How to Organize 6-Way Golf Bag

Organizing your golf bag efficiently is essential for a successful round of golf. A 6-way golf bag provides ample storage space and allows you to categorize and access your clubs easily. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to organize your 6-way golf bag effectively, ensuring you have the right club at your fingertips when you need it.

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  1. Select the Right Bag: Before diving into organizing your 6-way golf bag, make sure you’ve chosen the right bag that suits your needs. Ensure it has six dividers that run the length of the bag, providing separate compartments for each club type.
  2. Categorize Your Clubs: Categorize your golf clubs into five main groups: woods, irons, wedges, putter, and hybrid/utility clubs. Understanding these categories will help you organize your bag logically.
  3. Arrange Clubs by Length: The primary purpose of a 6-way bag is to separate your clubs by length. Place your driver and fairway woods in the longer dividers, followed by your irons and hybrids. Place your wedges and putter in the shorter dividers.
  4. Woods and Long Irons: Position your driver in the first divider, followed by your fairway woods. If you have a long iron like a 2-iron or 3-iron, place it here as well. This section accommodates clubs that are longer and used for longer shots off the tee or fairway.
  5. Mid-Irons and Hybrids: In the second and third dividers, place your mid-irons, such as 4, 5, 6, and 7-irons. If you have any hybrids or utility clubs, position them in this section. These clubs are versatile and cover various distances.
  6. Short Irons and Wedges: The fourth divider is for your short irons, including 8 and 9-irons, and any pitching wedges. These clubs are typically used for approach shots and around the green.
  7. Putter Placement: The fifth and final divider is dedicated to your putter. Ensure it fits snugly in this section, as it’s the club you’ll use most frequently on the green.
  8. Additional Considerations:
    •  Keep your golf bag clean and free of debris. Remove any loose tees, ball markers, or other items that might clutter your bag.
    •  Use club headcovers to protect your clubs, especially your woods and putter.
    •  Regularly inspect and clean your grips to maintain a good hold on your clubs.
    •  Consider using club identification tags or labels to quickly identify each club.
  1. Preparing for Varied Playing Conditions:
    • Depending on the golf course and the conditions you’ll be playing in, consider adjusting your club selection. You might want to add or remove certain clubs from your bag. For instance, if you expect windy conditions, carrying more low-trajectory clubs may be beneficial.
    • In wet conditions, consider adding a few extra towels to your bag to keep your grips and clubs dry. You might also want to carry a club brush to clean off mud and debris from your irons and wedges.
  2. Organize Your Accessories:
    • Utilize the side pockets and compartments of your 6-way golf bag to store essential accessories. These may include golf balls, tees, ball markers, a divot repair tool, a glove, a rangefinder, and a scorecard holder.
    • Ensure that items like tees and ball markers are easily accessible for quick retrieval during your round.
  3. Regularly Review and Update:
    • Golfers often switch clubs or make changes to their bag configuration based on their evolving game. Be open to reorganizing your bag as your skills and playing style progress.
    • Review your club selection periodically to ensure you’re carrying the clubs you need for your current game.
  4. Maintain Proper Weight Distribution:
    • Pay attention to the weight distribution in your bag. Try to balance the load so that your bag doesn’t feel too heavy on one side, which can affect your comfort and swing.
    • Avoid overloading your bag with unnecessary items that can add extra weight.

Golf Bag Sections

DriverLarge club with the longest reach1 DriverHeadcoversUtilize the largest slot
WoodsFairway woods and hybrids2-3 Fairway Woods/HybridsTowel, umbrella holderArrange by loft
IronsIrons from long to short4-9 IronsBall markers, divot toolSort by club number
WedgesSpecialty wedges2-4 WedgesGolf gloves, sunscreenOrganize by loft and bounce
PutterPutter with a unique slot1 PutterScorecard, pencilKeep separate for easy access

Club Arrangement by Loft

Loft (degrees)DriverFairway Woods/HybridsIronsWedgesPutter
8.5 – 10.51
11 – 152-3
16 – 204-5
21 – 256-71

Accessories and Their Locations

AccessoryLocation in the Bag
TowelAttached to bag or outside
Umbrella holderExternal attachment
Ball markersIrons/Wedges section
Divot toolIrons/Wedges section
Golf glovesWedges section
SunscreenWedges section
ScorecardPutter well or outside pocket
PencilPutter well or outside pocket

Golf Bag Maintenance Checklist

Maintenance TaskFrequencyDescription
Clean clubsAfter roundRemove dirt and grass with a brush
Check for club damageMonthlyInspect grips, shafts, and clubheads
Clean bagMonthlyWipe down the bag and pockets
Check zippers and strapsMonthlyEnsure they are secure and functional
Reorganize clubsAs neededAdjust club arrangement based on rounds

Packing Tips for a Golf Bag

Packing TipDescription
Use club headcoversProtect clubheads from scratches and dings
Keep accessories handyPlace frequently used items in easily accessible pockets
Use a rain coverProtect your clubs from the elements
Keep scorecard holderPrevent scorecard and pencil from getting wet
Organize by priorityPlace essential clubs and accessories up front


A well-organized 6-way golf bag is an essential companion for any golfer. It not only makes your clubs readily accessible but also enhances your overall golfing experience. By categorizing your clubs, preparing for different conditions, and keeping your accessories in order, you’ll be well-prepared to tackle any golf course with confidence. Regularly reviewing and updating your bag ensures that it remains optimized for your game, helping you perform at your best on the course.


How to Organize 6-Way Golf Bag


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