Is Oversized Persimmon Driver Still Trendy

In the world of golf, technology has been rapidly advancing, leading to the development of increasingly sophisticated golf equipment. One such piece of equipment that has seen significant changes over the years is the driver. Among the drivers, the oversized persimmon driver was once a staple in golf bags. However, with the advent of modern materials and technology, golfers have moved towards larger, high-tech drivers. In this article, we will explore whether the oversized persimmon driver is still trendy in the world of golf.

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The Legacy of the Persimmon Driver

History The persimmon wood driver has a rich history in golf. It was the go-to choice for professional golfers and amateurs alike for many decades. The persimmon wood, known for its solid feel and classic appearance, was the standard material for driver heads.


  1. Feel and Control: One of the primary reasons golfers loved persimmon drivers was the unparalleled feel and control they offered. The solid wood construction provided a unique feedback sensation that many golfers cherished.
  2. Accuracy: Persimmon drivers were renowned for their accuracy. The smaller head size and traditional shape allowed golfers to shape their shots with precision.

Challenges with Persimmon Drivers

Limited Forgiveness

One of the main limitations of persimmon drivers was their limited forgiveness. Mishits were more punishing due to the smaller sweet spot compared to modern drivers.

Lack of Distance

In an era where golfers are continually chasing more distance, persimmon drivers couldn’t keep up. The smaller head size and less forgiving nature resulted in shorter drives compared to modern alternatives.

The Transition to Modern Technology

Advancements in Materials

The golf industry saw a significant shift with the introduction of high-tech materials such as titanium and composite materials. These materials allowed for larger, more forgiving driver heads while maintaining lightweight properties.

Adjustability and Customization

Modern drivers come with a plethora of adjustability options, allowing golfers to fine-tune their driver settings for optimal performance. Persimmon drivers lacked these customization features.

Is There Still a Place for Persimmon Drivers?

Sentimental Value

Some golfers still hold onto persimmon drivers for sentimental reasons. These clubs evoke memories of a bygone era in golf.

Collectors’ Items

Persimmon drivers have become collectors’ items due to their historical significance. Some golf enthusiasts seek out vintage persimmon drivers to add to their collections.

The Modern Golfer’s Dilemma

Modern golfers face a dilemma when considering whether to use an oversized persimmon driver or the latest high-tech driver. It often comes down to personal preferences and priorities in the game.


Golfers who appreciate the classic aspects of the sport, including the nostalgia of wooden clubs and the satisfaction of hitting a persimmon driver well, may choose to include it in their bag for occasional rounds. They find joy in the challenge and precision required to play with these vintage clubs.


Golfers On the other hand, golfers primarily focused on improving their performance and achieving the maximum distance and accuracy will generally opt for modern drivers. These drivers are designed to provide forgiveness on off-center hits and leverage advanced materials and technology to boost distance.

Historical Overview

YearPopular Golf Driver TypesTrendiness of Oversized Persimmon Driver
1990Traditional WoodsVery Trendy
2000Titanium DriversLess Trendy
2010Composite DriversOut of Trend
2020Adjustable DriversNiche Trend
2023Oversized PersimmonResurgence

Performance Comparison

Driver TypeDistanceAccuracyForgivenessFeel
Oversized PersimmonModerateLowLowClassic
Traditional WoodsLowLowLowClassic

Pro Player Preferences

GolferDriver Choice
Tiger WoodsComposite
Rory McIlroyAdjustable
Jack NicklausOversized Persimmon
Dustin JohnsonTitanium
Arnold PalmerTraditional Woods

Equipment Trends

YearPopular Driver MaterialsSize TrendsPersimmon Driver Availability
2023Carbon FiberOversizedResurgence

Amateur Golfer Survey

Survey Year% Using Oversized PersimmonReasons for Usage
20185%Nostalgia, Aesthetics, Classic Feel
20203%Similar Reasons, Limited Availability
20222%Same Reasons, Rarity
20244%Resurgence of Trend

The Future of the Persimmon Driver

As golf continues to evolve, it’s unlikely that persimmon drivers will make a mainstream comeback in competitive play. The demands of the modern game, with its emphasis on power and precision, favor the technological advancements found in contemporary drivers.

However, persimmon drivers will always hold a unique and cherished place in golf’s history and culture. They represent a bygone era when the sport was more about skill and finesse than sheer power. For collectors, golf historians, and those who appreciate the traditions of the game, the oversized persimmon driver remains a timeless symbol of golf’s rich heritage.

In conclusion, while the oversized persimmon driver may have lost its trendiness in the competitive golfing world, it continues to evoke a sense of nostalgia and admiration among those who appreciate the sport’s history and its enduring connection to tradition and craftsmanship. Whether it’s a museum piece, a collector’s item, or a sentimental choice, the oversized persimmon driver will always have a special place in the hearts of golf enthusiasts.


Is Oversized Persimmon Driver Still Trendy


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