KBS C Taper Vs S Taper

When it comes to golf, the choice of shaft can significantly impact a player’s performance. Two popular options in the golfing world are the KBS C-Taper and S-Taper shafts. These shafts, designed by KBS (Kim Braly Signature), offer distinct characteristics that cater to different playing styles and preferences. In this detailed comparison, we’ll explore the key differences between the KBS C-Taper and S-Taper shafts to help you make an informed decision.

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1. Shaft Design and Materials

  • KBS C-Taper: The “C” in C-Taper stands for “Constant,” indicating that this shaft has a consistent weight throughout the length. It is typically made from a high-quality steel alloy and has a stiff profile with a lower launch and spin, making it suitable for players with a fast swing speed looking for more control and lower ball flight.
  • KBS S-Taper: The “S” in S-Taper stands for “Stepless.” This shaft also features a steel alloy construction but has a unique stepless design, which means it doesn’t have any noticeable changes in diameter along its length. The S-Taper offers a smoother feel and is designed to provide a mid-launch and moderate spin, making it versatile for a broader range of players.

2. Swing Speed and Player Profile

  • KBS C-Taper: The C-Taper is generally preferred by golfers with a faster swing speed (above 105 mph) who want to reduce their ball’s height and spin for better control. This shaft is favored by many professionals due to its stability and consistency.
  • KBS S-Taper: The S-Taper is more forgiving and suits a wider range of players, including those with moderate swing speeds. Its mid-launch and spin characteristics make it easier to launch the ball higher and achieve distance without sacrificing control.

3. Feel and Feedback

  • KBS C-Taper: Golfers who prefer a firmer, crisper feel and desire immediate feedback on their shots may gravitate towards the C-Taper. The stiffness of this shaft provides a solid, responsive sensation through the swing.
  • KBS S-Taper: S-Taper shafts offer a smoother, softer feel, which can be more appealing to players seeking a gentler impact sensation. The stepless design contributes to this enhanced feedback and vibration dampening.

4. Shot Trajectory and Control

  • KBS C-Taper: With its lower launch and spin characteristics, the C-Taper is excellent for players who want to control their ball flight in windy conditions or achieve a penetrating trajectory. It excels in providing accuracy and consistency.
  • KBS S-Taper: The S-Taper promotes a more moderate launch and spin, making it easier to hit high shots and work the ball both ways. This shaft is versatile for different shot shapes and offers a good balance between distance and control.

5. Custom Fitting

Both the KBS C-Taper and S-Taper shafts are available in various flex options, ensuring that golfers can find the right fit for their swing speed, tempo, and playing style. Custom fitting is essential to maximize the benefits of these shafts.

6. Weight and Balance

  • KBS C-Taper: The C-Taper shafts typically have a slightly higher overall weight compared to the S-Taper shafts. This extra weight can help players with faster swing speeds maintain control and maximize their power transfer, but it might not be as suitable for golfers looking for a lighter feel.
  • KBS S-Taper: S-Taper shafts are known for their lighter feel, making them more accessible to a broader range of players. The weight distribution in S-Taper shafts helps golfers achieve a balanced and effortless swing, promoting consistency and accuracy.

7. Shaft Bend Profile

  • KBS C-Taper: C-Taper shafts feature a stiffer bend profile, meaning they are less likely to flex during the swing. This stiffness enhances control but can be less forgiving for players with slower swing speeds or those who need a bit more help to launch the ball.
  • KBS S-Taper: S-Taper shafts offer a more moderate bend profile, allowing for a bit of flex during the swing. This can help golfers generate more clubhead speed and achieve a higher launch, particularly if they struggle with getting the ball airborne.

8. Durability and Consistency

Both the KBS C-Taper and S-Taper shafts are known for their durability and consistency. KBS has a reputation for producing high-quality shafts that maintain their performance over time, even under the stress of frequent use.

9. Cost Considerations

The cost of KBS C-Taper and S-Taper shafts can vary depending on the specific model, flex, and other factors. Generally, premium shafts like these tend to be relatively more expensive than stock shaft options. Golfers should consider their budget when deciding between these two shafts.

10. Professional Insights

It’s worth noting that many professional golfers use KBS shafts, including both C-Taper and S-Taper models, depending on their preferences and playing styles. Tour pros often work closely with club fitters to fine-tune their equipment to maximize their performance.


Shaft Flex Comparison

FlexKBS C-TaperKBS S-Taper
XLow launch, low spinLow launch, low spin
S+Mid launch, mid spinMid launch, mid spin
SMid launch, mid spinMid launch, mid spin
R+High launch, moderate spinHigh launch, moderate spin
RHigh launch, moderate spinHigh launch, moderate spin
AHigh launch, higher spinHigh launch, higher spin

Material Composition

MaterialKBS C-TaperKBS S-Taper
Steel100% steel100% steel

Torque and Kick Point

SpecificationKBS C-TaperKBS S-Taper
Torque (degrees)LowLow
Kick PointHighMid-High
Shot ShapingEasier to shapeEasier to shape

Performance Characteristics

PerformanceKBS C-TaperKBS S-Taper
Spin ControlExcellentExcellent
Shot ShapingEasier to shapeEasier to shape

Player Profile

Player TypeKBS C-TaperKBS S-Taper
Swing SpeedHighHigh
PreferencesLower ball flightLower ball flight


In conclusion, both the KBS C-Taper and S-Taper shafts offer unique characteristics to cater to golfers with varying needs and preferences. Your choice should be based on factors such as swing speed, ball flight, feel, and desired shot shape. A professional club fitting is highly recommended to determine which shaft aligns best with your game, helping you achieve optimal performance on the golf course. Remember that personal feel and comfort with a shaft play a significant role in overall success, so don’t underestimate the importance of getting fitted by a knowledgeable club fitter.


KBS C Taper Vs S Taper


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