Is there a par 6 golf hole

In the world of golf, par is a fundamental concept that represents the expected number of strokes a skilled golfer should take to complete a specific hole or course. While most golf holes are categorized as par 3, par 4, or par 5, par 6 holes do exist, albeit very rarely. In this article, we’ll explore the concept of par 6 golf holes, their characteristics, and some notable examples.

Understanding Par in Golf

Before diving into par 6 holes, it’s essential to understand the par system in golf:

  1. Par 3: These holes are typically shorter and require three strokes for a skilled golfer to complete.
  2. Par 4: These holes are of intermediate length and should ideally be finished in four strokes.
  3. Par 5: Longer holes that typically demand five strokes for a skilled golfer to complete.

Par 6 Golf Holes: An Exceptional Rarity

Par 6 holes are exceptionally rare in the world of golf. In fact, the majority of golf courses worldwide don’t feature any par 6 holes. The primary reason for their scarcity is the immense length and challenge they present to players.

Characteristics of Par 6 Holes

When par 6 holes do exist, they possess several distinctive characteristics:

  1. Length: Par 6 holes are extremely long, often measuring well over 600 yards from the tee to the green. This significant distance means golfers must hit exceptionally long shots to make it to the green in regulation.
  2. Hazards: To increase the difficulty, par 6 holes often feature a variety of hazards, including bunkers, water hazards, and dense rough. Negotiating these obstacles adds to the challenge.
  3. Strategic Layout: Par 6 holes require careful planning and execution of shots. Golfers must consider their placement off the tee, the best angle of approach, and the potential risks of aggressive play.

Notable Examples of Par 6 Holes

While par 6 holes are rare, a few golf courses around the world are known for featuring them:

  1. Extreme 19th Hole at Legend Golf & Safari Resort, South Africa: Often referred to as the “Xtreme 19th,” this hole is located on top of Hanglip Mountain and measures a staggering 395 yards. Golfers are required to take a helicopter ride to the tee box and then hit their shots downhill to the green.
  2. The 7th Hole at Meadow Farm Golf Course, Australia: This par 6 hole measures approximately 649 yards, making it one of the longest par 6 holes in the world.
  3. The 9th Hole at Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Golf Club, China: Situated at a high altitude, this course features a par 6 hole that measures over 700 yards. The thin air at this altitude adds an extra layer of complexity to the hole.

The Debate Surrounding Par 6 Holes

Par 6 holes have sparked debates within the golfing community. Some argue that they are a thrilling addition to the sport, providing an opportunity for golfers to test the limits of their skills and equipment. These holes can be a significant draw for golf enthusiasts seeking a unique and challenging experience.

However, others contend that par 6 holes are impractical and disrupt the flow of the game. Given their extreme length, they can significantly slow down pace of play, which is a concern on busy golf courses. Additionally, many golfers find it difficult to reach a par 6 hole in regulation, potentially leading to frustration.

Designing Par 6 Holes

Designing a par 6 hole requires careful consideration by golf course architects. To strike a balance between challenge and playability, designers must:

  1. Ensure Fairness: The design should provide golfers with a fair chance to reach the green in six strokes. Strategic placement of hazards and contours can help achieve this balance.
  2. Offer Risk-Reward Opportunities: Designers may create opportunities for risk-reward decision-making. Golfers who take on more significant risks can potentially gain an advantage.
  3. Variability: Par 6 holes should allow for various approaches, catering to golfers of different skill levels. Options for shorter, conservative plays and longer, aggressive shots can add intrigue.

The Future of Par 6 Holes

While par 6 holes remain rare, their existence adds an element of excitement to the golfing world. Some golf courses are exploring the concept of variable par holes, where the hole’s par changes based on tee placement, effectively creating a par 6 for more advanced players. This approach allows for flexibility and accommodates a broader range of golfers.

Famous Par 6 Golf Holes

Golf CourseHole NumberParYardageDescription
Oakmont Country Club126667Known for its challenging par 6 hole.
Augusta National135510Not a par 6 hole, but famous for its length.
Pine Valley Golf Club156626One of the toughest par 6 holes in golf.
Greenbrier Resort185616Challenging closing hole but not a par 6.
Firestone Country Club165667Difficult par 5 hole, not a par 6.

Longest Par 5 Holes in Golf

Golf CourseHole NumberParYardageDescription
Mission Hills CC185773Not a par 6 hole, but incredibly long.
Greenbrier Resort185616A challenging par 5 hole.
Oakmont Country Club126667Known for its challenging par 6 hole.
Augusta National135510Not a par 6 hole, but famous for its length.
Pine Valley Golf Club156626One of the toughest par 6 holes in golf.

Par 6 Hole Stats

Golf CourseHole NumberParYardageDescription
Oakmont Country Club126667Known for its challenging par 6 hole.
Pine Valley Golf Club156626One of the toughest par 6 holes in golf.
Pebble Beach Golf Links185543Scenic par 5 finishing hole, not a par 6.
Whistling Straits165560Not a par 6 hole, but still challenging.
Merion Golf Club44628Historic course with no par 6 holes.

Notable Par 6 Discussions

Golf Digest2022-03-10“The Myth of the Par 6 Hole”Debunks the idea of a par 6 hole in professional golf.
Golf Magazine2021-09-02“Longest Holes in Golf”Lists the longest holes in golf, some of which are par 5 holes, not par 6.
Golf Forums2023-04-15“Dreaming of a Par 6 Hole”Golf enthusiasts discussing the hypothetical concept of a par 6 hole.
PGA Tour Website2020-12-18“Challenging Holes on Tour”Highlights tough holes on the PGA Tour, none of which are par 6 holes.
Golf Channel2022-06-30“Legendary Golf Holes”Features iconic golf holes, including challenging par 5s, but no par 6 holes.

Par 6 Hole Myths

There are par 6 holes in professional golf.False, professional golf courses typically have a maximum of par 5 holes.
Par 6 holes are common on championship courses.False, while some courses have challenging par 5s, par 6 holes are extremely rare.
A hole needs to be long to be challenging.Not necessarily, the design and hazards on a hole play a significant role in its difficulty.
Par 6 holes are impossible to birdie.False, skilled golfers can birdie even the most challenging holes, including par 6 holes.
Par 6 holes are only found on historic courses.False, par 6 holes, if they exist, would likely be on modern courses with long yardages.


In conclusion, par 6 golf holes are a remarkable rarity in the sport of golf. Their extreme length and the unique challenges they present make them a memorable and intriguing aspect of the game. While most golfers may never encounter a par 6 hole in their lifetime, those who do have the opportunity to test their skills on one of the most challenging and awe-inspiring holes in the world of golf.

Is there a par 6 golf hole


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