KBS S Taper Lite Vs C Taper Lite Shaft

Golf club shafts play a crucial role in a golfer’s performance, influencing factors like distance, accuracy, and feel. Among the many shaft options available, the KBS S-Taper Lite and C-Taper Lite shafts are two popular choices known for their performance characteristics. In this discussion, we will delve into the differences between these two shafts, exploring their design, performance, and suitability for different types of golfers.

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Shaft Design

KBS S-Taper Lite Shaft: The KBS S-Taper Lite shaft is designed with a unique taper geometry. It features a slightly softer tip section compared to the standard S-Taper, which contributes to a more controlled ball flight and enhanced feel. This design allows for a smooth loading of the shaft during the swing, making it well-suited for players looking for a mid-launch and mid-spin shaft option. It is available in a variety of flex options to cater to different swing speeds and player preferences.

KBS C-Taper Lite Shaft: The KBS C-Taper Lite shaft is part of the C-Taper series, known for its low launch and low spin characteristics. The “Lite” version of the C-Taper is designed to provide these attributes while being slightly more forgiving than the standard C-Taper shaft. This shaft features a constant taper design, which promotes stability and consistency throughout the swing. It is available in various flex options, catering to golfers with different swing profiles.

Performance Characteristics

KBS S-Taper Lite Shaft:

  • Mid Launch: The S-Taper Lite shaft is designed to deliver a mid-launch trajectory. This means it provides a good balance between getting the ball into the air and keeping it on a controlled flight path.
  • Mid Spin: This shaft offers a mid-range level of spin, making it suitable for players who want some degree of control over their shot shape without sacrificing too much distance.
  • Feel: The softer tip section of the S-Taper Lite contributes to a responsive and lively feel, providing feedback to the golfer during their swing.

KBS C-Taper Lite Shaft:

  • Low Launch: The C-Taper Lite shaft is geared towards a low launch, which helps golfers reduce their ball’s flight height for more control in windy conditions or when hitting into the wind.
  • Low Spin: It offers a low spin profile, ideal for players seeking maximum distance and control, especially with their irons.
  • Stability: The constant taper design of the C-Taper Lite promotes stability and consistency, making it a suitable choice for players with aggressive swing tempos.

Suitability for Different Golfers

KBS S-Taper Lite Shaft: The S-Taper Lite shaft is well-suited for golfers who value a balance between distance and control. It is a good choice for those with moderate swing speeds and a preference for a responsive feel during their swing. Players who want to hit greens with precision will find this shaft to be a suitable option.

KBS C-Taper Lite Shaft: Golfers looking for a shaft that provides a lower ball flight and reduced spin should consider the C-Taper Lite. It is particularly beneficial for players with faster swing speeds who need to manage their trajectory and spin to optimize their shot performance.

Professional Fitting and Testing

When deciding between the KBS S-Taper Lite and C-Taper Lite shafts, it is highly recommended to undergo a professional club fitting session. Club fitting involves a detailed analysis of your swing characteristics, such as clubhead speed, tempo, angle of attack, and release point. Fitters use launch monitors and other advanced tools to assess how different shafts perform with your swing. Here’s why professional fitting is essential:

  1. Optimized Performance: Fitting ensures that you get the most out of your golf clubs. The right shaft can maximize your distance, accuracy, and consistency, leading to lower scores.
  2. Customization: Fitters can fine-tune the shaft options by adjusting factors like shaft flex, length, and grip size to match your specific needs.
  3. Cost-Efficiency: A custom-fit shaft can improve your game without the need for major swing adjustments or buying new clubs, saving you money in the long run.
  4. Confidence: Playing with clubs fitted precisely for your swing can boost your confidence, leading to better on-course performance.
  5. Understanding: Fitters can explain the nuances of how each shaft performs with your swing, helping you make an informed choice between the S-Taper Lite and C-Taper Lite.

Testing Procedure

During the fitting process, you can expect to test both the KBS S-Taper Lite and C-Taper Lite shafts to determine which one suits you best. Here’s what the testing procedure typically involves:

  1. Swing Analysis: A launch monitor records data such as clubhead speed, ball speed, launch angle, spin rate, and shot dispersion while you hit shots with each shaft.
  2. Feedback: The fitter will provide feedback based on the data and the shot outcomes. You’ll get insights into how each shaft affects your ball flight and distance.
  3. Comparison: The fitter may have you hit shots with both shafts alternately to directly compare their performance. You’ll get a feel for how each shaft responds to your swing.
  4. Fine-Tuning: Based on your feedback and the data, the fitter may make adjustments to the shafts or other club specifications to optimize performance.
  5. Recommendation: After thorough testing, the fitter will recommend the shaft that best matches your swing and playing goals.

Shaft Flex Comparison

FlexKBS S Taper LiteC Taper Lite
XMid-High LaunchLow-Mid Launch
SMid-High LaunchLow-Mid Launch
R+Mid LaunchMid Launch
RMid LaunchMid Launch
R-Mid LaunchMid Launch
A+High LaunchMid-High Launch
AHigh LaunchMid-High Launch
A-High LaunchMid-High Launch
LHigh LaunchMid-High Launch
L+High LaunchMid-High Launch

Shaft Weight Comparison (grams)

WeightKBS S Taper LiteC Taper Lite
95X, SX, S
105X, S, R+X, S, R
115X, S, R+, RX, S, R
125X, S, R+, R, R-X, S, R, S-
135X, S, R+, R, R-, A+X, S, R, S-, A
145X, S, R+, R, R-, A+, AX, S, R, S-, A

Material Comparison

MaterialKBS S Taper LiteC Taper Lite

Torque Comparison (degrees)

TorqueKBS S Taper LiteC Taper Lite
3.0X, SX, S
3.2R, R-, A+S-, A
3.3A, L
3.4L+, L

Launch and Spin Characteristics

CharacteristicsKBS S Taper LiteC Taper Lite
Ball Flight ControlBetter in Windy ConditionsConsistent Ball Flight
Shot Shaping ControlGoodExcellent
Feel and FeedbackResponsiveSolid and Stable


In the world of golf, equipment can significantly impact your performance. The choice between the KBS S-Taper Lite and C-Taper Lite shafts should be made with careful consideration of your individual swing characteristics and preferences. Remember that personal feel and confidence with a shaft are just as important as the data generated during a fitting session.

Whether you end up selecting the S-Taper Lite or C-Taper Lite, investing in a professional club fitting session ensures that your golf clubs are tailored to your unique swing, providing you with the best chance for success on the course. Additionally, as your game evolves, it’s a good idea to periodically reassess your equipment through fittings to ensure that it continues to support your progress as a golfer.


KBS S Taper Lite Vs C Taper Lite Shaft


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