car seat is compatible with your specific golf cart model. Measure the seating area and compare it to the car seat’s dimensions to avoid any compatibility issues.

3. Weight Capacity

Take into account the weight capacity of your golf cart when adding a car seat. Overloading your golf cart can affect its stability and safety. The combined weight of the passengers and the car seat should not exceed the cart’s recommended capacity.

4. Weather Protection

Depending on your location and intended use, consider weather protection for your child. Extreme sun exposure or unexpected rain can be uncomfortable or even dangerous for a child in a golf cart. Invest in a canopy or enclosure if necessary.

5. Age-Appropriate Seating

As your child grows, their seating needs will change. Ensure that the car seat you choose can accommodate your child’s age and size. Be prepared to upgrade to a different type of seat as your child outgrows their infant or toddler car seat.

6. Maintenance

Regularly inspect the car seat’s attachment points and the condition of the seat belts. Golf carts often experience vibrations and shocks during operation, which can affect the stability of the car seat. Make necessary adjustments and replacements to maintain safety.

Tips for Using a Car Seat in Your Golf Cart

1. Secure Restraints

Always ensure that your child is securely fastened in the car seat with the provided seat belts. Make it a habit to double-check that the straps are snug and properly adjusted before each ride.

2. Facing Forward

For forward-facing car seats, position your child to face the front of the golf cart. This allows you to keep a close eye on them while driving and ensures they have a clear view of the road.

3. Smooth Driving

Drive the golf cart as smoothly as possible, avoiding sudden accelerations, sharp turns, and abrupt stops. Golf carts typically have a lighter build compared to regular vehicles, so gentle driving is essential for your child’s safety and comfort.

4. Adult Supervision

Never leave your child unattended in the golf cart, even for a moment. Adult supervision is crucial to ensure their safety, especially when the golf cart is in operation.

5. Use Protective Gear

Consider equipping your child with a helmet and other protective gear, especially if you plan to drive the golf cart off-road or on uneven terrain. Safety helmets designed for biking or skateboarding are suitable for this purpose.

6. Keep Hands and Feet Inside

Teach your child to keep their hands and feet inside the golf cart at all times. This prevents any accidental contact with moving parts or objects outside the cart.

7. Check Local Regulations

Before taking your child on a ride in your golf cart, familiarize yourself with local regulations regarding the use of car seats in golf carts. Some areas may have specific rules or age restrictions.

8. Maintain a Comfortable Environment

Ensure your child is comfortable during the ride. If the weather is hot, provide shade and keep them hydrated. In colder conditions, dress them warmly and use blankets if necessary.

9. Secure Loose Items

Before starting the golf cart, remove any loose items or potential hazards from the seating area. These items can become projectiles during sudden movements.

10. Teach Safe Riding Habits

As your child grows and becomes more aware, teach them safe riding habits. Explain the importance of staying seated, wearing seat belts, and not distracting the driver.

Types of Car Seats Suitable for Golf Carts

Car Seat TypeDescriptionWeight Limit (lbs)Age RangeSafety Features
Infant Car SeatRear-facing for infants4-350-2 years5-point harness system
Convertible SeatRear and forward-facingUp to 650-4 yearsSide-impact protection
Booster SeatRaises child to use the vehicle’s seatVaries4+ yearsBelt-positioning guide
High-back BoosterProvides head and neck support30-1003+ yearsAdjustable headrest
Backless BoosterMinimal design for older kids40-1004+ yearsPortable and lightweight

Golf Cart Car Seat Attachment Options

Attachment MethodDescriptionCompatibilityInstallation TimeSafety Features
Seat BeltSecure car seat with golf cart’s seatMost models5-10 minutesDepend on seat design
Bracket SystemUse brackets for custom attachmentCustomizable15-30 minutesSturdy and reliable
Universal MountAttach car seat to a universal mountMost seats10-20 minutesProvides stability
DIY StrapsCreate custom straps for attachmentDIY enthusiastsVariesCustomizable
Golf Cart SeatReplace the golf cart seat with carSpecific models30-60 minutesSeamless integration

Safety Tips for Attaching Car Seats to Golf Carts

Safety AspectDescription
Weight LimitAlways adhere to the car seat’s weight limit.
Secure InstallationEnsure a tight and secure attachment method.
Harness AdjustmentAdjust harness straps for a snug fit.
Check for RecallsVerify that the car seat isn’t recalled.
Regular InspectionInspect the attachment regularly for wear.
Child’s Age and SizeUse appropriate seats for the child’s size.
Golf Cart SpeedKeep golf cart speed within safe limits.
Use Seat BeltsIf available, use golf cart seat belts.
Follow Manufacturer’s GuideAbide by the car seat and golf cart manuals.

Golf Cart Car Seat Brands and Models

BrandModelCompatibilityFeaturesPrice Range
GracoSnugRide 35 LXMost golf cartsClick Connect technology, adjustable base$80 – $150
ChiccoKeyFit 30Universal mountReclineSure leveling foot, easy installation$100 – $200
Safety 1stGrow and GoMost modelsQuickFit harness, three modes, side-impact protection$120 – $250
EvenfloBig Kid AMPSeat belt method6 height positions, 2 cup holders$30 – $50
Baby TrendHybrid LX 3-in-1 BoosterBracket systemMultiple modes, adjustable headrest$90 – $160

Popular Golf Cart Models with Car Seat Compatibility

Golf Cart BrandModelCar Seat CompatibilityAdditional Notes
YamahaDrive2YesRequires bracket system for attachment.
Club CarOnwardYesUniversal mount is recommended for ease.
EZ-GOExpress S4YesDIY straps can be used for attachment.
CushmanHauler Pro XYesGolf cart seat replacement is an option.
Star EVClassic 36-2+2YesConsider using seat belts as a secondary safety.


Attaching a car seat to your golf cart allows you to enjoy family adventures while prioritizing your child’s safety. By following the steps for installation and adhering to safety guidelines, you can create a secure and enjoyable environment for your child during golf cart rides.

Remember that safety should always be your top concern. Regularly inspect the car seat, seat belts, and the golf cart itself to ensure everything remains in good working order. With the right precautions and responsible driving, you can make cherished memories with your child on your golf cart adventures.

If you have any specific questions or concerns related to using a car seat in your golf cart, consult with local authorities or child safety experts for additional guidance tailored to your area’s regulations and your child’s needs.

Enjoy your golf cart journeys with your little one, and stay safe!

How to Attach a Car Seat to a Golf Cart


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