How To Keep Golf Balls Warm In Cold Weather

Playing golf in cold weather can be challenging, especially when it comes to keeping your golf balls warm. Cold temperatures can affect the performance of your golf balls, causing them to lose distance and feel less responsive. In this guide, we will explore various methods to keep your golf balls warm and performing at their best in cold weather conditions.

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Choose the Right Golf Balls:

Low-compression golf balls: Opt for golf balls with a lower compression rating as they tend to perform better in colder temperatures. They compress more easily, which can help maintain distance and feel.

Two-piece golf balls: Two-piece golf balls are known for their durability and distance, making them a good choice in cold weather when you want to maximize performance.

Use Hand Warmers:

Hand warmers can be placed in your golf bag or pocket to keep your golf balls warm between shots. Simply wrap a hand warmer around your golf balls to maintain a higher temperature.

Keep Golf Balls Inside Your Bag:

Keep your golf balls inside your golf bag when you’re not using them. This will shield them from the cold wind and maintain a slightly higher temperature.

Pre-Warm Your Golf Balls:

Before teeing off, consider using warm water or an electric golf ball warmer to pre-warm your golf balls. Warm golf balls will react better with your clubface, allowing for better compression and distance.

Rotate Your Golf Balls:

Carry a few extra golf balls and rotate them during your round. Alternating between warm golf balls and those exposed to the cold can help maintain consistent performance.

Use a Ball Retriever:

If your ball ends up in a water hazard, use a ball retriever instead of reaching in with your hand. Cold water can significantly chill your golf ball, affecting its performance.

Keep Your Golf Balls Clean:

Cold weather can often lead to wet and muddy conditions. Ensure that your golf balls stay clean, as dirt and moisture can further compromise their performance.

Dress for the Weather:

Wear appropriate cold-weather golf attire, including thermal gloves. Warm hands will help maintain the temperature of your golf balls when handling them.

Adjust Your Swing:

In cold weather, your golf ball may not travel as far due to reduced compression. Adjust your swing to compensate for the loss of distance.

Store Golf Balls Properly:

When not in use, store your golf balls indoors at room temperature to keep them from getting too cold. Avoid leaving them in your car or garage during cold spells.

Use Thermal Golf Ball Covers:

Some golfers use thermal covers specifically designed to keep golf balls warm. These covers insulate the golf balls and help maintain their temperature.

Be Mindful of Frost:

If you’re playing in conditions close to freezing, be cautious of frost forming on your golf balls. Frost can affect the ball’s aerodynamics and performance. Consider wiping your golf balls clean before each shot.

Consider Colored Golf Balls:

Colored golf balls tend to absorb more sunlight and heat up faster than traditional white golf balls. This can be an advantage on cold, sunny days.

Plan Your Tee Times:

Try to schedule your tee times during the warmer parts of the day, such as late morning or early afternoon, to avoid the coldest temperatures in the early morning or late evening.

Monitor Air Pressure:

Cold weather can cause a decrease in tire pressure, which can affect the performance of your golf cart. Ensure that your golf cart’s tires are properly inflated to maintain optimal performance.

Types of Golf Ball Warmers

Hand WarmersSmall, portable warmersEasy to use, affordableShort-lasting warmth, limited coverage$5 – $15
Electric WarmersBattery-powered or plug-in devicesLong-lasting warmth, even heatingBulkier, need power source$20 – $50
Hot Water BathsContainers with warm waterEfficient, can warm multiple ballsNot portable, require hot water access$10 – $30
Insulated PouchesThermal bags or coversPortable, reusableLess effective in extreme cold$10 – $20
Heated Golf BagsSpecialized golf bags with heatersAll-in-one solution, consistent heatExpensive, limited variety$100 – $300

DIY Golf Ball Warmers

MethodMaterials NeededProsCons
Warm Water BathBucket, hot waterInexpensive, easy to set upRequires access to hot water
Rice SockSock, uncooked riceQuick and affordableLimited heat duration, not reusable
Chemical Hand WarmersHand warmers, airtight bagPortable, widely availableOngoing cost for disposable hand warmers
Thermos ContainerThermos, warm waterRetains heat well, portableLimited ball capacity
Insulated CoolerCooler, warm towels or heating packsCan warm multiple ballsBulkier and less portable

Precautions for Golf Ball Warmers

Check TemperatureEnsure the warmer doesn’t overheat golf balls.
Follow Manufacturer’s InstructionsAdhere to guidelines for safe use.
Avoid MoistureKeep golf balls dry to prevent damage and performance issues.
Monitor Battery LifeReplace batteries in electric warmers as needed.
Store Warmers SafelyStore chemicals and heated items securely to avoid accidents.

Tips for Keeping Golf Balls Warm

Use Multiple WarmersWarm several balls for backup during rounds.
Keep Warmers in Golf BagStore warmers in your golf bag for easy access.
Rotate Warm BallsSwap warm balls with cold ones as needed.
Cover with Towels or BlanketsUse additional insulation in extreme cold.
Warm Balls Before Teeing OffEnsure balls are warm before teeing off.

In conclusion, playing golf in cold weather requires some additional care and attention to ensure your golf balls stay warm and perform well. By following these tips and staying prepared, you can enjoy a more enjoyable and successful round of golf even when the temperature drops. Remember that golf is as much a mental game as it is physical, so maintaining the performance of your equipment can boost your confidence and help you play your best in any conditions.

How To Keep Golf Balls Warm In Cold Weather


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