KBS Tour 120 Vs. S300

When it comes to choosing the right golf shafts for your irons, there are several options available in the market. Two popular choices are the KBS Tour 120 and the S300. In this comparison, we’ll take a closer look at these two shafts, examining their key features, performance characteristics, and suitability for different types of golfers.

1. Shaft Design and Material

  • KBS Tour 120: The KBS Tour 120 shaft is designed with a constant taper that provides a smooth transition from the butt end to the tip. It is made from high-quality steel, ensuring durability and consistency in performance.
  • S300: The S300, on the other hand, is part of the Dynamic Gold series by True Temper. It features a stepless design, which means it doesn’t have the distinct steps seen in some other shafts. It is also made from steel and is known for its reliability and consistency.

2. Weight

  • KBS Tour 120: As the name suggests, the KBS Tour 120 shaft has a weight of 120 grams, making it a lightweight option for golfers looking for added clubhead speed and distance.
  • S300: The S300 shaft falls in the middleweight category with a weight of around 130 grams. It offers a good balance between control and distance.

3. Trajectory and Ball Flight

  • KBS Tour 120: The KBS Tour 120 shaft is known for its mid-launch characteristics. It tends to produce a mid-trajectory ball flight, which can provide good control and versatility for a wide range of golfers.
  • S300: The S300 shaft, with its slightly higher weight and stiffer profile, tends to produce a lower ball flight. This can be advantageous for golfers who want to keep the ball flight down, especially in windy conditions.

4. Feel and Feedback

  • KBS Tour 120: Golfers often praise the KBS Tour 120 for its excellent feel and feedback. Its constant taper design and steel material offer a responsive sensation at impact, allowing players to have a better connection with their shots.
  • S300: The S300 shaft is known for its solid and stable feel. It provides a consistent and predictable response, which can be reassuring for golfers who prioritize control.

5. Player Profile

  • KBS Tour 120: This shaft is suitable for a wide range of golfers, from mid-handicappers to low handicappers. Golfers looking for a versatile shaft that offers a balance of distance and control may find the KBS Tour 120 appealing.
  • S300: The S300 shaft is often preferred by stronger players with faster swing speeds. It is a go-to choice for many professional golfers and low-handicap amateurs who prioritize precision and control.

6. Custom Fitting

Both the KBS Tour 120 and S300 shafts are available in a variety of flex options, allowing golfers to fine-tune their shaft selection to match their swing speed and playing style. Custom fitting is highly recommended to maximize the benefits of either shaft.

7. Cost Considerations

  • KBS Tour 120: While the KBS Tour 120 is known for its performance, it may come at a slightly higher price point compared to some other shaft options. However, many golfers are willing to invest in it for its feel and versatility.
  • S300: The S300 shaft, being a part of the True Temper Dynamic Gold series, is often competitively priced. It offers excellent performance without breaking the bank, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious golfers.

8. Shaft Maintenance and Durability

  • KBS Tour 120: Steel shafts like the KBS Tour 120 are known for their durability. They are less prone to wear and tear compared to graphite shafts, which can be more susceptible to damage over time.
  • S300: Similarly, the S300 shaft, being made of steel, is designed to withstand the rigors of the golf course. With proper care, it can last for many seasons without losing its performance characteristics.

9. Consistency Shot-to-Shot

  • KBS Tour 120: The KBS Tour 120 is engineered for consistency in shot-to-shot performance. Its constant taper design and precision manufacturing ensure that each swing feels familiar, promoting confidence and accuracy on the course.
  • S300: The S300 shaft’s reputation for consistency is one of its standout features. Golfers can expect reliable performance with minimal variation in ball flight, aiding in shot control and predictability.

10. Aftermarket Availability

  • KBS Tour 120: KBS shafts have gained popularity over the years, and as a result, they are widely available in the aftermarket. This means that golfers can often find KBS shafts as options for club upgrades and replacements.
  • S300: True Temper’s S300 shafts are also readily available in the aftermarket. Many golf club manufacturers offer them as stock options in their iron sets, and they are commonly used for club fitting and customizations.

11. Personal Preference and Testing

Ultimately, the choice between the KBS Tour 120 and S300 comes down to personal preference and the results of testing. Golfers are encouraged to work with a professional club fitter or take advantage of manufacturer demo days to test both shafts in real-world conditions. This hands-on approach can help you determine which shaft aligns best with your swing and playing style.

Shaft Material Comparison

Shaft MaterialKBS Tour 120S300
Material TypeSteelSteel
Weight (grams)120130
Torque (°)1.62.1

Shaft Length Comparison (in inches)

Shaft LengthKBS Tour 120S300
3 Iron40.540.5
4 Iron40.040.0
5 Iron39.539.5
6 Iron39.039.0
7 Iron38.538.5
8 Iron38.038.0
9 Iron37.537.5

Shaft Flex Comparison

FlexKBS Tour 120S300

Price Comparison (USD)

RetailerKBS Tour 120S300
Retail Price$40$35
Bulk (10+)$25$23
Custom OrderVariesVaries

Player Preferences

PreferenceKBS Tour 120S300
Pro PlayersCommonCommon

Spin Rate Comparison (RPM)

ClubKBS Tour 120S300
3 Wood32003400
5 Wood35003700
7 Wood38004000

Trajectory Comparison

ClubKBS Tour 120S300
3 WoodMid-HighMid-High
5 WoodMid-HighMid-High
7 WoodMid-HighMid-High

Swing Speed Compatibility (MPH)

Swing SpeedKBS Tour 120S300
< 85NoNo
> 105YesYes

Shaft Appearance

AppearanceKBS Tour 120S300

Shaft Taper Tip Size (inches)

Taper Tip SizeKBS Tour 120S300
3 Iron0.3550.355
4 Iron0.3550.355
5 Iron0.3550.355
6 Iron0.3550.355
7 Iron0.3550.355
8 Iron0.3550.355
9 Iron0.3550.355


In the world of golf shafts, the decision between the KBS Tour 120 and S300 is a matter of weighing various factors such as weight, trajectory, feel, player profile, and cost. Both shafts have their merits and enjoy a strong following among golfers. Ultimately, your choice should be based on your individual preferences, needs, and the guidance of a qualified club fitter. Whether you prioritize distance and control (KBS Tour 120) or precision and consistency (S300), both shafts have the potential to enhance your iron play and overall golf performance.

KBS Tour 120 Vs. S300


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