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Jason Dufner, a prominent professional golfer, is known for his impressive skills on the golf course. Like all professional golfers, Dufner carefully selects his equipment to optimize his performance. In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at Jason Dufner’s WITB (What’s in the Bag), including his clubs, balls, and other golfing gear.

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1. Driver:

Jason Dufner’s choice of driver plays a crucial role in his ability to achieve distance and accuracy off the tee. As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, Dufner often preferred using a driver from a reputable brand like Titleist or TaylorMade. The specific model and shaft combination may vary based on his preferences and performance needs.

2. Fairway Woods:

Fairway woods are essential for long shots from the fairway and tee on par-5s and long par-4s. Dufner typically carried a couple of fairway woods in his bag, such as a 3-wood and 5-wood. These clubs are essential for maintaining control and accuracy while still achieving distance.

3. Irons:

Dufner’s iron selection is critical for his approach shots and precision on the course. Professional golfers often use iron sets tailored to their game. While the exact irons may change over time, Dufner is known to use irons from trusted brands like Titleist, TaylorMade, or other well-established manufacturers. These irons are usually selected based on their feel, forgiveness, and workability.

4. Wedges:

Wedges are indispensable for close approach shots and getting out of bunkers and rough. Dufner typically carries a set of wedges, including a pitching wedge, gap wedge, sand wedge, and sometimes even a lob wedge. The grind and bounce of these wedges are carefully chosen to match his playing style and course conditions.

5. Putter:

The putter is arguably the most crucial club in a golfer’s bag, and Dufner’s choice reflects his putting style and preferences. He may opt for a mallet-style or blade putter with a specific head shape and alignment aids that help him line up putts more accurately. The length and grip of the putter also play a crucial role in his putting performance.

6. Golf Ball:

Dufner’s choice of golf ball can significantly affect his performance, particularly in terms of control and spin. Professional golfers often have a sponsorship deal with a particular brand and use the company’s balls. The specific model and compression rating may vary based on his preferences and course conditions.

7. Golf Bag:

The golf bag serves as the vessel for all of Dufner’s equipment. Professional golfers typically use high-quality, lightweight, and durable bags with multiple compartments for easy organization. The bag may also have sponsor logos and personal customization.

8. Additional Gear:

Apart from clubs and balls, Dufner’s bag may include other essential golfing gear such as golf gloves, rangefinders, alignment aids, and rain gear. These accessories help him stay prepared for various playing conditions and maintain consistency throughout a round.

Recent Updates (If Available):

Since my last knowledge update was in September 2021, I cannot provide information on any equipment changes or updates Jason Dufner may have made to his WITB after that date. It’s essential for golf enthusiasts to check official sources, Dufner’s social media channels, or golf equipment websites for the most current information on his golf gear.

Tips for Amateur Golfers:

While Jason Dufner’s WITB showcases top-of-the-line equipment tailored to his professional needs, amateur golfers can draw some valuable lessons:

  1. Custom Fitting: Getting professionally fitted for clubs can help amateur golfers improve their game. Custom-fitted clubs can enhance distance, accuracy, and overall performance.
  2. Club Selection: Pay attention to club selection based on your skill level and course conditions. Not every golfer needs the same number of wedges or fairway woods. Tailor your club selection to your game.
  3. Putting Precision: Investing in a putter that suits your putting style and feels comfortable in your hands can significantly lower your score.
  4. Practice: Regardless of your equipment, regular practice is essential for improving your golf game. Consistent practice and course management can make a significant difference in your performance.
  5. Golf Ball Selection: Consider experimenting with different golf ball models to find one that suits your swing speed and playing style. The right golf ball can enhance your control and distance.

Jason Dufner’s Driver Setup

Driver ModelLoftShaft ModelShaft FlexGrip Brand
Titleist TS49.5°Project X HZRDUS Smoke BlackStiffGolf Pride Tour Velvet

Jason Dufner’s Fairway Woods

Fairway Wood ModelLoftShaft ModelShaft FlexGrip Brand
Titleist TS215°Project X HZRDUS Smoke BlackStiffGolf Pride Tour Velvet
Titleist TS318°Project X HZRDUS Smoke BlackStiffGolf Pride Tour Velvet

Jason Dufner’s Irons

Iron Model3-iron4-iron5-iron6-iron7-iron
Titleist T100N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A

Jason Dufner’s Wedges

Wedge ModelLoftBounceShaft ModelGrip Brand
Titleist Vokey SM850°08°Dynamic Gold Tour IssueGolf Pride Tour Velvet
Titleist Vokey SM856°10°Dynamic Gold Tour IssueGolf Pride Tour Velvet
Titleist Vokey SM860°06°Dynamic Gold Tour IssueGolf Pride Tour Velvet

Jason Dufner’s Putter and Ball

Putter ModelPutter LengthBall ModelBall NumberBall Brand
Scotty Cameron Newport 2 GSS Prototype35 inchesTitleist Pro V1x1Titleist


Jason Dufner’s WITB (What’s in the Bag) represents a carefully curated selection of golf equipment tailored to his playing style, preferences, and the challenges presented by different golf courses. While specific models and brands may change over time, Dufner’s commitment to optimizing his gear remains consistent, enabling him to compete at the highest level of professional golf. To stay up to date with his current equipment choices, it’s recommended to check official sources or his social media profiles for the most recent updates.


Jason Dufner WITB


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